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Friday, May 22, 2020

Holes In The Narrative – The Hill

Just before everyone started wearing Halloween masks and “social distancing,” which we’ve never done in 6,000 years, we were told that Batman caught the Wu Flu at a seafood market. Remember? Now, we need the autism juice. But, what if the virus was circulating around France in November? French doctors think that’s the case. In related news, Dr. Fauci saw his shadow; six more years of insanity.

The Sheep All Ready To Line Up – The Hill

Two Hill stories in a row, one casting a little doubt on the other? This one is highly doubtful and suspicious. Merrill Mathews says he can’t wait to get the “vaccine” as soon as it’s available. And if the government forces that on people, he’s okay with it. Our ancestors left Europe to get away from these kinds of people. They followed anyway. The government and their corporate masters will have immunity WHEN something goes wrong with the shots. Is this a line you’re not willing (for them) to cross?

Who And What Is Behind The “Vaccine” – Ann Barnhardt

Ann presents a little biography about Melinda Gates, wife and con-conspirator of the software conman. Gates, who wears her Crucifix upside down, wants to vaccinate you. She also brags about murdering over 100 million children. They’re not even trying to hide it anymore.

US Births Record Low – WSJ

Maybe if Herr Gates’s programs hadn’t been so successful, we’d have more future generations. As-is, last year was the lowest level in modern, recorded history. Abortions, the pill, usury, and selfish hedonism have done some more damage. This is an agenda in action. Know it and fight it.

Christianity Is The Right Way – Roosh V.

Roosh is a remarkable story, a pickup artist turned philosopher. The left’s attempt to destroy him backfired spectacularly, driving him to Jesus. This may be his best column yet. It’s about ignoring the temporary insanity of practical politics and setting the sights on What’s important. Read it.

Amerikans Want Free Stuff – Study Finds

Here’s some of the insanity. 82% of our fellow citi… residents demand free money, healthcare, and more. This crosses demographic and party lines. In the ultimate end, it’s not important. Of course, it will lead to temporal ruin. So, if we think about it, we should reject it.

Hoax Liars Call Out Georgia Liars? – Yahoo!

The fear-mongers and globalist scum have been pushing medical and statistical lies, among other kinds, in an effort to cow Americans into submission before the false god of coronacold. Funny, that they seem interested in the State of Georgia allegedly doing the same thing. Tired of watching his state suffer, Brian Kemp timidly “reopened” Georgia. Some say he used shoddy numbers. If so, I wonder where he learned the trick.

Legacy Food Storage

ACLU Notices Abuses – CBS News

How nice of them. Welcome to the fight, liberals. Yes, it’s true: Gubmints and retailers are starting to take people’s temperatures pending entry to their buildings. Read why, if you can’t guess already, this is a concern. My guess is that, having scraped the concept of privacy, people will go right along. They’d be happy even if the temp checks were rectal. Pitiful.

Passing The Costs – CBS2 Chicago

We’ve been without restaurants for months. Now that they’re slowly opening, they’re raising prices. Food costs went up, their costs went up, so their prices go up – sometimes A LOT. All this while farmers destroy food they’re not allowed to sell. All this because of an idiotic hoax. Check please!

“Fact Checkers” Strike Again – LRC

Dr. Mercola got blasted by a bunch of liars – a compliment, really – for telling the age-old truth about preventative medicine. Vitamins work. They fight infection. They contribute to general health.
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Why, then, are the usual suspects opposed to discussing them? The narrative again. Fact-checking = lie-spreading.

Doctor Promotes Safe Treatment – Hospice Patients Alliance

Will he also get blasted? Here, a real doctor, cardiologist Louis Grenzer gives the rundown on Hydroxychloroquine. Trump Man may or may not take it. But, if he does, in general he’s safe from a decades-old and widely-used medicine. Again, facts, not fear.

ALWAYS Maintain The Situational Awareness (VIDEO) – Kenn Daily

It can happen in a second. Watch as an elderly man is stabbed in the back(!) by a thug in Miami. It really does only take a second. Keep your head on a swivel. Keep a gun at your side. There are still people out there that mean you harm – if for no other reason than to harm you. The police and EMTs will help – later. Colt helps NOW.

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