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Friday, May 1, 2020

It’s Mayday in America

Lies, Darned Lies, and Corona Stats – ABC News

If one looks at the CDC memos that advise hospitals and doctors to “code for Corona” even if no test was ever administered, then one might think the given number of cases and fatalities could be a little high. If you’re the MSM, bent on heating the hysteria, you might say it’s a little low. WHich is it? We’ll likely never know, this being a post-factual society. But, any claims from the establishment, that their own numbers are off, is a good indicator that they don’t know what they’re doing. That we do know.

Poll Finds Majority of Americans Uncomfortable With Life – PBS News

Many of us somewhat fondly remember the good old days from America’s past. Recall those? Like, back in January of this year? Back when people didn’t wear Halloween costumes and fist fight over toilet paper and when neighbors didn’t call the cops on neighbors for walking outside? Yeah, I know, ancient history. I hardly remember myself. And I’m the minority.

Most people … getting harder to call them “Americans,” isn’t it … want to ride it out longer for saaaaaaafety. 65% are okay with no work being done. 85% want the schools closed – not because they’re failing, but because of … the “virus.” And 91% still want to limit gatherings. How long will this go on? There will always be some who live in fear, all the time, and of everything. Luckily, unlike them forcing us to stay home, we won’t force them to go out.

(Another) Survey Says: Mo Money! – CNBC

Those silly central banking criminals are at it again! According to them, while 80% forego dining out and 65% stay off the job, the banksters want another $5.4 Trillion Dollars in stimulus funny money. That’s on top of the … how many Trillion$ already printed this year and the Trillion$ given the commercial banks last year. Sadly, $5,400,000,000,000 isn’t what it used to be. By the end of the summer, they’ll be “polling” for more.
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Odds are, they’ll get it. Your kids will get the bill.

Retail First Responders to Strike – The (US) Sun

Got your shopping done? Good, because today is the day that many Walmart, Amazon, Whole Foods, and other retail workers are walking off the job in protest of what they say are unfair and unsafe working conditions. Five years ago, I would have called them names for it. Now, I’m tempted to go on a picket with them. The giant stores, allowed to stay open while your little shop was closed, must have been raking in the cash. The people working there, often for low pay, are really on the front lines of this pandemic. Value their health and spread the wealth. (Yes, I realize this sounds Jesse Jackson-esque. Yikes!)

Trump Declares War On Meat Shortage – MSN

As reported this week, we’re facing a food crisis in America. Processing plants, farmers, and more are finding it difficult or impossible to operate in the “new normal.” They’re closing and leaving the bacon case a little bare. To solve this, Orange Man is using the Defense Production Act to order food makers to keep making. No word on whether this requires the Army Corps to implement.

Hot Sales, Cold Customers – CBS News

Don’t go shopping after you workout. Any temperature over 100 degrees will be seen as proof positive that you have the CoronaCold. Stores and businesses are checking, using thermal cameras and FLIR (Amazon gets theirs from China…). Trigger the heat level and you’ll be asked to leave, possibly stoned or burned (next). Ah, the new normal, where utter insanity reigns. I’d say I object to this kind of intrusion, but I’m running out of places and things to protest.

Snitches Get Stitches – KSDK5

Legacy Food Storage

The Cajuns are ragun about a backfire in a Corona Mania tipline. People were encouraged to call the authorities on their neighbors – just like in the USSR or East Germany – over things like walking outside or laughing at Halloween masks. It was supposed to be anonymous. It wasn’t and hundreds of busibodies are now exposed for what they are. They used to call this poetic justice.

Did You Know That Barnes And Noble Is Still In Business? – Goodereader

In this age of post-literacy, I was surprised too. But, the few stores they still have (for now) have stopped carrying new magazines. Some say it’s for now only, to be lifted whenever the majority of people decide it’s saaaaafe to venture outside. I give them three years tops before they go the way of Borders. No word on whether they’ll e-ray you or anything if they allow you to buy any magazines before they file for Chapter 11. (Atlanta residents: remember that? Chapter 11 Books filed for Chapter 11??)

The Federal Reserve Will Not Be Hamstrung – Yahoo!

It seems that with one of the recent stimulus giveaways, the law was changed to allegedly limit Fed lending to American companies with a substantial American presence. Now, nobody knows what that means. Many of “our” companies are really international in nature. Rest assured, however, that Big Business will not be left off the gravy train. What’s the alternative? Give the money to us? No. If the law was a mistake, then they’ll either change it or break it. That’s one benefit of owning Congress.

Big Tech Threatens Government? – RT

Until recently, governments the world over were becoming mildly concerned that the giant tech monopolies were becoming too powerful. Corona has slowed the responses but the concerns remain. Some of these companies have the money power of smaller nations and they use it sometimes at our expense. As with the banks – nobody cares about us. But, if the nerds do overstep against governments with militaries, then they will discover the difference between influence and power. Don’t worry, you’ll be spied upon either way.

US Imperial Power Erodes – Asia Times

Don’t look for this one in the US media, but the Pentagon is quietly shrinking its global strike presence. They just started moving heavy bombers out of Guam. And there’s talk about limiting or retooling the Navy, possibly to move away from carriers. Why? China. The world is rapidly changing and America may finally have to go back to minding her own business. This is actually a good thing. Hence, you didn’t hear about it from CNNBCBSFOXNYT.

The Left’s Agendas Accelerate Under COVID-19 – LRC

These people never give up and they never back down. They will use this or any other crisis to their advantage. Read, here, about some of the insane plans that the other side is still pushing. They want to break up or control our families, our nations, and our lives. I say this is the real pandemic – a not-so-invisible enemy in action.

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