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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Mark Of The Congressional Beast – Washington Times

They are always looking for an excuse, any excuse, to expand the powers of the DC swamp. The virus has given them a chance not seen since Tower Seven imploded. Meet HR 6666, which might as well be called The Further Erosion of Freedoms Act. Yes, a great idea: le the FedGov that already spies on the people concentrate their efforts even more – all in the name of saaaaaafety from the cold.

Prices Are Rising, It’s Not Your Imagination – CNBC

The meat and eggs cases at the store are a little light these days. We’re told there’s a shortage even while farmers cull millions of chickens and hogs – where the eggs and meat comes from, I hear. So, it’s no surprise that food prices are rising, limited supply and all. Costs are up the highest increase levels in 46 years. Time, again, to look into the yardbirds and rabbit house.

Conservatives 16 Decades Behind – The Hill

Another bowtie is all out of shape thanks to the impending universal basic income as touted by the socialists in Congress. It’s coming and, honestly, we’re already paying the price. The left doesn’t know it, but they almost make sense here. A lockdown is like being in prison. In prison the government takes care of your needs. So if the government created a panic and banned you from leaving home, then maybe they should spring for the basics. Again, we’re already wasting the money.

But, leave it to a conservative to completely frame the discussion utterly wrong. There’s no “Republic” to lose anymore. Franklin’s warning was mooted back around 1861; you may recall what happened then. “Republic,” “Constitution,” and “need a businessman in the White House” need to be tossed in the can with the bowties.

MLB: As American As Korean Baseball – AP

From the Sports Desk: Move over, Seoul Sluggers! MLB is back, or will be soon! The players, perhaps, just not the fans. How do you like this? Your taxes prop up the construction of new stadiums for these mega-money teams and you don’t even have the luxury of attending live and suffering $10 beers. Sounds fun, right? Now, all together: Take me out to the lockdown…

Sports! New Skateboard Record In Brazil – Guardian

This has nothing to do with prepping outside of entertainment, which is kind of important. And, thank God, it has nothing to do with the cold bug. Gui Khury is eleven years old and he just spun a 1080-degree turn at the top of a ramp, something that’s never been done. Congratulations, young man, and thanks for riding sans mask.

Updated Care for The Virus – Paul Craig Roberts

PCR has some new medical information for the rare chance that you actually contract the disease (not the hype). A Virginia doctor reveals that the CDC and the WHO have had several things wrong – imagine that. Read the attached report and make sure, if necessary, that your doctor knows the news. Otherwise, you might be harmed more by the cure than by the illness.

One Step Closer To War – RT

Legacy Food Storage

These people are becoming transparent in what they really want. I was very suspicious of all the “war” talk about a cold virus. The China angle was a tip too. Now, Peter Navarro is explicit: “We are at war, make no mistake about that. The Chinese unleashed a virus on the world.” This is known as projection – and war-mongering. Keep an eye on this story, or at least the version the Empire and the MSM will tell us.

Worry! Says A Worry-Monger – Yahoo! (Now An Annoying Part of Verizon)

Enjoy the added pop-ups on the way into this one. Then, read about another older man who got the cold and now can’t envision life ever being the same without a magic chemical concoction. While reading his histrionics, note that he did recover from the dreaded Detrick Trick. At some point we need to tell these people to shut up or else there will be no return to sanity.

School In The New Abnormal – Tampa Bay Times

It seems that Florida still may have enough money left in August to try to reopen their government prisons, er, schools. Your state’s attempt might look something like this, take note. So, what’s on the agenda? It looks much like the usual idiocy, plus a fun pandemic hoax and hysteria. They mention school food. No education. Then, there’s saaaaaafety and testing. No education. Tolerance and diversity. No… No point in going any further. Homeschool or die.

Bartering Beats Begging – Stamford Advocate

This one is all up the prepper alley. Pay attention. Consider this the “before” ahead of the next “after” link. With the sky falling and all, people are going old-school and bartering goods and services again. This beats shopping for the eggs that Farmer Brown threw out yesterday. Of course, this being La-La Land, they’ve set up a bartering site on Farcebook – yes, make sure the eye in the sky knows what you’re trading. Skip the FB.

Life In Lebanon Offers Glimpse – AP

And it’s not necessarily of a bright future. They’ve been reduced to bartering too, though they may be running out of things to trade. Why? Well, they face the same economic, political, and hoax issues we do, they’re just a day ahead. Learn from the terrible lessons of others, in this case the worst conditions since the 1990 civil war. Still lay off the FB.

West May Face Severe 2020 Drought – CBS News

Ordinarily, about this time in the spring, the snow melts and replenishes the reservoirs. But, no snow, means no water. So it may be that this year could see a once in 500-year dry spell. With nobody driving or flying, carbon emissions cut to zilch, it will be interesting to see how they spin the “climate change” BS this year. Regardless, if you’re out west, now might be the time to preserve water supplies, if that’s possible. 

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