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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

The COVID-19 War on Cash and Humanity – RT

The globalist elites have these plans, friends. They’ve been stewing on them, developing them for decades while the people voted back and forth between Republicrats, watched TV, and grew obese. In short: they absolutely hate people. They want you dirt poor and literally cashless. They do not want you having children, families, communities, nor happiness. Ever the resourceful satanists, they are making full use of the hysteria surrounding the Corona Cold. 

Why do their “solutions” always sound the same, whether the problem is the flu, the GDP, or “climate change?” It’s because they will use any and every excuse to steal whatever wealth or freedom we have left. Mr. Jefferson suggested something about watering the tree. Poor thing looks thirsty to me.

University of Washington Graphs the Projected Deaths – U. Washington

Everyone loves a good chart! Remember Ross Perrot on Larry King’s show? Nah. Anyway, the good eggheads at the Univeristy of Washington have modeled and mapped out the coming months and weeks in Corona-Landia. Nationwide, we’re expected to peak on, of all days, traditional Tax Day, April 15. The irony of one death replacing another, I know. Poke around and see where your state stands. Maybe keep a tab on this as it progresses.

Birx Says Avoid the Grocery Store, Drug Store – WSJ

Deb Birx is one of Trumps’ COVID doctors who accompanies him nightly for his six-hour disease and economic boasting sessions. It’s her job to call a panic, and boy, she does not disappoint. We’ve been told that supermarkets are the most essential of all businesses and cannot be closed even during a lockdown. Something about people needing to eat or something? Anyway, now – for the next two weeks – she suggests not going grocery or drug shopping. If she’s serious, then I hope the nation is well stocked up.

Fauci Looks for Resurgence This Fall – The Hill

Not to be outdone, that other epidemiologist extraordinare, Dr. “Sky is Falling!” Fauci predicts the sky is falling. And, it will continue to fall for many years, according to him. This is the man who wants the nation closed until there are no cases – zero-point-zero – of Corona left in the US. Even so, if one single germ survivies anywhere on Earth, then we may have to repeat this social distancing stupidity … forever? Again, it’s his job to spread bad news and alarm. Gold stars for him! So, let’s just all prepare to stay inside for the next lifetime or two. Okay?

US Surgeon General Predicts a Sad Week – The Hill

And, not because Holy Week is essentially canceled… Rounding out the trio of medical doom is the nation’s top doc, Dr. Jerome Adams. Chicken Little and Dr. Brix having stolen so much thunder, he’s reduced to pandering to the faded memories of Nine-eleven and Pearl Harbor. Yes, I know, it’s bad. But, completely killing the economy, impoverishing everyone, and making virtual prisoners of the whole population sounds just a tad worse to me. Again, I’ll admit the man is on the ball, professionally, but darn it! This is beginning to feel like Pearl Harbor and WW2 – and we are all Japanese-Americans headed for the camps…

Brit Health Sec. Wants to ban Sunlight… – The Sun (Ironic, huh?)

BUT! It could be worse. We could still be attached to Her Magesty’s Queendom, where her top doctor threatens to ban all outdoor exercise! If you’re jogging alone, you cannot suddenly contract a virus. However, if you have a virus on your sleeve and you’re out in the sun, then the sun will kill the germ. U-V-Radiation. It’s our friend as much as exercise is. I’m so sorry about this man’s personal losses in the new WW2, but I’m so happy about Lexington and Concord.

Why is the German Death Rate So Low? – DNYUZ

Legacy Food Storage

Speaking of ancient history and WW2, our old adversaries, the Nazis, er, the Germans have been hit hard by the Coronavirus too. Yet, somehow their death toll is ridiculously lower than everyone else’s. Why? Read about the testing and the “taxis.” Part of it is a little late for us and the other part sounds silly. But, it appears to be working. If Fauci is right, maybe we can catch up on the next round. A new “German Miracle.”

“Pope” Celebrates Alone – AP

If you’re not Latin Catholic, then this may only marginally interest you. Then again, all churches are closed now, except for that one in Tampa – and they arrested that preacher. Anyway, Catholic Law MANDATES that the Faithful “can and MUST” recieve Communion every week. And that requires having the churches open for business. Leave it to Jorge Bergoglio, psuedo-Pope at best, to break another Canon Statue. Look at the utterly pitiful pictures of him “celebrating” Mass in an empty St. Peter’s. Or, this coming Sunday, just drive down to your church. In a few stories, we’ll get to an inspirational story about what we should really consider doing in crazed times like these.

Random Packs of “Teens” at it Again – Fox 5 NY

Those darn teens and their pranks. Don’t they know we’re under martial law and all? Euphamisms aside, this could happen to anyone. It’s not just the China Virus anymore and “teens” have a history of attacking anyone – so long as anyone seems vulnerable. Don’t be that victim. If you must be out, then social distance. Carry a pistol while you’re at it.

Crisis Mode and the Homestead – Kara Stiff/Orangic Prepper

Enough praise cannot be heaped on Daisy and the gang at Organic Prepper. Here, Mrs. Stiff makes some terrific observations about sanity and homestead operation during times of tribulation. Read her words! Being grateful (in all things) and self-reliance is critical at these, and all other times. I was shocked about the loss of Chickenstock!

How Brave Men Handle Being Locked Out of Church – (VIDEO)

Yeah. They knocked the wall down! In 1987, a French congregation of the Faithful found themselves locked out of their own church. Sound familiar, America? This wasn’t in response or overkill to a cold germ and an economic panic. Rather, their tyranical Bishop, in defiance of Canon Law and even the weak precepts of the abominations of the Second Vatican Council – Perrin is a little opinionated, yes – objected to the church continuing it’s centuries-old tradition of holding Mass in Latin. So, he not only locked the doors but had a concrete block wall erected to keep the wayward peasants out. Their response?

Watch the video. Towards the end, having Mass in the street, the manly men had enough. They tore open the locked doors and used a battering ram to smash through the Bishop’s block wall. 

No-one was keeping them from worship. That was the land of Frencg fries. ‘Muricans have “freedom fries” and very little fortitude. PS: I hear this will work for any Denomination. Viva la France! 

Corona Madness and the Second Amendment – NRA-ILA

The NRA, like most conservative outfits these days, isn’t taking much of a position on the bug – or anything else. (Sigh) But, they have at least put together a running news page for 2A stories, especially about state decisions affecting gun store accessibility. Their map is a most convenient guide. As expected, the problem states are still causing problems. Most of the country is, happily, still armed and safe.

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