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Thursday, June 4, 2020

A Friendly Reminder: It’s Hurricane Season –

Not to rain on the virus/economic collapse/riots/martial law parade, but there’s a tropical storm brewing in the Gulf of Mexico. Once again, it’s time for those who live near the Gulf and East Coasts to watch the weather with heightened interest. With this one, it’s still too early to call. Landfall somewhere, with unknown potential. Then, there will be more. Keep an eye out.

Troops On US Streets (VIDEO) – Canadian Prepper

You’ve seen it on the news by now. The National Guard and even some regular Army MPs are on the streets either to support law enforcement or to act as law enforcement. It may seem obvious, but what does this mean for us? Watch and pick up some tips for identifying trouble before it starts and understanding that there is great potential for this trend to grow.

Every Knee Shall Bow? – News & Observer

This is happening more and more this week, all over the country. Here, 60 or so California police officers knelt, with or to, protestors. What exactly does this portend? Some say it’s about solidarity. In some cases, that may be well and good. However, in general, when the soldiers are called in because the police do nothing, and then the police bow to the “protestors,” that seems a little ominous. Kneeling can mean solidarity and unity; or, it can mean defeat and supplication. 

About “The Bricks” – RT

This one has been making its way around the news rumor mills a bit. It appears that, in many of the cities experiencing riots, that piles and stacks of bricks are on the sidewalks. Some suggest they were left in advance so as to arm the looters and criminals. Given that everything in this country has gone utterly mad and that conspiracy theories often prove more accurate than the official lies, it could be. Or, given the level of construction in our cities, the bricks might have been left for masons working on walls, sidewalks, etc. Either way, the fact that people are throwing them presents a problem.

A Scripted Performance? – American Thinker

Jack Cashill believes the current mess to be the work of those with agendas to weaken America, that what’s on the TV news is more of a movie or PR stunt than a real crisis. Given the history of hoaxes and deception in our recent affairs, it’s a little hard not to suspect as much. He refuses to watch. I watch with a grain of salt. Preppers should watch because, real or contrived, mass violence is still mass violence. And, there is a definite disturbing pattern in the news cycles. You keep hearing the name George Floyd over and over. Have you heard of Leslie Baker? Even if the riots aren’t part of it, there is an agenda – and it is well advanced towards its ultimate goals.

More Riot Survival Tips – Organic Prepper

From a riot survivor! Karen Morris has been there, in the midst of danger brought about by societal collapse. And now, she has some excellent, first-person recommendations for getting out alive. It boils down to bugging out or staying put – and knowing when and how to do either. I am a little leery of her advice about using Twitter as a warning device, though she’s tactically correct. If you’re already on social media, then it makes sense. If you’re not, then it could be a tradeoff between dangers – rioters vs. privacy invasion. Excellent tips, all, however.

They Are Moving Into The Suburbs – Yahoo

Last week, somewhere, I noted that there was a loudmouth in Minneapolis who threatened that the thugs were heading to the burbs next. Well, next is now – or yesterday. In some areas, there has already been a spilling over. For now, it appears to be centered around ordinary, okay protests and more pedestrian looting – they want the nicer stuff. So far, no added violence – well, except for people like Leslie Baker. Understand that unless you’re many, many miles away from a city, you’re not necessarily safe. Some people know that and have acted accordingly.

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Sheriff Warns Thugs That Suburbanites Have Acted – WFLA 8

The Sheriff of Polk County, Florida sent a message to the rioters and looters: regular people are armed. Armed people are not easily intimidated and sometimes make life difficult (or end it) for criminals. Per the next story, there are more and more armed ordinaries out there:

Another Run On Guns – Washington Times

Before the riots, maybe because of the [virus] or for some other reason, there was another historic firearms buying spree in America. Guns sales in May surged 80% over those in May of 2019. My guess is that – check that, I know for a fact – that the riots are having a similar effect in June. Some people are not willing to kneel, be victims, or to stand idly by. Many will defend themselves and their communities. There’s something at once distinctly American about this and something alarming. There’s a sense that someday, maybe not too far in the future, those guns may see action. If so, then better to have them and not need them than the alternative.

At Least Guns Are Selling – Asia Times

Because otherwise the economy is a wreck. That is, before the nuts started throwing bricks and setting fires, we had a pandemic hoax cover-up of a pre-existing financial collapse. It all combined to kill employment prospects, wreck industries, and flood the markets with more debt. Now, add in the effects, as covered here, of the riots. Soon, we’ll have the up-front price tag for the damage done by the “protesters.” It will be very high, and it will get higher as more business struggle and local economies face the choice of rebuilding or downsizing. The stage was already set; now, we watch the show.

Agreeing With Bernie Sanders! – Just The News

Everywhere, these days, people are smashing and grabbing that which does not belong to them. Many are alarmed. And Uncle Bernie seems a parallel to the seizure of so much wealth by the financial and other elites over the past 40 years. You know, it’s impossible to argue with him on this one. In fact, his time frame is a little off. This has been going on for over 100 years. He had some plans … to help. My take is that it is a wee bit late for that. Barring a total systemic reset (along with vast social changes), there isn’t much hope for the near term. Perhaps Trump’s incendiary advice about looting and shooting should apply more broadly?

While We Were Away… – Unz

Another friendly reminder: the government and its owners never stop their shenanigans, even for flu season and riot season. In fact, emergencies, real or contrived, usually give them more fuel for their fires. Read here what they’ve been up to while everyone sheltered in place and looted the gas station. It’s almost exactly what one would expect. Like a pattern or something.

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