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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

No Down Side! To A Police State – Mediaite

Where did these people come from? Out of a dystopian novel? The FedGov is pushing a national tracking system for the virus – though look for it to grow to all things health. Kevin Hassett, an economic advisor – because they know all about pandemics – sees only benefits from such a program. From the government’s point of view, that might be correct. I’m sure Uncle Joe Stalin would have agreed.

Israel: Microchip The Kids – J. Post

Benny J. has now been elected, what, four times in the past year? When he’s not dodging indictments, he’s saying things like put a microchip in your children – to fight the virus, of course! At least he’s meeting stern opposition, But, as I like to say, these people never stop. Four years ago, I was on this topic – in America, not Israel. And, if you recall, that was long before the “invisible enemy” escaped Fort Detrick. They got the pets. Now they want the kids. You’re next.

Who Owns Your 401K? – Vox Day

Not you. As things get worse, those with a little money are considering using it to help out. And they’re noticing little irregularities in the system. Read all about it. As noted herein, these accounts – and just about everything else at the banks – are but trust funds for the financial elite. The Big Club Carlin used to rail about.

Goodbye Business: Life in the New Abnormal – AP

Remember when the liars were saying the recovery was right around the corner? V-shape, and all? Lies. More and more businesses and their employees are learning the hard truth that this thing is going to be permanent, at least lasting through the rest of this year. Of course, the government has programs to “help” – with the problem they caused. But, we know that those programs are regularly abused.

Old MacDonald Had A Debt – Press Herald

And he couldn’t pay it despite decades of assistance from Washington. Just at the beginning of the year, the great orange con man was making wild promises that 2020 would be the best year ever for farmers. Now, they’re destroying crops and livestock. This, at a time when we have major food shortages. Something isn’t just not right, something is deeply flawed.

But The Graft Flows – Sun

Readers here and elsewhere know I defend the Christian Faith and the Churches. I also call things like they are. So, I find it disturbing that half of all Catholic Churches in the US are taking stimulus money meant for small businesses. These are the same churches that voluntarily closed their doors on millions of the Faithful. Now, it seems they need a little money. Odd how that worked out. This issue is insidious from start to finish – whenever it’s finished. The Prince of the World himself couldn’t have come up with a better plan of attack. Maybe he did.

When the Medical Community Is The Pandemic – Fed Up Democrat

The strangest reports are coming out of NYC hospitals. Not from the centers themselves, but from nurses. Medical malpractice takes out around 200,000 Americans every year (5 times as many as car wrecks). Now, it seems that the ordinary may be playing out with the virus. What if the majority of the deaths were the result of mistreatment? What is some of this is self-serving. One fed up Democrat might not be enough. Even crazier, most of the wronged families have no recourse thanks to the PREP ACT.
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Legacy Food Storage

What’s the PREP ACT? – Wilmer Hale

It’s the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act, which shields doctors and hospitals from liability during emergencies. According to the FedGov, we’ve been under the emergency since Feb. 4th. About 2,000 years ago, Cicero remarked, “More laws, less justice.” He should have added, “or healthcare.”

Always Do The Math – Ann Barnhardt

Masks are all the rage now that America has gone utterly insane. But, they do not work, at least as to something as small as a virus. If you were a virus, then fitting between the fibers of a mask as worn by so many frightened shoppers would be as easy as walking between two obstacles set a mile and a half apart. Plus, there’s other evidence that the masks inhibit natural immunity. And, the virus can always enter through your eyes. Wearer beware.

Men More At Risk – Reuters

From the virus, as if dying earlier in general wasn’t enough. I’m sure the government will open an office of men’s health. Kidding… Reuters has just discovered something called the ACE2 gene. Surprise! If you read what I write, then you knew about it two months ago. Man up: stay healthy and take off that Halloween mask.

Unwanted Guest In The West Wing – Sun

The Secret Service does a great job keeping normal-sized intruders out of the White House. But, what if the visitor is small enough to fit between the fibers of an N95 mask? There may now be a major outbreak at 1600. Maybe we can all start giving them six-hour press conferences about social distancing and the great (former) economy. Wear masks! At least we know the bug isn’t partisan.

Humans Being Human! Call The Cops! – CBS2 Chicago

There’s a church in the Windy City that’s still open, and presumably not taking federal handouts. They’re also not falling for this social foolishness, treating each other like friends and such. Good! Let’s hope they all stay out of jail and, should one of them get sick, that they aren’t mislabeled or mistreated. Praise God!

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