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Good Morning from Freedom Prepper

It’s August 6, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


Unsatisfactory with Worse to Come

  • Only 13% of US respondents are satisfied with what remains of their country. This is a complete mystery as everything is going well. I mean, it’s not like 2020 is a dry run for something really bad. Gallup
  • 2020 is a dry run for something really bad. Even the MSM begins to slowly notice the rotting reality around the world. The hoaxes of this year are a stress test for the real deal, which we here have been predicting for years. WSJ
  • But, don’t worry! When a poisonous “vaccine” comes out and starts killing people in droves, the Big Pharma Mafia will be protected from liability – bipartisan action we needed! Zerohedge
  • Of course, like the fake vaccine for the hoax virus, the hoax masks don’t work at all. Consensus grows, to include in the CDC, that the things are more dangerous than helpful. Don’t tell a Boomer… RCreader
  • The hoax is so dangerous that nobody dies from it. With it, yes. From it, not so fast. So says a Bulgarian scientist who studies diseases. Also, do not tell this to a Boomer. They get upset about the truth. OffGuardian

The Mask of the Beast! The masks that do nothing to stop viruses do serve as a way to break people and enslave them. They’re anti-human, anti-God, and anti-sanity. Dr. Baldwin, as usual, has the real score. Chuck Baldwin

Masks Aren’t Enough! If you fall for hoaxes and have little pride or intelligence, then you’ll love this. In Singapore, they’re outfitting people with tracking bracelets. This is a stopgap until they can chip us. Coming to a town near you soon! Reuters


Child’s Play


Should We Worship Idiots Playing With Balls?

Odell Beckham, who plays for the BLM football league, suggested that there be no season this year – because of the hoax. I’m way ahead of him; I say I’ll have no more NF-BLM-L, ever. CBSsports


Political Fantasy Land


Democrats, still reeling from the failure of Russia-Mania, now suggest that Orange Man will never leave office. Why this would matter, as M has none next to nothing for his whole first term, doesn’t matter. It’s another way they can boost their losing hand. MSN

My liberal communist friends used to call me names and accuse me of being a state’s right secessionist. Now, they’re playing war games aimed at secession. Clown World. By the way, BYE! Breitbart

Legacy Food Storage

While the political idiots scheme and the sheep tout their slave masks, the grifter class plots for and demands more money. They’ll get it. NBC”news”




Ordinary people, not that bright themselves, still know something is horribly wrong with the schools. 80% say they’re going to homeschool the kids – because of the hoax, of course. They won’t, but at least they’re semi-aware. StudyFinds


The kids sure don’t want to be locked in the schools. And, the teachers would rather not work either. They’re protesting nationwide for free money with no work, er, because of the hoax. Reuters


Meanwhile the criminal government and the criminal Ivy League plot ways to coerce you into accepting the “vaccine” for the hoax. They have study groups to find the best way to shame us into compliance. We need a plan too. CollectiveEvolution


I imagine “they” have a plan to involve us – more than we already must be – in Israel’s latest battle with neighboring Syria. Very important stuff, just ask a neocon. Five thousand miles away and none of our business. Keep us out of this! JPost


Also keep Big Tech spy devices out of your homes. Here’s a reminder that Google, like all the techies, spy on people in their own homes. These things are like vampires, invite them in and you will suffer. Protocol




Drugs Kill


George Floyd Died of a Drug Overdose. Here’s leaked video of his encounter, while he was dying, with the police sent to investigate his continuity criminality. A real hero worthy of a fool’s movement to destroy civilization. Daily”SlightlySlanted”Mail

Don’t Do Drugs

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