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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Happy April Fool’s Day, America. Har, har, har. Eh, the news…

Cheap, Plentiful Gas! – Wall Street Journal

With nowhere to drive to…  Three cheers for the low, low price of crude oil! We’re almost back to 1990’s levels of affordability. The taxes have increased, making an exact return impossible. But, as-is, parts of the country may be headed south of one dollar for a gallon of gas. That’s astounding. Where will you motor to, friend? The grocery store? Hospital? The nearest plague doctor checkpoint?

Fewer are Driving to Work – CNBC

The Federal Reserve – is there anything it can’t do – is projecting imminent unemployment in the range of one-third of the nation! A third! Whereas, just a week or two ago, it was three to four percent. At this rate, we’ll be getting a new stimulus bill every week. We’ll need it.

But, the Fed Just Got a Promotion! – WSJ

And, as if the Creature from Jekyll Island didn’t have enough power, to begin with, somehow Congress has agreed to foist more fiscal and monetary responsibility to a totally-private bank, largely owned by foreigners. I was surprised too… Someone recently wished that the Treasury would subsume the Fed; I think it’s the other way around.

How the Banksters Make “Money” – Vox Populi

Outside of their dark crystal and incantations to the devil, how do modern banking criminals make the news stuff that people call money? It’s not by mining or refining gold. Rather, as Vox Day wisely observes, it’s by leeching one form of debt off of another. Without end. It’s like a Ponzi scheme mated with the Blob or something.

That One Single Time Government Failed – DNYUZ

The government is all-knowing and all-caring, capable of doing anything and everything. (Cough, cough!) Right now, the CDC etc. is in a panic to make or buy additional medical respirators for the COVID-19 pandemic. They tried something similar in the not-to-distant past. And, they failed, repeatedly and expensively. Read all about it, even as we live it out again.

Keep the Distance Until May – Axios

March as a strange, empty, and unemployed and unschooled month, the oddest I’ve ever seen. Now, April will be a repeat. So says our illustrious leader, Donald “Bigger than the Bachelor” Trump. Keep the distance, hunt for toilet paper, stay locked up, and don’t go outside until further notice. It’s like being in the 18th century, minus the charm and plus a panic.

Things May Heat Up in Italy – MSN

Legacy Food Storage

And, they make well kick the panic into violent overdrive in the south of Italy, especially in Sicily. Will the “football” kick the “boot?” Let’s hope not, as riots and chaos in Italia could well mean the same in the US and elsewhere. People are getting fed up. Keep an eye on this story. Watch for similar developments wherever you are.

Americans to Heavy and Ill, Period – DNYUZ

And, lose weight! More than a few experts and laymen have speculated that part of what is making the COVID outbreak so bad in America is our existing general poor conditioning. 70% are overweight and 40% are obese. A huge percentage holds one or more major medical problems. Even if the China bug as squashed right now, many are and were to sick to do much anyway. And, worst of all – all of this was completely preventable. Shape up!

One Church Defies the “Law” to Hold Services – Tampa Bay Times

It’s a problem like we have never, or rarely, seen before. In a supposedly spiritual – and formerly Christian – nation, nobody is going to church now. By orders of the churches! Catholics and protestants began getting kicked out of the parish door before the government started infringing on the First Amendment. One church in Florida is fighting back. How they’re doing so may raise questions, I’m sure it will – it already has. But, at least they’re not blindly following Caesar. Update: the pastor was arrested – for holding a church service. 

Nontraditional Students in Nontraditional Times – AJC

An older (but much younger than Perrin) Georgia college student speaks out about her balancing of work, life, kids, school, and the Corona madness. Read along and see what you think. Odds are, you may be in a similar situation. 

On the Louisiana Abortion Case – Crisis Magazine

Life goes on, even outside of the Corona Lockdown and the Economic Collapse. That is unless you’re a small child who gets chopped to bits to satisfy the selfishness of hedonists and the blood lust of Moloch. Another abortion case rests with the Supreme Court. Louisiana has this crazy idea that, if there must be abortion clinics, they should at least meet general health and medical standards Unsurprisingly, the same evil low-lifes who lied that Roe v. Wade was about “making it safe” now seem to think dirty and substandard are safe enough. Until it is ended, it just won’t end well. We should really watch out: keep this up and God might send a plague or something…

AND! A Funny Moment! (VIDEO SONG)(Some Language…)

Chris Mann/YT

We could all use a few laughs right about now. Sing along with Chris. You know the tune!

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