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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Multi-generational Failure Of Government Schools Obvious – Fox 5

They say they just can’t do it. And, for many, that’s probably true. The issue is homeschooling the kids now that the collapse has closed the government’s concentration camps. Many, most CAN and should homeschool. The troubles may have something to do with Gen-X and Millennial parents, who were never educated themselves, trying to pass along what they don’t know to the next generation. It’s a mess, but at least some are thinking about it. Thinking period. 

While Americans Can’t Find Bacon, Tons of Food Rots – Politico

Here’s something else to ponder: Central planning does not work. Repeat that several times. The USDA was supposed to somehow take over for the market when the world went Corona Crazy. It didn’t. I’d say this was proof positive of the inherent failure of the system. Others will want to make it larger so it can fail harder in the future. For fun, pull out the old Constitution and look for food or agriculture in it. Then, put it back in the bathroom on the TP rack.

Even As Food Rots, We Lose Production Capacity – Yahoo Finance

I mentioned the food rationing a day or so back. I said we probably won’t starve and we probably won’t. But there is a growing food shortage. Plant after plant closes after a few employees get the cold. I suppose frying bacon at 400 degrees does little to kill residual cold germs (if any). The food will come back, though now more than ever, a rabbit hutch or chicken coop makes more sense. Till up the back yard and plant a garden. Learn – if you don’t know – how to fish and hunt.

Because The Shortage Is Real – Wall Street Journal

Along with toilet paper and hand sanitizer, it’s a little hard to find milk, eggs, and bread at the store at this moment. Not impossible, but more difficult than normal. Even so, farmers are dumping and destroying those very products and crops. The food is perishable. So, if it can’t be shipped quickly, it goes to waste. This is a breakdown in our most important supply chain. The market could fix this, if the government would kindly get the hell out of the way. It won’t, so again, chickens and victory gardens…

More Shortages Of The Essentials – NY Post

When the hysteria started, I quipped that my cigar hobby might beat the bug. I reckoned that all that (perfectly healthy) but very toxic smoke would surely kill the germ. Seems I was right. Nicotine users in general are less likely to get the COVID-Cold. So, of course, France is making it harder to buy nicotine. Patches, at least. If you use a patch, or if you enjoy finer Dominican leaves, then look for this contagion to spread across the Pond. Maybe plant some tobacco in your new garden!

Ancient Wisdom Against The Panic – The Guardian

Finally! Some news that makes sense. Eighteen or so centuries ago, back when Sleepy Joe was a lifeguard, Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius wrote out his deep thoughts. HERE FOR FREE. Meditations is a set of sound wisdom, rooted in Aurelius’s stoicism. The whole aim of the philosophy is to keep an even keel and outlook regardless of what happens – the good, the bad, and the hysterical. Yes, we would do well to live by some of his examples, today and even in – especially in – “normal” times.

No More Good Money To Throw – MSN

Good after bad loses all meaning when it’s all fiat junk. Nonetheless, the idiot Democrats (in stark contrast to the idiot Republicans – how’s that two-party thing working out??) want more funny money to solve all of our problems originally created by so much funny money. And, no, there is no money tree for your garden unless you’re a Fed Governor. You’re not. If they offer you “free” cash, take it. Buy stuff for your garden!

Legacy Food Storage

Not A Garden-Variety Vegetable – i24News

Rumor out of Japan has it that North Korean dictator, Rocket Man, is in a coma. This allegedly follows a botched heart stent operation. If any of this is true, then there may be geo-political developments. Odd as he is, the man has been rather receptive to the peace process. That’s good. A successor, like his little sister, might keep up the good work. Or, she might not. Let this also be a lesson about healthcare and doctors and about being fat. Kim is a 300-pounder. His doctor had little experience with obese patients. Mistakes may have been made. Don’t try this at home.

Rumors Of His Vegetation May Be Exaggerated – RT

Kim might be in a coma. Or, he might be at a resort. If it’s the latter, then he may be writing support letters to the men who are building a new town in North Korea. This could all be propaganda – either way. Again, it only gets serious if there’s a kink in the continuing de-escalation between the Peninsula and the US. Washington and those entanglements, again.

MORE! North Korean Politics – Asia Times

Why? Because food shortages and the cld have become boring, that’s why. And, we’re dealing with possible change in a nuclear-armed potential adversary. That too. If little Sis Kim won’t do the job, then maybe Uncle K.P. II can. He has been lurking in the backfield since his brother died and might possibly make a return. However this shakes out, it will probably make more sense and be more efficient than anything out of Washington. By the way, North Korea reports ZERO cold cases this year.

Gardening With Fido – Survival Lilly VIDEO

In this episode, Lilly is out back, reworking the beds. We also get a sneak-peek of her greenhouse, garden, and shed. For my money, she’s now also the best gardener on YouTube (not that Perrin wrote “best” and not “best-looking” – which, of course, she also is…). And! She gets a little spirited help from her dog with spreading the soil around. Is there anything a dog can’t do?

Is This The Ultimate Survival Tool – (Ad) for Shop Daily

While I was waiting anxiously for another Lilly video, I actually watched a YOUTUBE ad and clicked for more information. First for everything, right! Well, check out this beast – a 23 in 1 super-tool. It’s a shovel that can chop down a tree or split a concrete block. It’s packed with a fire-starter and would seem to make a decent hand-to-hand weapon. I can’t endorse the thing from a video ad, but I can say it looks as cool as can be. You can’t beat an ax that doubles as a knife and a bottle-opener. If you lack a dog, then it might even help in the garden. Maybe spend your next Corona welfare payment on one?

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