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Friday, April 3, 2020

200K Dead? And, When This DOES NOT Happen? – the AP

Or, 100,000. Maybe, it’s 240,000. They’re just making numbers up, based on statistical modeling software. Even if 200,000 die from Corona – or WITH Corona – that’s about as many people who die every year from preventable medical mistakes. Or, it’s about a third as many that die from preventable obesity-related illness. Will they ban doctors and sugar? Oops. Better stop giving them any ideas…

An Expert with Some Plausible Advice – Paul Craig Roberts’s Site

A European virologist, who presumably knows a thing or two about combating viral pandemics, notes what works and what does not work in the fight against the Corona Cold. He notices that similar, neighboring countries, with differing approaches, get different results. Maybe it’s why the US, with 330 million people, has more cases than China, which has over a billion people. Regardless of what the right thing to do is, you can count on “your” government in Washington to do the opposite.

Tax Day to Coincide with Peak Corona – Daily Mail

April 15th has long been a dread day of death and despair in the United States. It’s the symbolic day when millions bow down and fork over the cash to the Empire and the IRS. It’s symbolic because they take the money every day. (Yes. They have postponed filing this year and the agents have run for the hills). Now, experts predict this day will also bring the peak number of COVID deaths – over 2,000 – to the USA. Maybe ban April 15?

The Big Box Exceptions to the Hysteria – Eric Peters

So, Mr. Peters drives around, in defiance of The Coonman Northam, and notices that all these increasingly ridiculous restrictions on freedom are only enforced against Mom ‘n Pop shops. Meanwhile, the giant megastores, many of them, operate as usual. This epidemic will likely increase their profits, even as they violate the same rules everyone is supposed to follow. Interesting, isn’t it? Why are people putting up with such a double standard and when will they wake up?

Eric has other ideas too; watch this:

No Bodies Stacked Up at the Hospital – EPAutos (VIDEO)

What do Alabama and Massachusetts Have in Common? – Vice

Two states, many miles apart, and with different cultures, are setting a disturbing trend. They’re on the cutting edge of releasing otherwise confidential medical information about COVID patients. The details are turned over to the police, presumably for officer saaaaaaafety if emergency responders have to deal with an infected patient. This may be called for under the emergency. Or, it may be a gross violation of state and federal privacy laws. Either way, look for it to spread like a virus.

No Escape from Newark – Fox 5

Legacy Food Storage

Newark, New Jersey is like a smaller, more rundown version of New York City. They have an airport, rampant crime, and, now, orders forbidding people to even travel out of the town limits. Other NJ cities are joining this Soviet act. Back in the days when America and Newark were founded, this would not have been tolerated. Now, my bet is that it is welcomed, demanded even. Oh, their airport is called LIBERTY International. Ironic, no?

“They” Start to Admit Corona Didn’t Cause Depression – MSN

As I have stated and predicted from the beginning! Even as I suggested months and years ago! The COVID outbreak, real or contrived or in-between, is being used as a convenient cover for the pre-existing failings of the monetary and financial systems of the modern economy. Governments, individuals, banks, insurance companies, retailers, manufacturers, airlines, etc, etc, etc were in deep trouble BEFORE we’d ever heard of COVID-19. It’s the DEBT!!!! Stupid. Does this Chloroquine stuff work on usury?

Oh! NOW Censorship is Bad! – Protocol

So, as I used to document in the weekly FP news videos – remember those? – voice after voice after voice was silenced and censured on the new internet-based media. Well, so long as those voices were anywhere to the right of Joseph Stalin, they were silenced. (The loony left was always free to say anything, so long as it made little to no literal sense). But now, Democrat politicians find themselves in uncharted (for them) waters: they’re being banned from mentioning the COVID in campaign ads, while Orange Man rants away about it for six hours a day on TV. Now, all of a sudden, this is a ban on free speech and a real problem. Welcome to the club, losers! You made your bed; sorry you can lie in it. 

Got a Chicken? Back to Bartering – Bloomberg

If the economy completely implodes, as it may very well, then cash may become as useless as it was in Fort Repose, ala Alas, Babylon (great book!). If the power dies, then those Bitcoins, whatever they were supposed to be, will also be utterly useless. That would all mean bartering – trading goods for goods. Now might be a really good time to think about how you will continue doing business after The Day. Booze, tobacco, coffee, and bullets will always be popular. Some people, for whatever reason, obsess over toilet paper. Make a list. Stock up. 

In a Medical Crisis, They’re Cutting Medical Pay – ProPublica

This one should really make you think about the state of the world and the way we treat other people. There’s a pandemic. People are dying. Hospitals are overloaded. Doctors and nurses are working around the clock to prevent catastrophe. The hospitals and the medical industry are due some of that debt pork from the insane bailout bill. Yet and still, all the heartless corporations who administer HR services in the hospitals are suddenly cutting costs – by cutting medical personnel pay. Let that sink in. What a world.

It Just Does Not pay to be on a Big Ship – SF Chronicle

Also, here’s something to really think about. If you’re in the Navy, odds are you’re on or near a big ship. Everyone else has some wild dreams about taking a cruise. They all say it’s fun. As for me, I have never had the slightest desire to board any of the big, fun mega-ships – armed or Disney-fied. As big as they are, I imagine that, with all those thousands aboard, they get smaller by the minute. And, what if there’s an outbreak? Nowhere to run. Here’s another story, from an aircraft carrier, about real seasickness. Take a serious note if you’re planning a nautical holiday. It could be your last…

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