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Good Morning from Freedom Prepper

It’s August 4, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


Summer Of Sad, Masked Threats

  • There will be no recovery – not that one was expected – anytime soon, because the entire world has stopped because of the second wave of the chest cold. MSN
  • The Monster is Everywhere… That’s what they used to tell children to scare them. Now, it’s for everyone, and about a boogeyman that’s as real as the nonexistent thing in your closet. Maybe the “monster” is looking for you! Maybe it’s under your bed! Express
  • McDonald’s used to be a fun place to advance heart disease on a budget. Now, it’s where you go to get arrested for not covering your Image-of-God Face the way God intended… FAUX News
  • Eric P. keeps running into masked hysteria in remote VA. His country store fell victim. He has a warning about the new Gestapo in Amerika. Heed it. EPAUTOS
  • The litigious morons strike again. You have a right to murder babeis, but no right not to cover your Image-of-God face. Next, they’ll tell you, with a straight face, you have no right to exist at all. LRC

George Carlin Vindicated! People Are Dumb! Thanks to endless hype, and their own low IQs, there are people who think the Chinese hoax bug of 2020 has already killed tens of millions of people. They would probably believe they had died too, if Fauci told them it was so. RT

The Truth in a Cartoon: Here’s a great summary of Dr. Fauci’s devolving babbles, all year, about the dreaded Wu-Flu. Facts can be funny! [MUST SEE CARTOON] Gary Varvel


Tech News


Wiz Kid 2.0?

Twit-bird celebrities had the tables turned the other week by a small team of inventive hackers. Who cares, right? The interesting fact is that the alleged mastermind is a 17-year-old Florida boy. He’s the kind that the government needs to hire, not prosecute, in order to keep fighting the evil tech monsters. WFLA8


Evil Tech


The New Mafia: Big Tech isn’t “like” organized crime – it IS organized crime. Well, that, or a terrorist organization. HChron

For now, the techie terrorists are not bombing buses and discos. Rather, they spy on everyone, build huge databases, and sell the stolen data to nefarious outfits. HChron

Legacy Food Storage

Big Sports, Inc. is one of Big Tech’s big customers. They want to use face scans to further spy on their marks, er, patrons. The time has come to abandon all popular culture, including sports, which are no longer the fun activities we used to know. WSJ




We knew this, but here’s more evidence that Bill Clinton attended a “pizza party” at Epstein Island. If he’s not careful, Orange Man may lock him up as he did Mrs. Clinton… RT


Speaking of Bill, Kill, and OM, here’s a study that says beware of people who simultaneously play the victim and virtue cards. This may apply to half of the American people. Stream


Fred Reed commits the worst crime of all – noticing. He names names and observes the readily apparent fact that the US is steaming into what looks like a race war. Perhaps if we all place our heads in the sand? UNZ


Dr. Roberts once again pegs the dim ignorance of the average Amerikan. Rather than care about heroes who tried to help save them, the rabble burn, loot, hoot, and kill to honor a violent drug addict who OD’d on synthetic morphine. PCR


With “friends” like these… A founder of the very suspect Federalist Society, with which Perrin is (was) intimately acquainted, suggested that OM be impeached, sans high crime or misdemeanor. That’s a law professor for you. SUN




Do We Really Need Boomers???


Here we find another entitled Boomer idiot, doing what she does best: belligerently attacking children for not respecting her sad, self-centered world. No, I think we could do without. Twit-Bird

Small child observes evil stupidity in the wild.

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