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Monday, May 25, 2020

Memorial Day 2020

Duck And Cover, Trump-Style – SF Gate

Orange Man ponders a return to US live nuclear testing for the first time in nearly thirty years. While anyone would welcome a change in the headlines, a return to a cold war heating up wasn’t what anyone had in mind. Why do this? And, do we have the ability to sustain a new arms race? (We do not). But, if this must be done, then might I suggest a test target site – DC.

Hammering Us Nails Down – Vox Day

“The Hammer.” The name is new but the idea isn’t: the government has been spying on the people for over fifty years now. I find this “revelation” unsurprising. In fact, I’d be surprised if Obama and company had not done it. Now, what do we do about this, knowing what we know? That’s right, more social distancing…

Corporations Spy Where The NSA Leaves Off – InfoWars

Word has it that Google is deleting files off “private” Drive accounts. Why? Well, there’s a grand hoax in play and any dissent is crushed at the source. They don’t want the Judy Mikovitse of the world saying anything that might alert the sheep to a ruse or otherwise think for themselves. So, they scrub accounts, which means they have to read the information on the accounts. If you use any “cloud” service, then this has potential ramifications for you.

AGAIN, They Are Also Checking Your Phones – NY Post

Protestors used to be a favored class of the left. Now that the people are protesting an insane national house arrest, that has changed. As predicted, smartphones are giving away identities, locations, and movements. If a bunch of fat SJW nerds can figure this out, then you know Verizon and Google are on it. The FBI and that drone jockey in the bunker can’t be far behind. Faraday the phone! PS: they can track your (newer model) cars too.

Christian Resistance Builds – CBS 5

1,200 churches are planning to reopen at the end of the month, whether the government and Dr.
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“Chicken Little” Fauci likes it or not. Newsome the Nuisance decreed there would be no worship of God in Commiefornia. Orange Man begs (belatedly) to differ. This will be a great test of wills and a good barometer about our culture. Stay tuned.

Children’s Privacy: Granny In Timeout – The BBC

Grandparents love showing off pictures of their grandchildren. It’s natural and good until it hits Facebook. A German court ordered a woman to take down pics of the grandkids or else pay fines. Children’s privacy and all. It’s even harsher in America, where courts have unanimously held that children can, upon attaining the age of majority, sue their parents (and grandparents) for violating their rights with all the social media attention-mongering. Better yet, close the darned accounts.

Fed Fools Concerned … About What The Virus Did – CNBC

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Just the other day, they were saying all was well, never better, in fact. Now, they have the gravest concerns – about the damage done and, specifically, about what lies ahead. What’s coming is a deep depression. It will be prolonged by the actions of the liars: see the 1930s for an example. Rob us, lie to us, and blame it on a nanoscopic germ – that’s low.

Watch “Plandemic” While You Can – LRC

The reason behind the Google Drive purge, above, was to root out copies of the Plandemic documentary. The social media players in the Big Club obviously have a vested interest in suppressing the truth or alternative explanations. Why? Why can’t they let people decide for themselves? They do not trust us. We should reciprocate.

More “Truth” About The Bug – Stat News

A new report mentions the ways that the virus affects human cells. Different microbes work in different ways so as to wreak havoc while fooling the immune system. Our pet virus is special in this regard. But, this isn’t’t news. Chinese researchers said the same things back in January. They also suggested the thing had been “modified.” Google should look into their Drives.

Political Play Pretend – Paul Craig Roberts

Dr. Roberts in on the quest for reason and truth again. Here, he looks at the various illegal operations of the Obama regime, the cover-ups and deflections, and the currently unfolding mess. Justice is now an alien concept in America. The Uniparty knows this and plays it. Why the people continue to go along is beyond me.

Another Terror Attack – USNI News

If the federal government could ever be bothered to stop breaking its own laws for a little while, it might notice some trends around the nation. Last week, at another Navy base, we had another terrorist attack. The FBI is looking into it, after the fact. What’s there to study? They spend Trillion$ stirring up angry Islamists abroad and then intentionally import them here and give them targets to shoot at. Maybe just stop all that?

CDC Says Keep Schools Closed – The CDC

Not their exact words, but it is their latent suggestion. If the hoax has done any good, then it has done so by closing the public schools and showing them for the farces that they are. Now, the CDC has released the craziest guidelines – read them – for reopening next school year. None of them, if implemented, will work unless the schools and school buses are enlarged by an order of three to four times. They’ll need two or three times as many teachers along with “enforcers.” And, all remaining humanity will be crushed from the lives of the students. Homeschool or die!

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