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Thursday, April 30, 2020

Testing For A Disease Without Symptoms – NY Times

Isn’t this convenient for the Big Brother busibody types? A disease for which 90% of the “victims” show no symptoms whatsoever and never know they have the thing. For most of the rest – the 10% – it’s generally mild flu-like symptoms. Those who are sick or dying, get sick and/or die. A sane person might see this as a cause not to worry about a non-event. Our elites, being insane, see it as a reason to test the healthy. A case of the doctor is worse than the cure is worse than the disease.

Fake News On Death Certificates – USA Today

If you died in the United States in the past decade, you probably noticed something abnormal about your death certificate. Uh, scratch that. But, it seems that there is a trend towards misreporting causes of death in this, the exceptional nation. That was before Corona Mania gave the CDC and hospitals new reasons to skew the reports. 

“Decedent was a 106-year-old terminal cancer patient, recently run over by one of those big off-road dump trucks. Cause of death: … COVID-19. – A. Fauci”

When I die, the first thing I’m doing is checking my certificate.

Not All Wars Are Fought With Bullets – LRC

Here’s one to make you think, especially if one considers what we’re being told about Corona Fever and how we’ve been lied to, all these years, by the same Chickens Little now fretting about the flu. When they’re not blaming (and banning) God, they’re blaming China. WMD. Yellow Cake. Gulf of Tonkin. Etc. But, what if this wasn’t China’s fault and was, in fact, an act against China? What then?

Social Distancing = Middle East Peace? –

The first newscast I can remember from the 1970s was about Palestinians and Israelis fighting. That was also the last report I saw before I threw my television out the window a few years ago. Peace never seemed in the cards in that region. But now, the greatest contribution of the 2019 Cold Flu may be, if not a peace, at least a temporary respect between Jews and Muslims in the Holy Land. It seems that when one is sick, religion and origin cease to matter as much. Hope!

Beyond The Mask: Corona Fashion In China – RT

Your N-95 mask may be great for Trick-or-Treating, but it’s getting a little dated, fashion-wise. Check out what these little kids in China are sporting! That’s right. It’s the social distancing hat, headwear for the modern insanity. I expect to see these the next time I leave the bunker.

Why Is There ALWAYS A Secret Group? – Wall Street Journal

The Illuminati. The FreeMasons. The Fantastic Four. There’s always a little clique angling to make hay out of any crisis. Here, read about the “Medical Manhattan Project,” a team of billionaires and nerds who, for whatever reason, have the ears of our government. Or, maybe it’s “their” government. If this is like the Manhattan Project, are they planning to wipe out two Asian cities?

Legacy Food Storage

The Not-So-Secret Societies – The Hour

Last year, Big Tech was almost starting to reel from a series of government investigations (that would have gone nowhere). But now, with the government rushing to print money and arrest moms and kids at the parks, Big Nerd gets a pass. And, they’re wasting no time in getting bigger, banning more thought criminals, and spying on everyone. There is no secret. Why do we put up with it?

The Squeaky Shoe Ripoff – Yahoo Sports

$350 Billion for small businesses went extra fast. Except that, by and large, the small businesses missed out on the money. Fear not! A billionaires’ enterprise wherein extra-tall millionaires play a child’s game cleaned up. I know you were worried. The NBA season isn’t this year, but they’re getting your tax dollars. You’ll get the bill. Boo-Ya!

Food Pyramid Crumbles – Axios

Another report says we’re inching closer to a food shortage in Amerika. Sure, the Lakers have money (yours), but can they buy meat with it? Plants across the nation are closing and resources are being destroyed. We may see a lack of meat, eggs, dairy, and fish. This might be a good last chance to stock up. I’m sure we’ll be okay – eventually. In the meantime, a .22 Short is a good way to take a squirrel without waking the neighbors.

Advanced Planning From 1985? – (VIDEO)

Watch this video within a video to see what the Pentagram was up to back in 2005. The old VMAT2 gene trick! They planned to unleash a respiratory illness as an excuse to use a vaccine which contained a religion-inhibitor. That was Iraq, back then. Now, who is the target? Surely not America. We no longer have religion here, unless it’s government-worship.

Not Everyone Buys The Panic – VIDEO by Eric Peters

EP went to the grocery store and found a couple NOT wearing Halloween masks in April. She’s a nurse and she dismisses the hysteria as what it is. Plus, they have a fun and rational talk about the hoax and the sought controls behind it. More people must wake up, and soon.

Changing Times – Selco and Organic Prepper

The times are changing, as are the people, and maybe not for the better. FEAR is not an American value. Or, it wasn’t until recently. We’re losing rights. Dictators, large and small, rise. It’s time to take back personal responsibility. It’s time to turn off the MSM. It’s time but time may be running out. Our window is narrowing and we’d better get through it.

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