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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

More On The Economic Collapse (VIDEO) – Gerald Celente

And the failed government behind it. Gerald is at it again, with more truth told in humorous fashion. He’s “ahead” because he just looks around and takes a few notes from history. Please watch and make a few notes of your own.

2020 Election “Rigging” – MSN

Because of what the virus did … our election will never be the same again. I’ll go out on another limb and say they’ll never matter again – not that they’ve mastered much lately. Absentee ballots for people who aren’t absent. “Online” voting. Delays and changes. A uniparty in full satisfaction.

Historic Resistance – Eric Peters

There was a time, long ago, when some Americans tired of the status quo and did something about it. The correspondence of freedom from the late Eighteenth Century changed minds and fostered a Revolution. Take a note from history and never give in to the lies of the moment. They haven’t won; we won’t let them.

Spain Locked Down By Other Bugs – The Mirror

Killer bat colds. Killer hornets. And now, killer mosquitoes at the beach in Spain. Two lessons here: one) the liars will hype anything in order to make people panic; 2) to beat the bugs, wear a little OFF! Not that any Americans were planning to travel to the beaches of Spain anytime soon…

Note The Ages – Mediaite

The NY Times ran a huge “obituary” for all the millions killed by the cold. Well, not all of them. They picked a thousand or so. Even with the cherry-picking, the ages tell a tale. The average age of virus death is equal to or older than the ordinary average age of death. Hype. Ignore it.

American Denial – RT

Here’s a great story about Iron Mike Tyson and the Chimp “W” Bush. It’s really about Americans living in a fantasy, but those two sum things up very well. Our pleasant if concocted memories are great but they interfere with reality. 

No Virus At Wuhan Lab – Asia Times

Legacy Food Storage

The liars are selling the crazy story about bats, seafood markets, and a lab in China. It’s like they’re trying to make an enemy out of someone. The Chinese say – and I believe them – that they never had COVID-19 in their lab before it hit the City late last year. If so, then where did it come from?

Lemons to Lemonade – Study Finds

Large portions of the population say they’ve made personal improvement during this time of national insanity. That’s great and was greatly needed. Here’s hoping that some of them became preppers and that many preppers upped their game.

The Korean School Model – Asia Times

Some (not all) high schoolers in South Korea are back in the classes. They and their schools outscore Americans in all subjects. Now they’re taking all the hoax precautions that the WHO and Chicken Little recommend. The result: some of them still catch the cold. Odds are, life will go on. Our schools will be different in the fall.

The Bugs They Are A-Changin – Daily Beast

I picked this one because it demonstrates the ready mutation capabilities of a virus, thus making any “vaccine” questionable at best. Then I noticed that the authors are still selling the worn and debunked transmission theories. Like most colds and flu bugs, this one will change constantly, twelve deviations known so far. Media reliance on lies and hoaxes remains constant.

The Next Steps – Daisy Luther

Daisy advises that we look forward to whatever the next calamity will be. We don’t know for sure, but we do know that general prepping goes a long way. Take a look (as always) at her recommendations. My guess is that the next super-hoax will involve little green men. Seriously. And, if so, the people will seriously buy it.

The Prepper Connection – Prepared Christians

Communication with us and about us is important – thanks for reading this, by the way. But there’s a right way to do it. Here, read about the needs and methods. Also, I was happy to see their departure from the CIA-trap of social media. Prep against, not on, Farcebook.

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