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It’s August 19, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


Money and Politics

  • How’s that v-shaped recovery thing going? Right. Remember, back in December, the good folks at the Goldman Sachs said we were next to recession proof. Why and how can anyone listen to these idiots??? CNBC
  • Oh, no! They’re at it again – worried about the DOW and the November election. Whatever they say now, know that they’ll be dead wrong. Again. As always. WSJ
  • Turmoil is in other countries too. In Belarus, the re-elected president “for life” is reaching out to Putin for a lifeline. MoscowTimes
  • There much more going on in Eastern Europe. That’s the battleground where the forces of satanic globalism have hit the wall of Christian culture. Notice how the media champions the LGBP “heroes.” They’re losing and they’re panicking. WSJ
  • Macron of France says people should rally behind E. European protesters – regardless of what they’re protesting. Why doesn’t he say the same thing about the yellow vests in his own nation? RT

The Culture War is hot in California too. That’s where a rebel Calvanist is defying the state and (shock!) holding church services! I imagine he’ll be jailed for this verboten activity. BaptistNews 

Their Weapon is Emotion. That’s why they court the “rage moms,” women who feel more than think. They know that it’s much easier to rely on fear than thought to influence the sheep, excuse me, the public. DNYUZ




Is This Even News?

Here’s the video that may have landed Millie Weaver in jail. Please watch this COPY – these things have a way of disappearing from BooTube, as the original already has. What Millie “uncovers” has been known in general for decades. Trump and everyone else knew specifically about this episode before 2017. Why is nothing done?? Personally, pay close attention to how “they” prey on fear – that why we were ordered not to fear. Shadowgate

UPDATE: The link is dead, I know. I’m leaving it up as a memorium. TRY THIS ONE. BooTube yanked it while I was listening and typing the news. There’s got to be ANOTHER copy out there. Frankly, this is nothing we didn’t already know. But it matters that they are desperate to kill the story. Their fear is a good thing for us.

BooYube: “Hate” Speech = True Speech…


Psychological Warfare


Legacy Food Storage

The Corona has been used masterfully to keep the people stepping and fetching – over a common cold. They keep shifting the lies around, but here’s how five of the early ones fell apart. LRC

How about we give this BS a codename? Mike Whitney did and it’s both funny and true. Take a look at the graph of how the maligned HCQ works country by country. If it didn’t work – as it obviously does – they wouldn’t want to ban it. Why? UNZ

Heard of Shadowgate? It’s just another crackpot tin-foil conspiracy. That’s why some people are absolutely panicked about it. PCR




The future of concert going looks a lot like sitting in jail. Some are happy as clams about this development in the UK, where concert patrons are corralled in steel cages – to keep them safe. Safety. Freedom. Trading?? TheHook


Is this a success or a tragedy? In CA, as elsewhere, farmers can’t sell their food because restaurants are closed by the “pandemic.” So they’re selling to food banks, which are busy because people are out of work and hungry. Is it good that this is working or necessary? PEW


Firenado! Also from CA, this isn’t a cheap sci-fi b-movie. It’s a weather condition combining high winds and wildfires. Just what we needed! Yahoo


Okay! I could get behind this one. They say it’s a mistake in China but I see value. If the ninnys can make us wear masks and fear cigars and obey speed limits, then we can insist on weighing their heavy posteriers. Ha! France24


Water is critical for good health. But, there can be too much of a good thing. Here, find three signs – and maybe not the best – that you might be drinking too much. Decide for yourself and self-regulate. That is, before the ninnys make it mandatory – for safety and such. Ladders




Use Your Crisis Imagination


Daisy Luther looks at her own normalcy bias as applied to the new abnormal. Even if you live far from the big, blue cities, the problems are probably closer than you think or would like. Get ready. OrganicPrepper

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