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It’s August 13, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.



  • Russians claim to have a “vaccine” for one of the viruses that can cause a common cold! Putin approved! And, they’ve brought back the Sputnik brand at the same time. Y’all let me know how that works out. NDTV
  • It’s too late for many elderly in NY, killed in their nursing homes by their corrupt, satanic government. Read about the statistical cover-up. ap (yeah…)
  • Many are talking about, though few are doing, the great success of homeschooling! It can be more difficult when you have a special needs child. But it can be done. Here’s how. OrganicPrepper
  • Everyone else is babbling about safety in the schools (public, mostly). But what does that mean? How “safe” were these evil institutions before? Crisis
  • Some of the same literal satanists who run the “schools” actively promote abortion as a black sacrament. Instead of destroying these monsters with fire, our “good” people obsess about football and face diapers. (Sickening Content) CBN

Consumer Cannibalism! The same satanists are tricking you into eating children. This is from five years ago and I can’t believe I missed it. Yet, somehow, it’s not surprising. NaturalNews

B-b-but, Muh Football. The college football season isn’t looking good. Well, it hasn’t looked good in decades, but now there’s a hoax and all. Big Ten down? Power 5 to follow? DetroitFP

UPDATE: No Big Ten. No Pac 12


Trump “Narrowly” Escapes Shooting!


And … Kamala…

Orange Man was lying to the CIA-backed fake media when he was whisked away to safety by the Secret Service. A nut was shot somewhere in DC and, blah, blah, hey, isn’t there college football on the TeeVee? There’s not? NYPost

Oh, and:

Since Kamala is Biden’s Veep Choice, Congratulations to Orange Man on his 2020 re-election…

Legacy Food Storage


Lies and Money


The Trump, when not babbling or hiding, issues EOs like nobody else. Yuuuge EOs. One of them may limit the ability of US citizens to return to the dying US. This may be a plus for those fortunately outside. Stay put, lucky people. CarlosSlim’sBlog

Oh, no!!! The FEC says, because of the hoax or something else, we may not know the results of the coming pointless election on election night! This might have mattered 50 years ago. Now, we all have college football to keep us enterta… oh. TheHill

Of course, while everything else collapses, record numbers of bankruptcies are being filed. But, because the financial press only cares about corporations, and not expendable human work units, here’s a tally of the business losses during the latest quarter of the new abnormal. MarketWatch




In our near-perfect world, somehow poverty is rising. Here’s a look, but notice that, in the lead picture, they focus on – as always – other people. You, surely, are doing okay. FBS and all. ap 


There’s no poverty in Chicago, where all stores are giving away free merchandise. Watch as the SWAT team does nothing while “citizens” casually stroll around looting. Third world Amerika. InfoWars


No word from the can’t-be-bothered cops, but BLM says looting is reparations or something, so it’s all okay. A very healthy nation, let me tell you. FAUX”news”


If there’s a plan to steal the November election by subverting the US Mail (mail-in ballots), then it hit a speedbump recently via a full cleansing of the agency. Read more. Salon


Like the public “schools,” our “colleges” are failures. They don’t even pretend to do free speech anymore as yet another right-wing student learned. Zoom away, kids! Breitbart




Another Look at Beirut


It’s out of the news cycle so it’s like it didn’t happen, but there was that fertilizer explosion in Beirut. Some speculate it was a bomb. Some blame Israel. I’m open to possibilities, but let’s be honest – idiocy sometimes explains it all. UNZ

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