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It’s August 25, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


Weathering the Times

  • Meet Marco and Laura. No, they’re not replacements for Karen and Ken. They’re two tropical storms that may, today, start pounding the Gulf Coast – a very rare one-two punch from the seas. Take appropriate measures. Twice. Weather
  • Rhode Island is a small state, but I wouldn’t want to clean it. Now an area that big is ablaze in California. The struggle is on. How do we safely socially distance when everything is on fire? Guardian
  • The fires spread and thousands of people flee. Take this as yet another lesson in being selective in where you live and in how you maintain your property. It is possible to essentially fire-proof a home. Yahoo
  • Smoke, winds, and viruses aside, it’s always nice to come inside, crank the AC down, and relax. Yet, one study (maybe more) suggests that AC and lower humidity might cause the [you-know-what] to spread faster. Open a window, they say. Uncover the window but cover your face… NYPost
  • Because of the [virus], and not the global economic depression from the government and banksters, the UN fears a global famine is brewing. 80% increase in malnutrition?! Pantry, garden, etc. RT


Follow the COVID Money! Using the [virus] as a matrix, Tony Hall wrote a lengthy essay on who is benefiting from the hysteria. Why are they the same usual suspects? It’s like they planned this or something. UNZ

Money, Manipulation, and the Masses. Gerald C. capped last week with some news and warnings. Some you haven’t heard before. Did you know that a bank has been rigging the precious metals markets for the last decade – so other banksters could profit while you and I lose out? Did you know that nobody is going to jail for it? This and more. TrendsJournal


No Exceptions!


Do you trust your government?

If so, then why and how? And, are you in the market for a quality, used bridge? In VA, they’re already talking about making the COVID “Vaccine” mandatory – for everyone in the state. This, despite the fact that there is no “vaccine,” vaccines in general are dubious to dangerous, and 99% of people are naturally safe from Coronaviruses. T.Y.R.A.N.N.Y. RT


The Three “Rs” – Ridiculous, Rabid, and Rancid


BLACK LIVES MATTER! (A Soros Production…) Public K-12 “schools” nationwide are racing to redesign their communist indoctrination BS to accommodate new lies about BLM and other anti-Western garbage. I hear the CIA propaganda office is working overtime on this. Reuters

Every Step You Take, Every Move You Make – OK State U is watching. If you’re in an Amerikan college, it’s probably time to drop out, start farming, and learn to love rifles. OSU is tracking all the students in an effort to track all students (under the guise of [you-know-what]). This alone warrants closing the school. NBC”news”

No Animal House, Kids! Other so-called colleges and universities are upset that students still do student things – like study, walk around, and party. They’re coercing like never before in an attempt to wring as much fake debt payment out of the innocent young as possible, while doing the least “academic” work possible. End. It. WSJ

Legacy Food Storage




HAL8000 beats man in AI dogfight. Forget about becoming a fighter pilot, boys. That role, like much else, is going to the Terminator and his evil mechanical friends. This may not end so well for humanity. But, hey, at least the tech and arms companies will make a buck, right? BreakingDefense


Read The Small Print: Mr. Day exposed the Uber scheme to cheat drivers in defiance of the law. Yet, it’s a side note that caught my attention – we’re pushing nearly 50 years of stagnant wages and declining purchasing power. That means things. Bad things. VoxDay


Calling It Like It Is! God bless Poland and their new FM. He’s dead on accurate about the nature and motives of the rainbow alliance. If only the rest of the West had brave, honest leadership, our children might be safer from real threats. They want your kids! RT


George Floyd Died of a DRUG OVERDOSE! The media and the commies can spin their lies as they like, but it doesn’t change the facts. A wise defense attorney is adjusting his strategy accordingly. Yahoo


Yeah, People Do Need To “Wake Up” to the lies and mal-intentions of BLM and the rest of the hellions. Disturbing the peace is a crime, yet the police are nowhere around as “peaceful protesters” blast neighborhoods at night. If the cops won’t or can’t do the job, then the people will. Do they make “sonic sights?” Zerohedge




From Russia With Love


Thank goodness the US government spends its time spying on Americans. That way, they can safely ignore foreign spies who infiltrate the military. A NOT-American Green Beret did about what one would expect. One wonders how they had time to catch him. Breitbart

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