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Good Morning from Freedom Prepper

It’s September 11, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.

9/11 – Nineteen Years Later

Never Forget?

Much of this, or most of this, is, after so much time, forgotten. We have always taken our shoes off at the airport. We have always been at war with Syria. We have always submitted to credit checks at the bank. We have always obstructed investigations and concluded the same with a giant question mark. We have always blithely ignored comprehensive engineering reports. We have always wasted lives and money. And. So. On.” – Perrin’s TPC/PL.ME Column


Economies of Scale

  • This is astounding. The Fed now owns ⅓ of all US mortgages, via mortgage-backed securities. Look at these graphs, especially the one tracking balance sheet ownership this century. These vampires are sucking up all natural value. How about a “wealth tax” on their “assets?” TheStreet
  • How much oil does the Fed own? Oil prices are dropping, which is good for motorists, for now, but a harbinger for the future. ForexLive
  • All that PPP funny money? Yeah, it appears that some people were not entirely honest about it. JP Morgan is finding fraud and then some among its leeches, er customers, and with its own employees. Prediction: no one goes to jail! CNBC
  • PPP “money” everywhere and cheap fuel. Air travel must be booming, right? It is, if a boom is considered a 95% drop in passenger volume. Nice. CNBC
  • People did travel to Sturgis for some fun a month ago – about 500,000 people. Not one single “virus” death have I heard about this gathering, yet the usual suspects are lying about a superspreader event. These liars are economists, not doctors, if that tells you anything. Yahoo

Speaking of Fun! And stupidity and wasted money … The Rams are back in LA. And they have a new, mega stadium. No fans will be allowed inside, however, due to the [you know what]. Will the NFL pipe in digital “boos” when the thugs kneel or whatever? CNBC

The Thugs… Who is behind them? It’s likely the same oligarchs that are behind everything bad that’s happened these past decades. UNZ


A Burning Emergency


CA Fires Force Survival Lessons

As the Golden State burns, campers and tourists are trapped by the flames. Here is a summary of the conditions and the efforts to rescue those in harm’s way. Read about the desperation. A choice between fire and water and something to be very wary of – for all of us. OrganicPrepper


Remember? Picture © by Perrin Lovett. 

The Threats


Even the (honest) lefties admit that Kyle Rittenhouse will be acquitted. That’s because HE DID NOTHING WRONG! They, however, see it as bad and something to lecture for more gun control and more attacks on regular Americans. ChicagoTribune

Legacy Food Storage

Shhhhhh… Dems are “Secretly” Preparing for War… And, by “secretly” I guess they mean with months or organized, communist violence from coast to coast. The rest of the year (and 2021) will be rocky. DailyBeast

A Reminder: It’s not BLM, Antifa, Hamas, ISIS, or any other group that’s the threat. It’s you, Heritage American. This, as drafted, again, from “your” DHS – which was a gift from 9/11, if memory serves. So noted. CNN




The Show Trial Must Go On: In the UK, the government is ramming the persecution of Julian Assange through so he can be shipped to the US for, what?, torture? No justice. ConsortiumNews


A Snag in the “Vaccine.” Also in the UK, AstraZeneca halted “vaccine” trials after someone suffered an “adverse reaction.” This to a “vaccine” for a virus that is uncommonly weak as common colds go. StatNews


The 5G Letdown. 5G was supposed to be a super speedup for the mobile internet and so forth. Yet, now, it could be slower than 4G or, alternatively, no faster. I suspected this many months ago. Even our telecom system is a hoax. PS: I have spoken with military com experts who dismiss claims the technology is dangerous; we will see (slowly?). WaPo


REAL NEWS!!! A real cat fight between dueling female celebrities: a rapper I’d never heard of vs a grifter I had. Exciting in an end-of-the-nation kind of way. Dailymail


REAL REAL NEWS!!!!!! You will be most upset to know that the Kardarshains are ending their TV show, which I have never watched. We’ll all take a moment of silent reflection – maybe all of 2021? Variety




New Normal to New Normal


We’ve come a long way (down) since 9/11/2001. Here, John Whitehead traces some of the developments from THAT DAY until the COVID-ish present. It’s patently obvious what we have lost. What have we gained? LRC

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