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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Guard The Elderly Jealously – Eric Peters

This is a cautionary example about the need to keep older parents out of “homes.” And, they need to be protected when the predatory state comes crawling around. Eric gets very personal about his mother’s kidnapping by the criminal state of Virginia. For saaaaafety – as he would write it – she’s being locked up without visitation. Like a prisoner. This is happening nationwide. At some point, hopefully soon, people will get enough of the abuse.

The Corona Shuffle – MSN

It’s like a schizophrenic dance – one step towards normalcy, and two steps back into fear. An economy-destroying box-step that leads nowhere. Donald Trump is dancing it right now. He’s right to fear being called out, maybe not re-elected, for not keeping people locked down – for saaaafety. At the same time, he’s painfully aware that there won’t be much of a country left if he doesn’t release the sheep soon. Whatever goes wrong, he’s to blame. If he deserves it, then good. But, in the meantime, we’re all suffering as badly as we did during the line-dancing craze in the 90s.

More Snitches Exposed – Daily Mail

It’s Missouri, now, where busibodies are coming under fire for minding other people’s business. It was supposed to be anonymous information! Just like in East Germany. Two lessons: 1) don’t mind other people’s business; 2) nothing that takes electronic form is anonymous.

The English Mark Of The Beast – Guardian

Just like something out of the Soviet Union or the Book of Revelations, the Brits may have to soon produce a “health passport” in order to work or move around in their own country. I assume the easiest way to accomplish this would be a chip in the hand or the head. Is there anyone on the Island speaking out against this outrage? Imagine in England had a Monarch who cared about the subjects!

NWO Silences “Former” Pope – Yahoo!

There is a very seldom used method for retiring a living Pontiff. It involves extraordinary circumstances. Pope Benedict was NOT properly removed and is thus still the one and ONLY Pope. Of course, “they” want to silence him. He’s a regular inconvenience, what with his continuing to stay alive and sometimes speaking the truth to Luciferian power. If you’re not Roman Catholic and think this does not affect you, let me ask: When was the last time you went to your [Protestant] Church in person? Global conspiracy against all Christians. We need to silence the New World Order.

That Even Gianter Sucking Sound – Unz

We in the West have completely lost the concept of “capitalism.” That was a system wherein free people did things using their resources as best they could. The key parts were: free people, and did things. Enter mass usury, and all the resources go to the financial con men. The people are not free and nothing gets done. See: life around you right now. As all usury is an illusion, all we have to do is blow against it and it will drift off towards hell, leaving us again free. I’m sure all the politicians are talking about this simple and just idea.

A Comment About The Truth – Unz

Legacy Food Storage

Some get it about this new China-China-China rage and revenge fantasy taking shape in Washington and New York. The media would have you believe … whatever they’re lying about today. Ron Unz sees through the hoax and, in comment number 20 and most out of his reserved character, harshly bats down a dull-witted parroting of the mainstream BS. Read the whole article too along with the comment string. There’s the truth, and then there’s the official narrative.

The French Phase Of School Recovery – RT

France, like most of the world, was caught in the backfiring of the US-Wuhan pandemic attack. They closed their schools, which unlike American schools, still educate students. Now, they plan to restart some of them, but only with 10% of the kids. I suggest that, as only about 10% of US students are proficient in anything (literally….), we do the same, allowing only the kids who learn to attend. In fact, we will do something else, something much worse.

Praise the Sorceress – MSN/ Carlos Slim’s Blog

The NYT heaps praise on Laurie Garret for “accurately” predicting the China hoax. I’m surprised that they even defined who “Cassandra” was supposed to be. But, here, Garret is less Cassandra and more Hera, spying out and lurking as an embed for another power. Note their use of phrases like: “Her crystal ball is dark.” I’d imagine so, as all black magic is dark. Writing a book predicting a future pandemic is like predicting the Sun will rise tomorrow – unless it’s an uncannily descriptive prediction. They fail to mention her membership in the Council of Foreign Relations since 2004. I predict that these people will remain predictable. Learn to spot them. 

What China Is Up To – The Sun

In America, it takes 40 years to dream up a new airplane, and then it usually doesn’t work. In China, they ram through incredible technology faster than we can draw initial plans for similar hardware. The H-20 is a proposed (in China, that means almost ready) nuclear-capable stealth bomber. China only acquired stealth tech after 1999. They’ve put in fighters already. A rumor is that the new bomber may also be nuclear powered. Those rumors have run around the US and Russia for 50 years. Still, Beijing might be able to pull it off. Because they are serious people.

What The West Is Up To – Mirror

Or, down to. The Chinese build nuclear tech for regional power projection. In the US and Europe, we build idiot spacesuits to enable drug and dance party-goers to rave without the risk of Corona. And, I was thinking the masks were silly. Questions: Will this thing have a port for accepting speed. And, how will the wearer attempt to communicate vainly and stupidly (over the thumping “music”) while wearing this monstrosity? 

The Shape Of Recovery (VIDEO) – Gerald Celente

The other “experts,” the ones not telling us to drink Lysol, say – or said – there would be a v-shaped recovery, and soon. Then, they modified that. They have no idea what’s going on, likely having already taken their own drinking advice. Gerald does know a thing or two about how trends play out in the future. Here, it’s pretty simple: one can’t expect any shape of recovery if the same mistakes are constantly being made and worse each new time. Watch it!

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