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Monday, April 6, 2020

Holy Week 2020

This Easter is Different – Vatican News

Good luck finding a church, Catholic or Protestant, open this week in Coronaland-America or elsewhere in the West. Preachers have been arrested lately just for holding services, for being Christians in troubled times – times when people might need the comforts of the churches. Many churches have moved worship online and they speak to something known as “Spiritual Communion.” That is good and well. But, will they also accept something I call “Spiritual Tithing?” Happy Holy Week.

More Do As He Says… – US Politics

Bill Gates did more than build a second-rate computer operating system, more marketing than code. He also champions the causes of the dark left, including mass, forced vaccinations. That is, for you. He apparently decided not to vaccinate his own children. That, of course, should have been his choice. Why can’t it be ours?

NYC Prepares for Civil Unrest – Fox 5 NY

Property Crimes are rising in a Big Apple, largely shuttered as the American epicenter of infection. In response, many of the closed businesses of Manhattan are boarding up as if they expect a hurricane of civil chaos. “If you’re going through hell keep going,” one store board reads. That’s an encouraging thought, normally. But now, it seems like a plea or a warning. Americans have been rather reserved during this crisis. Will it last?

Military Preparedness and COVID-19 – Zerohedge

An outbreak on the aircraft carrier USS Teddy Roosevelt prompted the ship’s Captain to issue a distress call, a letter seeking assistance from the Pentagon. In response, the Navy has Deep Six’d the officer. Why? The military is tight-lipped about infections in the ranks for obvious reasons. They do not wish to paint a picture for potential adversaries of unreadiness. They are not advertising their preps, string or weak. That should be a lesson for preppers. Also, they are mum about any plans to “assist” the civil government in the event things get truly out of hand. That should be another lesson.

Lockdown Forever? – NY Post

It’s a HuffPo poll, so that’s a little dubious. But, it seems that a majority of Americans are, right now, thinking about making their national distancing semi-permanent. A vast majority plan to hunker down for all of April. Many suggest they might keep the inactivity up for much longer. This event will certainly have interesting ramifications for national life, even long after the bug is defeated and gone.

The Plight of the Flight (Attendants) – Mother Jones

Commercial aviation has been a wreck since just after nine-eleven. There used to be dignity and a thrill in taking a flight, long or short. That’s long since over. And now, even the people who try to maintain a little comfort for passengers are being thrown to the wind. Read about how little respect the airlines and our government have for these frontline workers. 

COVID-19 Could Break the EU – RT

Legacy Food Storage

What was supposed to be a free trade alliance soon morphed into a federal superstate. The Brits are out and others are looking at the exits. Brussels operates in dictatorial fashion. Now, some of the biggest proponents of the Fourth Reich are horribly afraid that the Coronavirus will break down their domination of the European nations. Would that be such a bad thing?

The New American Cattle Pen – Walmart

Walmart was, if I remember correctly, once a fun store full of quality merchandise at reasonable prices. Many things changed. They don’t sell guns and ammo anymore. Thank you, communists and feminists. As a result of the Wu Flu, they’re now limiting how many customers are allowed inside their mega stores and how those few are allowed to move around. My guess is that the majority of people will think this swell. It may last long after the bug is gone. Sam Walton used to make humble, unannounced visits to his stores – many, many years ago. What would be think if he pulled up to one now? A different store for a different country.

The Chinese Beat the Bug – Asia Times

In the country where the pandemic started, things are turning the right corner. China is now falling back to fifth or sixth place in terms of infections. And, most of their cases have fully recovered. They soon expect to be virus-free. That’s hopeful for the rest of us. The Chinese even kept their economy functioning somehow. Will we?

Corona Probation in America – Courier Journal

Time was when only people on probation or parole wore ankle monitors, as ordered by a judge. Now, in Kentucky, judges are forcing medical patients to do the same. This story blurs the lines between public health and personal privacy.On the one hand, how callous do you have to be to not take your own infection seriously? Then again, when have we ever treated non-offenders like criminals? Oh, wait… Since every DUI checkpoint and airport screening and on and on… We’re all being monitored now.

Google Does It’s Part –

We’ve known for a long time that smartphones and other modern conveniences keep close tabs on their users. Google can and does record what you do and when and where you do it. Now, they’re turning that information over – to someone. They say it’s an effort to “help” during times of crisis. I say maybe it’s time to leave the phone at home or wrap it in tinfoil. Ping, ping.

And, the Bodies are Where? – Eric Peters

Eric is keeping close tabs on the bodies and zombies down at his local hospital. So far, he sees nothing. Things might be different in NYC. Or, things might be overblown. I traveled past three hospitals in my area and noticed the same thing – no bodies and no panic. If you’re bored, then maybe make hospital spotting a new hobby?

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