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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Another Category Of Hurricanes – MSN/Tribune News

Any hurricane, if you’re in range, can be devastating. Now, add in the pre-existing condition (cough, cough) of national Corona Mania and you have a recipe for extended crisis following even a moderate storm. Imagine life in the new abnormal, except with no power, groceries, gas, or emergency services. We can pray that this season will be sleepy. A better course of action is to pray and prepare – if you live within 100 miles of the eastern coast. All others, think about what disasters are likely in your area and prepare for those – double.

Back To The Catacombs! – Prepared Christians

One disaster we’ve already experienced nation-wide is the willing collapse of organized religion in America. Here, read the second part in a series started many years ago when only generalized threats faced Christians. Now, it’s specific, real, and largely self-inflicted. Maybe now is the time to consider moving your worship “underground.” That way, it will be harder for them to feed us to lions, should it return to that. It’s like second-century Rome without the togas or common sense.

Don’t Turn Around… Organic Prepper

The Contact Tracer’s in town. My apologies to Falco, there. The lovely Mrs. Luther looks at the sudden rise in government busybodies who hunt down CoronaCold survivors. This might be a job for you! Or, it might be a Stazi-like experiment in snitching. The question is: what will they do with the information they gather? The answers may have nothing to do with fighting the invisible enemy, unless they go ahead and name that enemy “freedom.” Don’t answer the door!

Inspiration Follows Shipwreck – Guardian

You read LORD OF THE FLIES in school, right? It was a dystopian look into the fallen nature of man through the eyes of some boys stranded on an island.
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Bleak, to say the least. And fictional. In real life, in 1965, some real boys were so stranded and they did not revert to savagery. Read how they did it, with good organization and a “can-do” spirit. Lessons for our own fallen or falling times.

Total Tyranny For Tyranny’s Sake – Gary Barnett, LRC

Something isn’t quite right, no? With all that’s happened this year, it seems like there is a plan in motion, the end goal – or just the side effects – being a loss of all freedom and sanity. Whether or not there is such a plan almost doesn’t matter. In either case the usual suspects are taking charge and seizing everything in sight. The sad part is that people let them. Consider who benefits from this “new normal.” Even if there is a world-ending catastrophe in play, what gives these thugs a right to make it all worse?

Much More Of The New Normal – The Week

Matthew Walters takes a look at several of the things happening now that would have been unbelievable just last year. Yes, we’ve always had problems. But, they were generally one at a time and farther between. Now, it’s all at once, all over, and endlessly streaming forward. Is this the way of our future? Read along: you’ll think of more things that are off at the moment. Will they stay off? When does this year become ten years become the Decline and Fall ala Gibbons?

Trump Says … Something – Washington Post/MSN

WaPo may have discredited itself with the constant attacks on the President since before he was elected. Still, they may have some insight as to what he’s doing right now. And, does he even know what that is? First, he said things were fine with no problems. Then, it was a mandatory lockdown. Then, we could ease up. Then they clamped down again. Next, Georgia was “too soon.” Now, it’s full throttle ahead. To where? The man must have a hard job. Waffling all over must not help it.

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The Wall Street Disconnect – Yahoo Finance

Watch also, the video at the end of the news. The Trump was bragging about his economy and its boom, particularly as to the stock market. When the DOW crashed, he tried to distance himself a little more than six feet. The markets are obviously propped up at present. And they are really not any kind of good guide to the health of the economy, and haven’t been for a long time. How can the market get better, much better, when all over measures are sinking? If the DOW hits 50,000 and you’re broke, you’re still broke.

Fly Me Outrageous – Asia Times

Apologies to Drivin N Cryin… We mentioned what air travel might look like later this year. But, what will become of the airlines? They’re traffic is down 90% across the globe. That should mean an end to the industry. Of course, they’re being bailed out. But there must be some changes, even if only in the short-term. If nothing else, look for more layoffs and ripples as this huge sector reels from the government-imposed depression.

More Layoffs Keep Coming – WSJ

It’s far worse than just the airlines. When major defense-related companies like Raytheon and GE start the pink slips, you know it’s serious. This is above and beyond the horrible unemployment rates. We stand to lose entire industries, not merely companies. And, only a few weeks ago, the liars lied about a “V” recovery. Again, someone must have stepped on it and flattened it. How long before this hits local governments and especially teachers? Sooner than you think.

Corona and Taxes – Yahoo

It’s fitting that I found this one on the Yahoo news wire, because it’s a story full of quotes from a bunch of yahoos. More taxes! That’s the only solution, or else according to them, our children will be in debt forever. What’s the difference? Hand off the debt or spend the kid’s inheritance in taxes. Either way, it’s a massive wealth transfer and theft. The kids will still have major debts in the future – and more taxes. All of this caused by a small set of elites that happens to be the only group benefiting. Rope?

Welcome To The GREATEST Depression (VIDEO) – Gerald Celente

Celente names names while confronting horror with humor. He’s right about so much. The pandemic isn’t the real plague. And all the news we hear is utter BS. Laugh along, take notes, and stay angry. Someone did this to us.

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