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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

The (Temporary) End Of Oil – Yahoo Finance

As I predicted, the erosion of demand for fuel is leading to a temporary shuttering of the oil industry and a coming gas shortage. At negative future prices and with no demand at the pump, there is no profit in producing or refining crude. Thus, they will stop the process. The one-dollar gas at the pump will jump – slightly… It won’t last – hopefully! – and things will return to normal. But, there may come a few days/weeks/months of aggravation. You’ve been warned.

It’s An Act Of God! – Reuters

You little people, along with AMC Theatres and The Cheesecake Factory, are having trouble paying the rent. As such, you could be evicted. So it is with Big Oil and their land leases. These seemingly require them to keep the oil flowing or else lose the leases. With demand cut off, production will stop – and the leases may become voidable. The State of Oklahoma is asking Orange Man to declare the shutdown an “Act of God” so as to trigger the force majeure clauses in the leases and stop potential Big Oil evictions. He’ll do something – Big Oil, unlike you, is too big to fail. Blaming God might affect the ability to blame China, though I’m sure they have a nice double standard around that. Either way or anyway, there’s going to be a gas shortage.

BUT! The Shortage Need Not Affect You, Preppers! You’ve Got:

Perrin’s Do-It-Yourself Home Gasoline Depot Project

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COVID-1984: They’re Spying On You – Reuters

In this time of (manufactured) crisis, the BIG TECH companies are there for each other – at your expense. They have many ways to keep tabs on you regardless of what apps you use. Now, the Fourth Reich is in on the action! Germany, which was heretofore concerned about privacy, now leaps into the fray by allowing your phones to spy on you. All to fight you know what. This is not limited to Europe. Do you value your privacy? If so, then,

Shield Your Smartphone! – EMF Academy

There are many devices and pouches available – for big money – that silence a phone’s transceiver abilities. But, you need not spend the big bucks. A trip to the dollar store will do. It turns out that a couple of sheets of plain aluminum foil will do the job. This link explains how to make a DIY Faraday Cage for your phone. Take it out when you need it; at all other times, keep it quiet. We can’t cage Big Tech and the governments, but we can block their spying.

Dying Can Kill You – Daily Star

Look out! If you get a terminal disease and die, you won’t live as long as you otherwise could have. This is news from the Star (a tabloid) and to English doctors. It’s more hype and hysteria around the … virus. Numbers can be looked at any way one can imagine. Sometimes it’s best to look at them with a grain of salt.

Legacy Food Storage

Just In Time For The Election… – The Hill

Con artistry isn’t just limited to medicine. Economists too, especially those working for a President, are prone to saying the silliest things. Lord Mnuchin (rhymes with “idiot”) says we’ll be fully recovered by November! Probably much sooner. Maybe even last week. There’s optimism. And then, there’s lying. 

But, Back To Medicine – RT

America has one of the best and the worst healthcare systems in the world. It’s first-rate, if one can afford it. 1,000 schemes and more to increase access have failed. The “virus” has made this more clear than ever. The solution, according to some, is socialized medicine. I’ll give them that this would work better than what we have now – for about a year or two. Then, in keeping with the Amerikan way, it would fall apart. A real solution would be to rid the sector of government and corporate control and just let it run. That won’t happen, because lies.

Ecologists Lie As Well – Guardian

All these liars! This one is telling if one has been paying attention. The globalist’s push for “climate change” fell flat. Nobody cared for global cooling and/or warming that never happened. So, now it’s the “virus.” And, if we don’t follow all the communist BS, then we’ll all die – which according to the other liars is happening anyway, but before November! These people…

God Sees Through It – Chuck Baldwin

America’s Liberty Pastor knows what’s going on and what the end result will be, as desired by the controlling left. They want to enslave us all. And, most people have been going right along – like cattle. Read what he says, think about it, and then hop out of the cattle chute. It only leads to a freedom slaughter. Get out!

Proof Positive From Big Tech – MSN / The Atlantic

Free speech has always been a specious charade. With the internet of things, it’s really a non-starter. It always has been. For a few years now, the techies have been censoring anyone to the right of Mao. With the virus, it’s much worse. We know that…


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They Saw The Southern Cross For The First Time – AP

Because of [current events] some Dutch high school students found themselves stranded on a sailboat in the Carribean. Not able to fly home as planned, they intrepidly braved the ocean and sailed back home. This is a great can-do positive story about overcoming the odds. Call them the “Dutch Prepper Crew!” PS: it was probably loads of fun too. When life gives you water, sail on it!

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