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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Commercial Air Travel In The New Normal – Axios

Before 1970, US air travelers just got on the plane and flew. One could even do it with a gun under the old jacket. Things changed – slowly but surely – with one saaaaaafety measure after another following through the years. The Supreme Court held that metal detectors were a violation of the Fourth Amendment, but they allowed their use anyway. After 9/11, passengers were treated like prisoners, groped and/or irradiated. 

You ain’t seen nothing yet! After the Corona Cold hysteria, the FAA, the TSA, and the airlines are planning to “help” us with procedures right out of a sci-fi novel. Four hours before the plane takes off, you’ll pass through a decontamination chamber. Then, you’ll be filmed naked or molested. Next, you’ll be probed, possibly having your blood taken. Onboard, there will only be half as many seats – priced twice as high. Still no decent food and they’re taking away the magazines. I’ll be on the highway if you need me.

“The Decider” Speaks – Politico

Miss him yet? Me neither. But, “W” sounded off in a bizarre attempt to make peace between the main factions of the Deep State. He says, “misunderestimation means we all fall down or we, we rise … you have to rise a second time,” or some other incomprehensible gibberish. Whatever he was saying, all I could hear was “weapons of mass destruction.”

“What If” The Hysteria Lasts and Lasts – CNN

They have a collective nightmare at CNN. What if nobody ever develops a vaccine for the Wu Flu?! How will we survive? Sure, we made it through world wars, depressions, global climate change, a whole bunch of other hoaxes, and the cancellation of The Dukes of Hazzard. But! This will be different. We’ll all have to wear NBC suits, fight for toilet paper, and snitch on each other – forever. Or, of course, we could just go back to the way we lived, say, in January.

Tech Spying Continues – SF Gate

There’s an App for that! For spying on you, that is. All of the big tech companies, who allegedly value you as a customer, and all the governments, that allegedly exist to secure your rights, are hell-bent on tracking your every move. No vaccine will cure this. Fortunately, there’s the easy tinfoil option…

The Data Show People Tire Of House Arrest – Forbes

And, the reports are coming in from a million iPhones. It seems that people aren’t quite as keen on all the new normal social craziness as the masters would like. It’s almost as if people resent the fact that they are expected to self-isolate like prisoners in solitary. Good!

Students Tired Of Paying For Without Attending Colleges – MSN

Spying aside, millions of college students were kicked off the campuses and sent home, where they may or may not continue their education. Oddly, many of them want their money back as a result. And, they’re suing the schools. Imagine if you paid $20,000 for a few months of idiotic brainwashing, only to find yourself sitting on your parents couch watching Gilligan’s Island. You might learn more, but it was possibly a waste. These schools stand to lose a lot of money. This will have carry-over consequences for a year or more.

The Heavy Hand Of Government Descends – CBS2 NY

Legacy Food Storage

And, the Empire strikes back! As suggested in those other stories, many Americans seemed determined to lead normal lives despite what Chicken Little Fauci cries on the TeeVee. The NYPD ain’t having it. They’re taking off the gloves! No more warning, you scofflaws! There are 30,000 of them – in a city of 10,000,000 people. Good luck, boys!

Deflation, Or Inflation: Pick Your Poison – USA Today

When most preppers (and economists) worry about a recession or a depression, they worry about inflation, specifically monetary inflation. That’s when the idiot politicians and bankers flood the land with cheap money, driving prices higher in artificial fashion. But, a deflationary depression, with collapsing prices, can be just as bad or worse. It’s great if you have cash to buy, but remember that your salary (if you still have a job) is a price that can fall too. And, it will if things go wrong, as they already do. Worst of all, these criminal geniuses may have finally figured out how to give us the impossible: general inflation in an overall deflationary period. As prices collapse, so may the value of the money needed to pay them. Brilliant!

Martin Van Crevald Addresses Feminism – Vox Day

Here’s what happens when a military strategy and history genius (term used in literal sense) takes on a social issue. Read this first part and anticipate the rest. Whatever the stated goals of feminism were, and whatever was believed about the trend, things haven’t turned out as most anticipated. 

It’s Coming, Prepare Now – Organic Prepper

I became very suspicious during the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing. An entire large city was locked down as police hunted two (2!) men. The people didn’t seem to mind, but I sensed a precedent being set. Fast forward to 2020, and now it’s the whole country. Were you caught off guard? If so, take note. Now that the restrictions are fading is the time to prepare for round two. And, there will be a round two.

Nova Scotia Mass Shooting Analyzed (VIDEO) – Stefan Molyneux

Another interesting study in situational awareness – or the systemic lack thereof. The shooter in the frozen north had – like most criminals – a looooong record or insanity and violence. Yet, he walked free. People knew about it. They knew they had in their midst a drunken lunatic who liked to attack other people. Little was done. Many paid the price. Is there a lesson here? And will anyone learn it?

Quail: The Other Yard Bird – Backdoor Survival

Move over, chickens! (Not you, Dr. Fauci). How about a covey of quail in the backyard? It’ll be much like a stocked game plantation, except you’ll just pick them up when the time comes. Pen-raised birds let you do that, without resorting to a dog and shotgun show. Plus, they’re smaller and more portable than chickens. The eggs are smaller, but you won’t get pecked as hard harvesting them! This idea is about the birds, not for the birds.

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