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Monday, April 27, 2020

Food Rationing Comes To The USA – Yahoo! News

Greetings, Comrades! I have just returned from a safari to the local supermarket where I confirmed this Yahoo! News story. Having donned my NASA moon suit, I ventured in to buy Clorox and injectable sunshine. I was surprised at both the noticeable lack of goods and the abundance of people wearing Halloween masks in April. (Sigh)

It’s true. Our stores currently have a shortage of more than just toilet paper. The meat aisle is a little slim, as are the egg and dairy cases. Certain packaged foods and canned goods are a little picked over. And, there are signs everywhere that limit purchases – these are strictly enforced by the staff. Read all about it – or just go to your local store. This being America, Mac ‘n Cheese is hard to find, but the fruits and veggies are all still there, untouched. We won’t starve but it’s going to be slim pickings for a little while.

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Georgia Re-opens – Kind Of – Yahoo!

Not wanting to see his State descend into utter chaos, Governor Brian Kemp has done the unthinkable. He partially reopened the economy and allowed select businesses to return to pseudo-normal operations. This will be the first large-scale test of moving on from Corona Mania. Here’s wishing the Peach State well in that regard. For the record, the mayors of Atlanta, Augusta, and Savannah are not thrilled about the prospects.

Neither is Donald “Dr. Lysol” Trump – NBC “News”

First he sent our medical supplies to Israel and China. Then, he wanted the country open by Easter. Next, he was hawking the Clorox cure. Somewhere along the way, Trump supported the opening of Georgia, only to reverse course soon thereafter. “Too soon,” he says now. Unless that’s changed… There was something about saaaaaafety.

It’s Not Just You; Others Are Noticing – Guardian

He comes at this from the hard left, but economist Joseph Stiglitz does have some points about life in the new Amerika. By hard left, I mean he relates “voter suppression” to the virus and such. But, he did draw a rather accurate portrait of our new and worsening depression and that America is beginning to look like the third world. One would think a neo-Trotskyite might be happier about that.

The Perks Of Mexican Dental Care – Sani Dental Group

In America, we’re seeing quality fall as prices rise. In Mexico, at least in the Dentist’s office, they have the opposite problem. I saw an article advising south of the border oral care and I checked. I found this article which has price comparisons. It turns out that fillings, etc. in MEXICO are just as advanced as in the States but the prices are 50-90% off. This may be something to really keep in mind – if we’re ever allowed to travel again.

Cheapest Oil In Recorded History – Marketwatch

That’s in terms both nominal and relative – take a look at the 150-year price chart. Factoring for inflation, our gas prices are next to nothing. Without factoring, they’re still relatively low. You may have noticed that when WTI was trading negative, gas prices were stubborn in continuing to fall; however, once oil rose a hair, gas prices went up a little the next day. Anyway, even if you have nowhere to go, now might be the perfect time to top off the tank.

Legacy Food Storage

The Digital Freedom We Were Promised – Paul Craig Roberts

It didn’t pan out the way many imagined it would. Instead, as Dr. Roberts notes, we find our choices more and more limited while the Big Eyes find it easier to spy on us. Many, absorbed in video games and TeeVee marathons, don’t even notice. The information superhighway is turning into the censorship cattle chute.

Six New COVID-19 Symptoms – SacBee

New and suspicious, I think. Since this thing came out, we’ve been told to watch for fevers, coughing, and chest tightness. Now, the CDC is adding more common ailments like headaches. Maybe they’re not seeing enough of the big original three to justify the hysteria. It could be that they want everyone, regardless of actual condition, to think they have the Wu Flu. Why?

That Other Time The Government Lied To Us – Stephen Lendman/LRC

One of those times, that is. Remember when Osama Bin Laden died? Back around New Years in 2002? No. Well how about the second time, in 2011? The first time – well announced by the government and the media – involved natural causes. The second, involved the Navy SEALS, almost all of whom immediately also died. Most people do not remember and that is what “They” count on. I’m with George Carlin (though I’m still alive) – I assume everything the government says is a lie. It usually is.

The Blame (China) Game – Politico

The government, and the GOP part of it, has made the definitive leap of faith that China was both behind the virus and the spreading of the virus. Please, do not ask them for facts. Just trust these people, even though they haven’t told the truth about anything else in any of our lifetimes. Maybe write them a check. Vote “R” while you’re at it. If you recall at the very end of the fable, at last there really was a wolf. Could be this time…

The Legal Murder Of Old People – Catholic News Agency

Our enemies hate people. It’s as simple as that. Their lust for our blood knows no limit. The small children are killed by the bushels. Now, at least in the Netherlands, old folks (with dementia) are unfair game. For the rest of us, they offer their endless wars, crime, and vodka/Xanax mixes.
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Read this one as, like the virus, it won’t stay confined in Europe for long. How do we know that a patient with dementia was able to give consent to be killed? Who decides? And, in any event, how is this remotely ethical? Do no harm?

“Z” As In “Zoophilia” – World Net Daily

Okay! Wow, I struggled with whether to include this one. For some morbid reason I did. And, being a little suspicious of WND since Vox Day left, I double-checked. The checking was more depressing than the title story. No, this is not a joke. The Danish government just decriminalized beastiality … because Corona… And, the “practice” was only made illegal back in 2014. “Temporary!” they say, as if that’s any kind of defense. If you’re throwing up in your mouth and cursing me for mentioning this one, then thank God – you’re normal. Many are not. And we have to live among them. This may not end well. Load the shotgun and lock up the sheep. (Yuck)

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