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Friday, May 15, 2020

Stop Being Afraid! (VIDEO) – Gerald Celente

There’s another new Trends Journal out this week and Gerald is on a roll as usual. The talking heads and the politicians would have us live perpetually in a state of constant fear of everything. All over a ridiculous hoax. If this is the Greatest Depression, then we’re in for years and years of hardship. Remember who’s behind it.

More News From Italy, That You Don’t Hear From The News – Ann Barnhardt

We already know that only the smallest fraction of otherwise unhealthy people are really at risk from the virus. Now Italian doctors suggest that this particular virus may not be able to kill anyone on its own. We’re being lied to. They also lie about the number of infected. In this country and in Italy, 30% of the population may be infected – they just don’t know, because there are no symptoms before the thing goes away. How convenient. Totally worth a global depression.

The Lockdown Drags On – KTLA 5

Despite the fact that the virus is not a general threat, the state of California will likely extend their idiotic lockdown for a few more … months. Or, it could be years, we don’t know. All we do know is that we’re being lied to and robbed of our freedoms, livelihoods, and lives.

Is Trump Behind Push To Mandatory Vaccination? – Chuck Baldwin

Like many, I wanted to believe Donald Trump when he lied during and just after the 2016 election. Since then, he’s been a bit of a disappointment – or worse. Now, Pastor Baldwin convincingly alleges that Trump is participating in the hellish drive to force deadly chemicals (aka vaccines) on the people. If this isn’t true and he plans to fulfill the increasingly crazy-looking Q fantasies, then what’s he waiting on?

Dr. Chicken Little Still Alarmed That Sky Falls – Reuters

“Fauci” comes from the Italian word Falce (which sounds like “False!”) which means sickle. True to his name, Dr. Doom has been cutting down the hopes and liberties of America like a scythe through hay. Despite all the evidence, he’s pushing the NWO propaganda and the fear. No work, no school, no life – until. Shut. Up. Doc.

A Bridge Too Far (At School) – Best Life

Oh, wait. Fauci is still ranting. Because of the virus … you’ll have to homeschool forever, or at least until a vaccine comes along. School districts may have other ideas but, whatever happens, next year’s schools will be different. So, the next article is more important than ever.

Take Advantage Of Your School Freedom – Linda Schrock Taylor

Taylor is a treasure of education, particularly regarding reading and language. Read her advice about making the most of the current abnormal schooling situation. What’s happening now is actually better than normal in that the little brains aren’t being washed as usual. Now good parents have a great chance to monitor the kid’s progress and help them with the real essentials, like critical thinking. Think about it.

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Good News For Homebound Workers – ZDNet

It’s not just the kids benefiting from the new abnormal. Those who still have jobs and who work at home are finding things are better that way. With all the telecommuting, there’s only been a 1% drop in overall productivity. And, 40% of workers say they prefer this system. Here’s to hoping it lasts, works, and gives us one way to beat back the new craziness.

Feeling America – News Wire

If the new abnormality doesn’t change, more Americans may try to leave the country for good. A record number have just done that, paying any price to go somewhere else. And, I said “try” because if this keeps up, look for the government to lock down the exits. If you need to or want to move away, now might be the time.

Poland Might Be A Good Alternative – New Way Ministry

The Satanic left has long had our children in their sights. There’s a reason why public schools have become so subversive – they were meant to be that way. One way to start introducing the kids to wickedness is through slow, seemingly harmless things like sex education. This is largely a grooming operation. And Catholics in Poland ain’t having it. They’re about to ban these practices and clamp down hard on pedophilia. The usual suspects are up in arms. Telling.

Brazil Might Not Be A Good Choice – Greenwich Time

President Bolsonaro has been bringing needed sanity to the South American giant. But it may not be working as fast as some would like.
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Now, suggestions are being made that he declare a military dictatorship and move things along. That might be what needs to happen, in Brazil and elsewhere, but it also opens the Pandora’s Box of possibility. Keep an eye on this one and see if anything resonates with life and politics in America.

Medical Mask Of the Red Death – LRC

More now on the dangerous nature of the masks that have suddenly become all the rage. In addition to NOT stopping things as small as a virus, the masks bring a host of other medical problems. One is halting the body’s immune responses. Others include making breathing harder, and dangerous, decreased oxygen in the blood, and the recirculation of existing viruses and bacteria. Tell your friends and that busybody that asks why you’re not wearing the fear mask. Expect little to penetrate; the masks do seem to stop the truth from entering.

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