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Good Morning from Freedom Prepper

It’s September 1, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.

(For starters, it’s September…)


The World Astir

  • America: Preppers and normies alike sense that something is happening, something uncertain and probably unpleasant. The good news? The awareness would be good enough, but we once again have record gun sales – up 72%. 5 million newbies have joined the ranks of the armed. InfoWars
  • England: Saaaaaafety is all the rage. Everywhere one goes, “they” encourage the sanitization of the hands – with alcohol-based gels. Yet, scientists are (again) sounding the alarm that all this obsessive “cleanliness” will allow the rise of indestructible super bacteria. Express
  • Germany: People in Europe are beginning to seethe with rage for a number of reasons. One is that they are tired of the Corona-hoax. Peaceful(!!) protesters stormed the Reichstag to express their anger. Didn’t we ever learn not to anger Germans? Express
  • Germans and just about everyone else tire also of globalism and the mass movements of incompatible peoples. Yet, wicked leaders like the maniacal and debased Angela Merkel say they would do it all again. I believe her. I also believe her time is up. Worst Chancellor ever? RT
  • Mexico: Some, I guess, are good people… But, not those in the cartels who are now using armed drones to kill opponents. They’ve taken a page right out of the US Empire’s playbook. How long before this tactic comes to the US? TheDrive

France: A Satanic Panic? I thought all the talk about satanism was just a “Q” conspiracy theory! But here we have the MSM and the police suggesting that devil worshipers are targeting horses in their hellish ceremonies. Odd, right? Yahoo

Everywhere: One of the craziest conspiracy theories (from 4 years ago) was that international pedophiles were operating almost in plain sight using symbolism. We were assured this was a fantasy by our “friends” in the MSM and the pedo community. Now – this is really odd – the MSM notices the trend like they just discovered it. It is real. It is really evil. And it really needs to be utterly destroyed. VoxDay


A Muskbrain Idea


You Need This Like A Chip In The Head

Elon Musk is a lot of things. Crazy might be one of them. Anyhow, he has this delightful notion to add microchips to our brains so we can be dominated by Skynet, er, so we can … God knows what… Scott has a great article on this looming catastrophe coming ASAP, and I’ve been railing against it (and most everything else in modernity) for a good while now. Personally, for everyone who wants to implant something in my head, I have something ready to go into theirs. You? This madness was even noticed by the unhistoric and cultureless ap.


Get Schooled, 2020 Style


College: Even the very small, lowercase ap has noticed that the nations’ colleges (or, what pass for colleges now in what passes for a nation) are having conceptual difficulty with the mean old COVID bug. The real issue is that when these students contract it, nothing happens. Still, the show must go on, so prepare for even more idiocy and much less education. 

High School (Government): Another great victory by and for our mighty CONSERVATIVES!!! They rolled over and played dead yet again and now the US 4th Circuit is in agreement with the 11th that transvestites have more rights than your kids. Next, they’ll probably say the gender-benders can eat your kids. Conservatives conserve nothing. Homeschool. CourtHouseNews

Daycare: Yes! Even the smallest tykes are endangered in the new abnormal. Here, we find a wicked worker tossing a toddler around like a sack of hated potatoes. I know you’re probably sick of seeing this story all over the MSM all day, every day. Watch your kids! NewsWars

Legacy Food Storage




Satire is “racist.” Let’s just admit that visible reality is bigotry incarnate and move on. In France, a foreign invader was fictionally depicted the way she would likely live in her homeland. Oh, noes!!! Globos and commies are, naturally, aghast. Wait until the non-fiction of 2025 kicks them in the teeth. Barrons


Meanwhile, in South Carolina, in another story that the MSM is running 24/7 (not!), a young woman and her stepfather are dead and another man is wounded in one of those “road rage” attacks. Time to ban roads, huh? There’s a community nexus in this event, but it’s probably not even worth pointing out. DailyMail


War in Kenosha. Good policing stopped an Antifa caravan from firebombing something. Read about yet another story the powers that be would rather you not know about. My question: will Soros have to get his vehicles out of impound, or will they be forfeited? FOX6

Out-of-state? Out of luck. FOX6


The Not-So-Great Case of … Wisconsin v Western Civilization, 2020CF000983: If you want to follow the Rittenhouse case docket – and it does indirectly concern all of us – here’s the link: WCCA.wicourts.


The Resistance Example. A teacher who cares about kids refused to face diapers and was fired. Now, he’s continuing the fight, still educating sans the school. Let this be an example to keep doing the right thing. EPAutos




Will You Accept a MANDATORY “Vaccine?”


MANDATORY… Virginia and Massachusetts and other states are already mulling this concept, even though we have no “vaccine,” and honestly, do not need one. Yet, whether you’re ready or not, the statists and luciferian globalists are always ready to command, control, and even kill. Pastor Baldwin looks deep into the emerging plan. If you’ve happily gone along with the mask, then you’ll love (and deserve) the next step. ChuckBaldwinLive

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