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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

False Hope For False Prosperity – CNBC

Monday Morning the DOW jumped 700 points in the hopes of a virus vaccine. Great, right? No. First, there is no vaccine and one likely won’t be available anytime soon – unless the elites already have one they’re holding in the vest. Will it be a real vaccine or something else? ANd, why is it that the economy, as measured by the stock market, can be said to recover when so many people are suffering? Disconnect upon disconnect.

Military Collapse, Part 4,302… – CNN

Forget the misuse of the military, the wasteful spending, the leadership gap, and the fact that the troops are out of shape and the hardware doesn’t work. A federal court just ruled that mentally-ill transvestites can now openly serve in the Navy, in any manner they choose. If I was a Russian or Chinese, I’d be quaking in my boots.

Retailers Push The Mania – Wall Street Journal

The chains that haven’t yet gone bankrupt are in a tizzy about how to “handle” sane shoppers who refuse to wear the ineffective and dangerous fear masks. Read about the dumb things they’re trying and the shoddy journalism which uses outlier horror stories to fuel fear. Know that the ADA makes it illegal for anyone to force you to wear a mask. The same kind of worrywarts who obsess over masks are the same types who gave us that law; let’s turn it on them.

Mask of Hysteria – Accuweather

Buried deep somewhere in this sloppy Coronacold update, is a contradiction from the CDC – one of them. You must wear a mask! But, not the semi-effective kind worn by doctors. What?! Also, read about Cuomo’s big test(!) and the possibility of a storm near you.

Jay Powell Almost Comes Clean – CBS News

The Fed is in a pickle. The Chairman of the gangster operation recently acknowledged that the US economy is collapsing and the effects may be long-lasting if not permanent. Again, these are the people who did this and who lie about everything. At least he and they have the convenient excuse – for the truly gullible – about the “virus.” END. THE. FED. 

Sheep Evaluate Risks Of Living – Mercury News

This one is stunning. It’s a mix of 1% common sense (if distorted), 49% stupidity, and 50% fear. People all around you are genuinely upending their very existence – for nothing. Worse, they expect and will demand that you do the same. You need to prepare for a world with these poor folks and you need to minimize contact with them. As pitiful as they seem, they can become very dangerous. 

Unprecedented (Almost) Powers – AP

Legacy Food Storage

The sheep do things like allow presidents to amass Orwellian authority, with or without legal basis. Trump grabbed the power. And, as usual, he said some crazy things. Now, months later, some people are belatedly becoming alarmed. No honest lawyer or historian had anything to do with this propaganda. If they did, they might have tipped a hat or two to Abe Lincoln and his extra-Constitutional excesses. There’s the precedent. Wear your mask…

They Are Tracking You – Guardian

The sheeple also let the GubMint and Tech Monsters run wild with our privacy. They’re proud of this because they think it will keep them saaaaaafe. They’re tracking your phones! I keep warning about this because it’s not a threat, it is happening. Now. Shield your phones! Otherwise, they will follow and watch you. Monitoring leads to controlling and herding. Fine for sheep, but not for people.

The Curse Of Abe Lincoln – Thomas DiLorenzo

Here’s a man who gets it! Read his article, then consider his book(s) about Dishonest Abe and his legacy of tyranny. Lincoln killed the American Republic (and the Southern Confederation) sixteen decades ago. Get that. Done. And, nobody wants to un-do it, which may be a moot point now. When [pick a partisan friend] starts the usual drivel about abuse of power, relate to them that this has been par for the course for an age now. Tell them they’re part of the reason why. Expect no intelligent response.

Plotting Part Two In Europe – The Telegraph

I have a grand theory about this pandemic, which I may soon publish. Part of it is that the whole thing was planned (Plandemic!). As such, they obviously need to keep the charade running. Read about the “expected” second wave in the Old Countries. Then, know they will spread this around the whole West. Prepare now for a worse lockdown crazy spell around October or November.

Maybe Retain An Attorney – Politico

This one is spun, Politico-style, in idiotic Left-Right fashion. But, at least a few people in a few states are suing their governors over these illegal pandemic hoax emergency measures. I have a friend with a small business. He was hit hard by the foolishness and lawlessness. I asked if he had considered suing the Governor. This seemed to upset him. Upset or not, he’s still barely hanging on. Why not go down fighting?

Fight The Censors Too – LRC

These “fact-checkers” popped up out of nowhere a few years ago. It’s obvious, even by their own wording sometimes, to see they are really fact suppressors. Read about who is behind them in addition to their dismal track records. Yes, Virginia, there is a Deep State. And it tightly controls both the news and the loyal opposition. See through the lies.

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