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It’s August 24, 2020

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Louisiana: 2 Hurricanes Possible This Week



  • Corona Mania, coupled with a financial collapse and the “peaceful protests” of the Drug Overdose Lives Matter, has convinced many city slickers that it’s time to pull up and move out. They’re headed towards suburbia before they go full country. We need to beware that they will bring their problems with them. They should be wary too. DNYUZ
  • The great propositional nation of immigrants! What happens when the first or second-generation migrants decide they really owe loyalty to their actual nations? In these cases, they’re leaving. In some noticeable others, they are not. Lifestyles
  • Invaders frequently try to recreate the same mess they left in the old country once they are politically established in the new one. This is the destructive tendency of globalism. It’s not working out well in Sweden (or anywhere else). VoxDay
  • Rev. Baldwin notices the invasion, though he’s talking about a slightly different kind – but still all too real. Is there time to wake up? If so, is there time to do much? ChuckBaldwin
  • One way or another, in one way or another, America’s time of dominance is ending. We can argue about the causes while it happens. But, this is even noticed by people who write for Rolling Stone.

How Did “Fascism” Come to Amerika? Is the answer really economic? It looks more societal and personal to me. Anyway, it also appears to be wearing a mask, not draped in the flag. LRC

The Masks… They are dangerous, doing more harm than good in the age of Coronafied hysteria. So says another medical expert – from Sweden. Anyone listening? NYPost


Pedophiles and Cannibals


Why is the media afraid of Pizzagate?

It’s a joke, right? A crazy conspiracy theory without the slightest evidence, right? It’s not like we have pictures of Bill Clinton, en route to Pedo Island, on the Pedo Express, getting a neck rub from one of Epstein’s rape victims, right? Oh, wait. Memory hole? DailyMail


The New “Schoolz”


Are you a California College Student? If so, I’d recommend transferring to an American school or just dropping out. Otherwise, you’ll be mandated to sit through race and inclusion and other BS propaganda sessions. InfoWars

They Won’t Tell You About This tale of racial inclusion and so forth in North Carolina. A young woman, recently released from a government high school, is murdered. And I bet she at least knew her diverse killers. Research the school and then compare it to the ones near you. Patterns. Patterns. Patterns. CBS17

Legacy Food Storage

In France… some pervs made a pitiful excuse of a movie about four 11-year-old girls who become … prostitutes? And, of course, Netflix, the devil’s favorite streaming site, was ready to run it. They still are, they’ve just adjusted the promo pictures. Pedoflix. Millstone in French is “meule.” JustTheNews




Did You Watch The Fake DNC Convention? No one else did either. But, there were allegedly some uniformed soldiers there. Sadly, this was not part of the execution of “The Storm.” The Army is investigating or something, so … rally, nobody watched. CNN


We Know Our Snakes! That is, we can tell the venomous ones from the mundanes by sight in many cases. For instance, if you turn on the TeeVee and see a politician lying about something, then that is a venomous snake. Hey! Wait, this is about actual reptiles… DailyMail


Delta Bans Psy-Ops Shooter! The Navy SEAL who killed OBS – you know, the second time he died – was booted from the airline over a social pic of the deadly man not wearing the fear mask. Funny, we have that photo, but no evidence from the daring raid on the CIA-operative who died of renal failure a decade before he was shot… WashTimes (The paper that fired Sam Francis).


!Science! Has Discovered What Makes COVID19 Tick!!! A new study is out and it explains how the ACE2 gene receptor thingy works in this devilish little bug. Read all about it at ACSPubs. And, why yes! You heard about this, here at FP, waaaay back on March 9th, via an earlier “first ever” study from China! We are the rush in front of the cutting edge, kids.


Biden Said Something! Something really profound about horses, or fiddlesticks, or his Marconi wireless or something else utterly irrelevant. Again, no living people watched or listened to whatever it was. I, for one, am just happy he’s still allegedly vocal. More at the small, sad, history and culture-free ap.




We Have a New Prepper!


An old name we all know and love is in our game now. Eric Peters is getting prepared for what’s coming next. Read all about his peaceful protester repellant! Might want to get some of that. EPAutos


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