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Friday, April 24, 2020

A Lot of “What Ifs” – Douglas County Herald

Literally. This linked article is a long series of What If questions about the Corona hysteria. People, some of them, say they want to hear from doctors about the cold news. The author is Kimberly Brady, a doctor. She asks some hard-hitting and rather inconvenient questions. Some are rhetorical and others are genuine inquiries. All will make you second guess what you’re told by the proven liars on the TeeVee. WHAT IF it’s a big hoax? What would you do about that? If, or if not, you can sign up for the daily Freedom Prepper email list, right now. Look ye over at that box in the side-bar that says, “TRY IT,” and try it! You’ll be glad you did. 

What If … The US Was Behind The “Chinese” Virus? – Unz

Unless you’re over 160 years old, the US government has never willingly told you the truth about anything of any importance. Here, Ron Unz applies that observation to the constant claims on the TeeVee that the cold bug came from China, in that it either grew or was grown there. There’s some inconvenient history that directly challenges that assertion. Read about it – as with most of Ron’s work, this one is substantial, though substantially worth the time.

The Toll On Colleges – NPR

American colleges and universities were already in a bit of trouble. In a nutshell, they’re ridiculously overpriced, largely unnecessary, and dangerously dumbed-down. And they almost universally pack a heap of leftist propaganda in where the education used to go. Now, as with the K-12 “schools,” the colleges face uncertainty going forward into CoronaLandia. Many may not survive. Most will be forced to change. 

Pahk Tha Stim-u-lus In Hahvahd Yahd – Reuters

If there’s one school to serve as the poster-child of the new anti-academia in Amerika, it’s Harvard. The college is ancient and used to provide a superior education. Now, it’s – see the above list of woes. But! They have about $40 Billion in endowments sitting around. They’re set, right? Youbetcha! They have the money because they’re not afraid to take money. Like with the “small business” stimulus – they took $8.6 million. And, they have no plans to return it. Maybe they’ll use the loot to build a statue of Bonnie and Clyde or something.

Too Big To Steal? – NPR

Ah, the big banks. They’ve been getting their own special bailout from the Fed since September – to the tune of around $20 Trillion. So, when all that “small business” stimulus came along, they couldn’t help skimming a few more billion off the top. In Soviet Amerika bank robs you.

Too Small To Matter – Studyfinds

Did you – you who don’t own a bank or an elite college – did you get your $1,20 welfare check from Uncle Trump? Yeah, me neither. I hear there’s a holdup or something. Anyway, those poor Americans who did get the money have already spent it and need more. 84% of those polled are ready for another bite at the government (poisoned) apple. This, in the biggest, best, most prosperous nation ever. I hear those unemployment checks are delayed too. Y’all should have started a bank.

The Illusion of Corona – Jon Rappoport

More “what ifs.” Here, a look is given to the similarities between the constant drum-beating about the new normal and all this health theater that’s popped up out of nowhere and prior trends, to include lies told about the depression of the 1930s. Hint: turn off the television for starters. Next, maybe smash it with a hammer. Whatever. Just think for yourselves about how this allegedly free nation suddenly and all at once sacrificed everything we do because a few people are sick and a few might die. It’s like a bad sci-fi movie.

Legacy Food Storage

The Heavyweight Statistics – Unz

James Thompson caught something in a set of British stats about the Coronacold. The NHS or whoever gathered the data listed out numerous demographic breakdowns as to who is at risk from COVID-19. Guess who is most endangered? Not to pick on anyone, but it’s fat people. 74% of cases were among the overweight and the obese. By the way, Amerika teems with both groups. Maybe that’s why we’re the world leader right now. Maybe a diet is in order.

The Beauty Of Full-Time Social Distance – WSJ

This story is about those who live, at all times, outside the madness of the modern world. They find a general luxury in rural life that’s especially nice now. This looks a whole lot like homesteading. No other people for weeks at a time – unless one “drives in.” Take your pick: the rugged plains or a nice island. 

Social Media’s Criminal Spying – Matthew Hopkins

They’re not your friends, those technocrats over at Farcebook and Twithead and who else. If you’re not paying for the product, you are the product. This applies even to a major political party, as the Labour membership in the UK just learned. The EU (and the UK) are really tiring of the Silicon Valley sleaze. Will it take a total ban and maybe some prison sentences to keep these thugs from spying on people? It might very well. And, if they do it to powerful political supporters, they do it to you.

Five Food Trends To Watch – The Hill

While you rushed around Kroger looking for toilet paper, you might have noticed a few other items had been looted recently. And, the Corona Mania has several food-related sectors shaken and partly off-line. We’re unlikely to starve (though how likely was this panic a year ago?), but we should monitor things like meat production and general distribution. Hence, the prepper’s pantry becomes more important than ever. Gardens too. Let’s not forget the humble yard birds either.

Meet Rocket Girl! – Daily Beast

No, she’s not a new superheroine coming to a closed for Corona season theater near you. She’s Kim Yo Jong, little sister of North Korean dictator, Rocket Man. He’s sick at the moment and she’s allegedly in charge. If he dies, odds are that she will assume the throne of the secretive little kingdom. Good or bad? We’ll find out. 

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