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Monday, April 20, 2020

Coronavirus Behaves Like Any Other Seasonal Cold – Town Hall

That’s because it is, in spite of the fear-mongering and hysteria, another common cold. This Israeli doctor breaks down the simple math and science. Yes, his original work is in Hebrew. No, I don’t read that, though I understand one goes from right to left with it. Anyway, the graphs are in mathematics, so anyone can grasp those. The bug comes on, affects a select FEW, herd immunity develops, and the whole thing washes away as fast as it came. Like any other cold or flu. No reason to destroy your economy, religion, and all civil life over it. Oh, wait…

Most Get It And Get Over It Without Issue – Spectator

While you wait, here’s more evidence the thing isn’t a major concern. Read this! If so many people have the Coronavirus, then how come so many are not lying dead in the streets? It’s because the vast majority that do contract the illness get over it on their own with either minor symptoms or no symptoms. This is not the black death we’re dealing with.

Doing The (Simple) Italian Math – Ann Barnhardt

In Italy, the former world leader in COVID cases, more and more evidence emerges that, just like the other studies, show a familiar trend. Comparisons to different countries, which the Israeli doctor did, demonstrates that common colds like COVID spread irrespective of quarantines and that it is just as well to let them run their ordinary courses. Tony “Chicken Little” Fauci hasn’t been exactly honest with you. 

No Free Speech Or Common Sense In Amerika – Reason

One teenager did acquire the disease, or so her doctors suspected. Being a teen, she rapidly recovered without issue. However, being conscientious, she tried to warn others in her town and at her school. The evil school responded (typically) by illegally siccing the local stormtroopers on her. The local SS illegally threatened her with illegal arrest until she stopped trying to help others. Now, thank God (Who you’re not allowed to worship at present!), she’s at least suing the jackboots. When it’s finally time to send the kids back to government indoctrination camp, just don’t. THE LAWSUIT

Trump’s Three-Phase Plan To Stop Hysteria – AP

Orange man is in a tough spot, which his brand of prickly rhetoric may not help. On the one hand, there’s a cold bug going around and he has a failed monetary policy to cover up. On the other, a few people still want to try to live some semblance of ordinary American life. So, he’s cautiously rolling out a triple-threat option plan to ease us back to whatever is left in the wake of this vicious hoax. If Chicken Little is correct, then phase three will coincide with the return of the cold and another bout of terminal lunacy. Brace yourselves.

The Truth About Bailing Out An Economy – Yahoo!

Here’s a coy admission that the financial world is nothing but a flaming house of cards. All underlying fundamental measures of value having been eradicated by decades of fiat and debt, the only thing that keeps the Wall Street elites happy is the promise of a little more graft. Call it propping up or inflation – whatever, it’s not healthy but it’s all we have left. 

Smoke And Mirrors Drive Wall Street – CNBC

But, if you’re a major player – one of the few who has already reaped some of the E-Z cash from Congress and the Fed – then, you might still be making out okay in the stock market. See, all they had to do was debt spend Trillions and Trillions of dollars and the thing halfway returned to normal for the time being. Oh, yes, the rest of us will be on the hook for all the new debt per usual. But, isn’t that a small price, really the least we could do to keep a bunch of insane, wicked billionaires in caviar a little while longer?

Legacy Food Storage

Europeans Concerned About Medical Mark Of The Beast – France 24

One plan the elites have for the rest of us cattle is the idea of a domestic health passport – walking around papers if you will – or won’t. They want to certify us as common cold-resistant or recovered or something. There was mention made of the random number of “666.” Some people in France and other Euro nations are justifiably worried about what this means. Their leaders don’t seem to know or care. Do you?

Do People Tire Of House Arrest? – Politico

Dear God (shhhhhh!), let’s hope so. Many Americans, real Americans, are itching to get back to living out the credo of the “land of the free.” They protest in places like Michigan and Kentucky. A few locales and states are starting to listen, loosening restrictions or planning to soon do so. Here’s hoping that the theme spreads. No politician cares who you are as long as you wear the mask…

American Christians Driven Underground – LRC

Been to church lately? No, I know you have not, as going there is now illegal in America. Christianity is illegal in America. Got that? In other words, there is no America. They cannot – no matter how low they stoop – cannot defeat the Church nor the Almighty Lord behind It. But, for now, as long as we foolishly allow them to, they can keep us broken up and silenced. We’ve been through this before, in pagan Rome, in the communist Soviet Union, and the Nazified Third Reich. Let those comparisons sink in for a moment. Angry? Good. We may have to sneak around the catacombs for a while, but in the end, we will be victorious. Someone told us so.

The New Financial Feudalism – Paul Craig Roberts

What’s the grand aim of this hoax and hysteria? PCR thinks, with a high degree of convincing certitude, that the elites have us where they want us. They have stolen so much and made us so hopelessly dependent, that we largely resemble medieval serfs. However, if you recall from history, the ancient lords had a noble obligation to look after the peasants and their wellbeing. It was a mutually beneficial arrangement. We’ve lost that common reciprocation. Now, it’s time to lose the chains, the masks, and these useless elites.

Making The Most Of It – Organic Prepper

Terry Trehan writes of the importance of learning from our current predicament. Learn and improve your prepping efforts. Combat lethal boredom and apathy. Focus, as always, on the basics. And, make use of your superior senses. This was bad, but in a way it was just a hint of what can and likely will happen in the future. Be ready for it.

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