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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Count The Dollars On The Wall – Herald Mail

Not the flowers. You’ve been to the place where women and kids, usually tourists, tack dollar bills to the walls so as to leave their little permanent mark on the decor, right? Sometimes it’s not permanent. Things are so bad at one bar that the owner took thousands of dollars down and distributed them among the help. The sad state of 2020 Hoax-ified America.

Debt Killed The Economy – Vox Day

It was not a virus, unless one considers the financial (sorcery) system viral. Millions of small businesses are in danger and some big time companies are going down too. One of them is Hertz, the car rental outfit. They’ve filed for bankruptcy even as (on paper) their assets exceed their liabilities. As a video (below) points out, now might be a good time to buy a used car from them. Renting one may have just gotten much harder. 

Shorting to Profits? – Yahoo Finance

This one is a little vague and short but it highlights the notion that some can always make money, no matter what the economy is doing. Large holders, some of them, are taking bear positions on equities. This is a trend to watch even if you don’t participate. It may tell us when things are getting better or if they are getting worse.

Adding To The Rap Sheet – Just The News

Because of what the virus did … states have emptied large parts of their prisons. That’s okay as many inmates didn’t deserve to be there in the first place. But some did. Now, we’re seeing murders being committed by the recently released. Some of this was predictable – they have a good idea as to who is on the path of further violence. More government incompetence costing some people everything. 

Social Unrest Cooking in South America – MSN

Watch this one, as it may predict America’s near future. People in Chile, among other countries, are getting restless amid all the pandemic upheaval. They’re out in force and things are heating up. Streets can go from fine to war zone in short order. Learn to spot the violence before it erupts. Then, avoid it.

!Science! Fails Scientifically – Yahoo News

Somewhere along the way, the “smart” people told us to abandon God for science. They never adequately defined which or what science, but it was a sure deal. Until it didn’t work. Now, the pandemic is demonstrating the limits of lab coats and test tubes. Of course, we knew this already. By the numbers, most (the majority) of “scientists” aren’t, as their methods cannot be replicated – a requirement by their own books. Science that works is called engineering. It involves math and is therefore off limits to most of the !Science! Crowd. Faith works too – and better.

For Your Own Good – No PPE – MSN

The liars have people panicked about saaaaaafety. They have them all in masks, which I’ve pointed out do not really work. A sealed NBC suit with its own air supply, in conjunction with proper decon techniques, does work. So, it’s interesting that the fear-mongers don’t want people really protected, at least not on airplanes. The skies (and the lies) are not friendly in Clown World.

Legacy Food Storage

Purple State Problems – CNN

D = blue, R = red, all swirl the drain. Georgia, Texas, and Arizona are in play, possible swing states for Democrats. CNN would never tell you and Republicans aren’t smart enough or honest enough to know, but it’s the demographics that are changing, taking the politics along. How will this play out? WHO CARES?! We have now reached the point where it just doesn’t matter – unless you’re a political junkie “keeping score.” If so, then enjoy the ride this fall.

A Designer Virus? – InfoWars

AJ’s gang notices the stark differences between this virus and others. Yes! It does look like it came from A lab. But, I don’t think it was leaked, nor do I think it came from China. There’s that odd ACE2 thing again! FP has been on this since the beginning. Now, go express your furin mutations and so forth…

Tune The Bug Out Vehicle – Survivopedia

It’s time – it’s always time – to inspect the old car or truck, regardless of whether you plan to leave Dodge in it. Here are some great maintenance tips to keep any vehicle in tip-top running shape. Much of this can be done by you, at home, and with simple tools. And, it’s not like you don’t have the time at present. To the garage!

Food Makes The Prepper (VIDEO) – Girl In The Woods

Today, the girl is in the kitchen, talking about food security. That’s kind of important if you like to eat. Some say that’s necessary for survival, but I’ll let you be the judge of that. Really, no food for a few weeks and you’re dead, thereby negating any and all other preps. So, you too should make sure – as I’m sure you already have – that the pantry is stocked. And I bet our lovely host was always a prepper, in action if not in title.

Prepping For The Next Crisis – Which Is Already Here! (VIDEO) – Prepper Princess

Two videos today, both featuring smart, attractive women – who are not Survival Lilly! The princess preps (or rather talks) up the ongoing economic collapse. My take on this is that it was inevitable, happening already, and that the virus was a cover-up. But, that’s splitting hairs. Yes, we do have a financial mess on our hands as you must know at this point. Here, find more information and a few great ideas – like the Hertz fleet thing. As always, be adaptable and realize that one thing frequently feeds on or into another. PS: Lilly was back at the woody shelter, which we’ve already covered…

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