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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Nurse Explains Dangers Of The Mask (VIDEO) – Danika Bueno

For most people, they are ineffective and unsafe. This lovely lady explains why. Two points: 1) they cause a buildup of carbon dioxide in the user, which weakens the immune system; 2) they cannot filter out something as small as a virus (1,000 times smaller than the bacteria the N-95 was designed to stop). They do have legitimate uses for a few people, for short durations. Otherwise, they’re useless and are a sign the wearer has submitted to social slavery. UNMASK!

The Vaccine Racket – NY Daily News

First, the US has a vaccine czar. Why?! Second, he just made $3 million on the nebulous hope of a vaccine. How convenient. Now, the good doctor has reinvested the money and won’t directly profit. That’s generous and honest of him. But, how many more people will reap a windfall from this? Many of them will get rich … off of fear.

Paying People Not To Work – NewsWars

The rich few get richer while the poor many lose their jobs. And two-thirds of them are being paid better by the government than they were as someone’s employee. Let that sink in. In a hoax nation, where the government and its owners meddle in everything and dictate that the economy is closed, it almost makes sense to support the common people. But, as this article suggests, that’s the highway to universal basic income and utter ruination. There appears to be no speed limit on that highway…

April: Housing Collapse Begins – Yahoo!

People without jobs generally do not buy houses. Construction workers forbidden to leave home generally don’t build many houses. So it’s no surprise that the market is down 30% in one month. Existing home prices were up slightly, though that may soon change. Much is changing and not for the better.

Depression 2020 – Michael Snyder

Here are ten reasons why the US is probably already in another Great Depression. Makes one feel great, eh? Businesses are gone. Massive unemployment. Factory orders, production, and retail sales have collapsed. The numbers are staggering. And to think, just a month or so back, the liars proclaimed some sort of “V” thing. Remember that?

Fake Money To The Rescue! – The Atlantic

Derek Thompson and The Atlantic do not remember. Or else, they’ve become a comedy troupe. They suggest that it will take another TRILLION in funny money to save us from entering a depression.
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(That, we are already in…) I mentioned the $10TR deficit a while back. I was horrified. These people think it’s the right thing to do. They say we’re facing a once in a century problem. With solutions like this, it will become an annual thing.

Oh, Wow! It WAS Terrorism… – Wall Street Journal

The FBI has made us proud once again by deducing that the December terror attack in Pensacola was, in fact, terrorism. The shooter said as much, back then. Al-CIA-da claimed it in February. The GubMint is only half a year behind reality. Nice. Of course, they deflect and try to blame Apple for what their leaders in Congress and various Whites Houses created with insane foreign policies and suicidal immigration and Visa messes. We pay these people too.

Legacy Food Storage

Round Two In China? – MSN

Jilin Province, China: 108 million Chinese are once again locked down in fear of the flu. Fear, fear, fear, and fear. However, the Chinese reaction the first time was rather swift, serious, and effective. Let’s hope that if this is another outbreak, that it ends quickly. Keep an eye on this one, if the media allows, so as to see what a renewed panic looks like. You might see it sooner than you’d like.

America’s Second Turn Approaches – Pat Buchanan

Based on the success of the first wave (for the government), we will see more Corona-Mania, with or without a “vaccine.” Pat thinks people will become restless. I hope he’s right. But I suspect that, in answer to his title question, most people will happily, if fearfully, go along again. Please prove me wrong.

One Lockdown Was Enough, Thanks – Unz Review

Was this crazy policy a mistake? YES!!! There is no historical (or legal) precedent. No medical science precedent. And, there is evidence that it is worse than doing literally nothing. So, what’s the debate? We have a great idea as to who is behind this. When will they be held accountable? Do we have to wait on even worse crimes first? Because they are coming.

Dershowitz: Perfectly Legal For Force Vaccination – World Net Daily

Alan D was a Harvard law professor, naturally. So it is only natural that he knows nothing about the law. Read his gross misreading … rather, outright lies about the Constitution and his feeble allegiance to old, dated, and misguided Supreme Court cases. It’s almost like he’s part of something here, pushing an agenda. How could that be? I mean, the guy flew around with Jeff Epstein, but come on! If they offer it, that’s bad but … okay if it’s voluntary. If they FORCE it, then … when do we force back?

Was There An Agenda? – LRC

It’s really past time to know. And the hints are all over the place. This is an excellent, short, and eye-opening report on the matter. Medicine, fear, and economics aside, the goal was CONTROL of the populace. Total control. So far, they’ve won what they wanted. And shame on us for letting them. As always: who benefits?

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