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It’s August 10, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


The New Abnormal Drags On…

  • Be not afraid! Many Americans are, sadly. Thanks to the evil curse of the “woke,” those useless commi-facsist losers, violent and dangerous, so many people are afraid to express any thought at all. This in the “Land of the Free?” TheHill
  • You may be justified to feel some apprehension. These thugs are coming to the suburbs to terrorize normal people. MMalkin
  • Arm yourselves! Here’s a tale of BL-Antifa thugs turned back by armed neighbors who didn’t want to see their part of town burned. And why do we still call them “peaceful” protesters? Or even “protesters?” BPR
  • They’re not just coming to loot and burn. They also want to rewrite history. It’s the real-world performance of 1984!!! Utter craziness in Illinois. CNN
  • If the violent thugs don’t take your house, then the usurers might. As COVID-welfare runs low, millions of evictions loom. Some are already in progress. Sadness in the land of the free, etc. ap (no history, blah)

Crashing Down. Maybe the IL legislature can erase the financial collapse. That way, it will be like it never happened and we’ll be fine, right? Dollar days are over and things are getting rocky. RT

Papering the Problem. Another approach to financial doom is the in-progress attempt by Congress and the Fed to bury it under a mountain of fake paper debt. That will work out as well as leaping off the north face to get down the mountain faster. $30 Trillion! JustTheNews


A Lost Year


Or a Lost Nation?

We will be very lucky if this isn’t an economically lost decade, not just a year. Now would be the time to kill all debts, make usury a capital felony, and reset the economy. Instead, people wear masks and the schemers create new hoaxes for sport. Is it “lost minds?” WVGaz-Mail


The Personal Side of the Madness


South Koreans are being ushered into a strange new world of no contact with other human beings. This, as one might imagine, could cause a disruption in things like, I don’t know, having children? Good grief. BBC

To combat the nuttery Eric Peters offers some good dating advice for young men and women in the new abnormal. Those masks might be a good thing as they demonstrate that the wearer is, at best, a sheepish follower. Put another way, me: if you’re the only visible face in a crowd, you’re the most attractive face in the crowd. Real women will dig that and see you as the desirable “bad boy” who shuns a trend. EPAutos

Legacy Food Storage

There’s nothing wrong with being single, in or out of a period of national insanity. Just don’t make it into a false sacrament. Don’t fight God’s plan. Don’t become a cat lady. Listen to Mary Cuff. Crisis




To skool or not 2 skool? A question nobody can answer. Tampa skoolz are running up against Florida mandates in a time when no one wants to make an, ahem, educated decision. HOMESCHOOL! TBTimes


The Big Rotten Apple is out of control. A billion dollars is slashed from the NYPD budget and used to coddle druggies and criminals. The pictures… My favorite is the gentleman reclining on the sidewalk, Al Bundy-ing his hand! Better call the cops! Oh, wait… DMail


Druggies and pedos are in luxury housing. Meanwhile farmers in Amerika are in trouble. Despite a flood of funny money, farm bankruptcies soar. Something tells me this could negatively affect the food supply. WSJ


It turns out that the 3kt load of fertilizer in Beirut had the yield of 5kt of TNT, making it a “small” nuclear-sized explosion. This story says 200K are homeless as a result, though I’ve also read 399K or more. Pitiful. Prepare for not being around mass piles of fertilizer and against government stupidity. RT


The State of New York, where they put druggie pedos in the Ritz Carlton, is suing to get rid of the NRA. On the surface, this has little to do with gun control. Rather, it alleges massive financial fraud, which is always possible with any large entity. You decide. THE COMPLAINT




Halloween 2020 Canceled??


No. Despite the fears of some, like weak hearts on All Hallows Eve, Halloween most certainly will go on this year. In fact, it’s been going on for months now! I see overgrown kids dressed like doctors and bank robbers all the time now and everywhere. I’m in on the fun at last. I’m the Black Panther.* Trick or treat. Yahoo!

Pic. by Perrin,* who is not the real Black Panther (just a silly mask, kids).

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