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Monday, June 8, 2020

Always Check The Math! Suspect company provides dubious research numbers used to hype COVID-19 severity and cast wrongful doubt on hydroxychloroquine treatment. Why? THE GUARDIAN

Three Leaks Sink Hype? It’s the Black Death, right? Or, could the virus have been way over-hyped? Here are three recent revelations that cast severe doubt on the narrative and redefine Corona as just another cold/flu bug. OFF-GUARDIAN

“James Bond” Says Bug Was Man Made. And, that it escaped containment in China. Read his theory about how this might have happened. It blows up the bat soup and seafood market malarkey. ZERO HEDGE

Bill Gates’s Mark Of The Beast. Micro-Man has a treat in store for us. His future COVID (or other) vaccine comes with a readable tattoo, like something from a Sci-Fi concentration camp. They say you can opt out. I say don’t ever go in. RICE BIOE

The Virus Did It! George Floyd, RIP, has had two autopsies performed lately. One says the police killed him; the other is probably a cover-up. But, wait! He also – like anyone else who dies these days – had the Corona. Of course… This stuff is getting transparent. DAILY STAR



Project Veritas Targets ANTIFA

Find out what the communists are up to, based on a daring infiltration!


The Collapse Is Upon Us. The Saker puts forth a credible argument that America’s better days are behind her and that we are now in the middle of the end stages. Is this our Decline and Fall? As always, read and decide for yourselves. UNZ REVIEW

What V Shape? Jim Cramer is alarmed at the seeming recovery of the DOW while regular Americans are in worse financial shape than ever. He sees this episode as the largest wealth transfer in history. The numbers are kind of hard to argue against. CNBC

About The May Jobs Numbers. They may have been faked, as many suspected. Learn about the little, tiny, insignificant “classification error” that may turn the report on its head. Know that this sort of mistake is more the rule than the exception. Stamford Advocate

Are The Riots The Work Of Soros? It could well be so. Old Georgie has been at the bottom of or very close to many nefarious episodes in recent history. Here’s a grand theory about how he’s trying to topple Trump and the US government using thugs as his foot soldiers. NEON REVOLT

Or, Is Trump Behind The Mayhem? The great Montana Pastor makes a good case that our President is complicit at best in the unraveling of America. Will he declare martial law in order to change things? CHUCK BALDWIN

Legacy Food Storage

The ALT-Internet. Dr. Mercola has some good advice for changing up our computing habits, especially when it comes to de-Googling ourselves. Read why and how. He provides a great alternative, steeped in privacy, for most major on-line activities. LRC

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