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Friday, April 17, 2020

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You Just Ask The Lonely – NY Post

Remember that Journey song from 1983? If so, congratulations. You’re old! And, possibly lonely too. All this Corona Mania social distance and solitary confinement have 40% of Americans feeling left out, down in the dumps, and hugless. Cheer up! We only have 300 more years of this craziness. The article has some great tips on what people are doing to maintain their emotional and physical health. So, chins up and masks on. See, it was on the soundtrack to some movie starring that disco guy…

Schools Out For Corona – Study Finds

Two and oh for musical headlines, this one coming from Alice Cooper. Eh. A new study found that online education was every bit as effective as traditional classroom instruction. This was based on college students in Russia who studied the vaunted STEM subject (that’s: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). America’s failed government schools have been obsessing about STEM – like we need a nation populated by engineers or something – since they left that child behind. Of course, now there is no public school, outside of computers. The hope is that our K-12 institutions can transition to the 21st Century now that Corona Mania has canceled the rest of the school year. History says they won’t. But, I’d bet the kids this year are learning about as much as they normally do not. And, there have been no school shootings. Oh, and no more teacher’s dirty looks. Schools out for Corona!

Don’t Want To Be An I-M-F Idiot – CNBC

A nod to Green Day, here. The IMF was created to end-around monetary requirements in member states and help mask inflation. It’s like the Bank for International Settlements – just as useless if better known and a little less powerful. In keeping with their trademark cluelessness, they’ve predicted that the global economy may (may) be in a severe recession this year. They also predicted that the Sun may have risen in the East today. You fund this insanity, by the way. Don’t want a nation under the new Corona media?

Laughing All The Way To The Bank (With Bezos) – Yahoo! News

Yes, there was a soundtrack to the Dukes of Hazzard and that line (minus Bezos) was Boss Hogg’s theme. You may be out of a job and your former employer shuttered because of Corona Fever. But, fear now! Big Boss Bezos just raked in another $24 Billion! He and his Amazon Empire may be the biggest single beneficiaries of the late stimulus boondoggle outside of the commercial banks. You see, you were just in the wrong line of work.

Bill Gates Is Desperate To Avoid Scrutiny – LRC

Sorry, I ran out of tunes. But, Boss Gates, founder of PC snake-oil company, Microsoft, will never run out of great ideas to “help” mankind. He just needs total up-front immunity to do so. Some of his previous projects have run into a few minor problems – namely, dead, maimed, or sterilized humans. I’m sure his latest plan for a global “vaccination” is benign, however. 

She’s Just a Devil Woman – Reclaim the Net

Found one! Thank you, Cliff Richard. There is something horribly wrong with those trying to pass themselves as “elite,” Microsoft – where have we heard of them? – just unveiled a new “mixed reality” device that probably needs 400 immediate post-purchase patches and upgrades. And to promote it, they hired America’s favorite Spirit Cooker, Marina “666” Abramović! Nothing to see, here, people. Literally so, as they yanked the Good Friday commercial following a massive backlash. Maybe we’re not too far gone if the people still roundly reject a witch selling fake reality AI tracking systems. Hope?

No More Folding Money – Bloomberg/Quint

Legacy Food Storage

I was going to quote a Steve Miller song, but I ran out of patience with myself. If the usual suspects get their way, then we will all be out of cash money soon. It’s a project they’ve been working on for years. Now, because Corona! The Pros: the elites will have total control of everything. Cons? You lose everything. Deal? Read carefully that section about negative interest rates and taxing your savings. Let this happen, and the banks WILL rob you. Go on, take the money run!

Pic. by Perrin

Big Banks Brace For Bad Loans – AP

The same banking companies that wouldn’t mind “taxing” your savings away are facing growing defaults on the bad loans they willingly made, with usury, under their own system of financial sorcery. I’d say cry me a river, but they, as we know, are Too Big To Fail. They claim they need to set aside $20 Billion to cover expected defaults. Of course, they just reaped Trillion$ from the Fed and Uncle Sam, so I’m a little confused as to what the issue is. Regardless, this and all else wrong in the economy will be passed along to the taxpayers – who are too small for the government to care about.

CARE Act 2?? – CBS 2, Pittsburgh

So, $2 Trillion in federal “stimulus” and Trillion$ more from the Fed just weren’t enough. Not to fear! Two dedicated Congressmen want to give every American over the age of 16 $2,000 per month – until Corona mania is over. Call me a cynic (or a sage) but this sounds and smells like universal basic income. By my calculations, this works out to $5 – 6 Trillion (extra) per year. What are we waiting for?!

Reopening The Corona Coordination Plans – Wall Street Journal

In response to a chest cold, all fifty states in America shut down. Now, that the economy has gone from bad to almost-totally dead, they want to reopen. Nice timing, governors! The Northeastern and Left Coast states are drawing up grand plans so as to synch their last-ditch efforts to avoid an economic dark age. What a balancing act – trying to preserve the tax revenues while simultaneously keeping the people in perpetual panic. Here’s to a fresh start for everyone someday. And, here’s to remembering who these nuts are, come the next election.

Do You Admit That? Zimmerman’s Lawsuits Steam Forward – American Thinker

Remember George Zimmerman? The guy who tried to protect his neighbors, almost got killed, and then was falsely charged with murder? He’s back in court, suing the fire out of the various liars who tried to destroy his life. They had no evidence, a fake star witness, and they knew the case was BS. Wrongful prosecution. Now, in the discovery phase, the real criminals are making some hard choices about answering basic questions regarding their conduct. If you carry a gun for self-defense, then this case highly affects you.

Common Sense Corona Advice – Paul Craig Roberts

Dr. Roberts (the economist) has some up-to-date advice from a medical doctor about beating the bug – with vitamins. Take a look. In addition to V and D (heavy doses), he has some recommendations for what to do and what not to do. This seems effective against any disease. Good news!

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