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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Polar Pandemic – Science Alert

Now the virus is affecting the Earth’s magnetic fields! You need to give up your SUV and your guns! Just kidding – for now. But the poles are shifting or flipping or something. This is, we are told, a natural happening that comes along every so often. It’s just the first time we’ve had the technology to notice it. And that could be where the problem lies. While pilots in the air and at sea rely on magnetic information to steer, the rest of us could experience trouble too. 

The old Magnetosphere protects us from solar storms which could (and have) overload our fragile electrical systems. I would say our governments are on this, but unfortunately, I know them. Shield anything you deem highly sensitive and important. And … wait, does this mean Santa is now at the South Pole??

Buy Your New Truck Soon – USA Today

Somebody is building a new pickup, one powered only by electric motors. These are more items which might depend on the poles – them and the power plants they rely on. Anyway, they also have a limited range and I’ll bet they suck the battery dry fast when pulling a boat. For now you have options. But – read deep in the article – in a few years, you may not as the Big 3 devote more pickup resources to the electric gods. PS: When someone does buy one of these (and, I’m not saying they’re bad), you’ll foot $7,500 in tax rebates. Silly you could have used that money to buy a real used truck. But, whatever.

Cell Phones Kill Trees! – Collective Evolution

Or, at least they make them sick. So say some German scientists who found heavy radiation damage on trees near cell towers. (I’M SURE WE ARE FINE *wink*). Even as a man who uses computers daily, I’m beginning to suspect much of our technology was a mistake. Hopefully the pole flip thing will save the trees.

The “Redenomination” Risk – RT

The governments don’t care about your health, but they do care about their money. This really pertains to our European prepper friends (Hi, Lilly!), but it’s an interesting lesson in mass deception nonetheless. The EU was beginning to crack and crumble years ago – which is great as the EU is overtly anti-European (especially their bank and the liars behind it). Now, they’re blaming all their financial losses and troubles on … guess what? Yeah, I had never heard of this “COVID-13” thing either. Sounds like a trendy new gang. But, the old gang in Brussels is worried. That is a great thing. Long live our great and INDEPENDENT Western nations!

Back To The E-Z Basics! – Ask A Prepper

Here’s a fantastic, old-fashioned list of things you can do to make your life a little better. Ten things to be exact. Number One: burn a 5G tower… no, hang on, that’s for tomorrow… For now, collect rain, garden, compost, raise smaller animals, and live free and happy. I must warn some of you that some of these items may run afoul of the “law” in certain jurisdictions – like rainwater. As our man Obama might say of the rain: “You didn’t build that!” Hint: Gutter to downspout to barrel hidden from sight, with superfluous runoff as cover. They’ll never know.

AND! People Are Going Nuts – Mediaite

The military-style assault virus, COVID-47, is making even the blandest of Amerikans turn into raving lunatics. So, the wind knocked over a shack in Illinois – (SLOW NEWS DAY) – and a sweet reporter was doing her job by reporting from the scene. Enter a madman, who grabbed her while uttering obscenities. There’s little point watching the video. She’s fine. He’s in jail. No word on the shed. But, here and there, the nuts are cracking. Watch out.

NY Supermarket Has Mass Sale On “Nuts” – Daily Mail

Legacy Food Storage

I’ll admit that I haven’t always been the most sociable person. Lately – for some unknown reason – when I’m in public, I feel like a visitor from another planet. My experience isn’t an anomaly. The mentally-deranged have taken over. This is their country now and they will not tolerate any normies whatsoever. At least that’s the case at a NY grocery store, where a masked mob (like the KKK!) heckled and chased out a normal, ordinary woman. Let them wear the Halloween masks; we can start sporting riot gear.

FUNNY VIDEO OF THE DAY! – from Mr. Kevin James

My daughter informed me that Mr. James was in a funny movie about a mall. He’s also produced a new film (very short) that highlights the extreme dangers of being normal in a land of utterly insane people. Watch, laugh, and then cry when you realize one can no longer come close to satirical approximation of the new abnormal.

Hanging Out In Kentucky – Courier Journal

Real Americans in Kentucky are mad as hell about being under house arrest – and they should be. They’re protesting and bringing the Second Amendment into the fray – though not technically by arms – yet. They, one of them, hung the governor in effigy. I’m all for the 2A and no fear and forceful rope-based political speech and all. But, optics, people, optics … seriously, this “governor” thing is an embarrassment. He’s anti-freedom and that’s hate, which I’m told there is no room for in KY. Vote him out at your earliest convenience. 

More Liars Upset By The Truth – Daily News

The high-capacity COVID-15, which is only needed by the police and the military (or the CIA and Mossad) came about during a strange time in history when people used something called “the internet”(??? ???) to spread information. The concern is that things like scientific research is making its way unfiltered to the masses – as opposed to the old model, where the secret police and the globalists spin it a certain way. Should they read something truthful leak out, the people might sense a ruse and start decorating trees with politicians. A truly worrisome issue. For example, see,

What, Really, Is A “Vaccine?” – Jon Rappoport

Yes, in many (most?) cases it’s a dead virus designed to stimulate the immune system. But sometimes other things find a way in, accidentally, incidentally, and intentionally. Read what Jon speculates could go into a COVID-16 (collective right for the National Guard, not you) vaccine. Think about who is pushing it, what they’ve done in the past, and the fact that they’d rather people like Jon shut up about it. 

AND, AGAIN, “They” Are Watching You – Wired

This is a long but very good article about how the NSA lies, cheats, spys, and coerces everyone. EVERYONE. We have known this for decades but it all bears repeating again and again. If it’s electronic, then they monitor it – and you. They want to lock up Snowden for exposing their crimes, which is most ironic as they are the ones who committed the crimes. Will we ever get justice? We might have to settle for a magnetic-solar flare one-two.

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