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Monday, June 1, 2020

And just like that – we moved on from the pandemic...

Well, let’s just see about the state of things, before we do the news. The riots and general lawlessness have absolutely nothing to do with George Floyd, justice, MLB, the “Boogaloos,” or any of the other nonsense. They represent the utter breakdown of societal fabric. People are being killed and hurt. Cities burn to the ground. Camera crews are arrested or pepper-bulleted. The White House was locked down and the Orange Man inside has prepped Army soldiers for deployment. 

There are so many lessons to learn. You’ll get many of them, most Americans probably won’t. This was predicted by many, to include your semi-esteemed hosts here at Freedom Prepper. THIS IS CIVIL UNREST! And a preview of something worse. And there will be more. These episodes, as bad as they are, will fade from memory when the summer heat cranks up, when the players hit the field again, or when that planned second wave hits. But remember that this is what simmers just beneath the surface of our deeply fractured and unwell country. This is why many people are preppers. They not only want to survive the temporary mayhem, but many are fond of the idea of civilization living longer than they will. They, we have some work to do.


Some Updates – CNN

Yeah, it’s CNN, so… Of course, the “fake news” has been hit hard by the real news lately, with their crews canned by the cops and their hollow shell of a former HQ torn up by the mindless mob. Check the news, here, there, or somewhere – just check it. And, by the way, there are all kinds of weird things happening and more than a little typical misinformation floating around. Double check and trust your instincts.

The CNN Arrests – RT

Here’s a link to the arrests with a video of the strange incident. Poke around elsewhere and you’ll see a local news crew hot with pepper rounds and chased away. It’s so very odd that the police use force against the free press (and CNN) and yet almost coddle violent criminals. Just saying…

The Failed Experiment – Real Clear Politics

I don’t always agree with what Cornel West says, but it is hard to argue with his conclusion that America is a failure. Pandemic. Suspension of civil liberties and ordinary life. Economic depression. War-like riots. What’s next? We’d rather not answer that.

Looting and Shooting – Daily Mail

The Mail generally has heavy, if ad-filled, coverage of top stories – usually better coverage than American sources about American stories. They tend to update well. Check with them in addition to CNN or whoever. Pick pretty much any US city for the news – or, just look out a window.

This Will Spread – Summit News

A loudmouth at one of the “protests” averred that the “protesters” were about to bring their antics out of the central cities and into the suburbs. First, I’d like to commend him for remembering to wear his mask. (We’re all in this together!) Second, I’d like to see a little more social distance between him and the reporter – we’ll blame the reporter for that. Third, while he, specifically, is full of it, in general, he may have a valid predictive point. If you’re near any major city (which isn’t very wise to begin with), then this would be an excellent time to arm up like these next guys:

Legacy Food Storage

’Heavily Armed Rednecks’ – Daily Caller

Minneapolis: When your city is burning, when your mayor is an idiot con artist, when the police abandon their precinct, and when the National Guard is absent, there’s one thing to do: get a couple of burly men with ARs out. Something tells me the tobacco shop behind these guys was not torched. 

Send In The Army? – Yahoo! (Not Minneapolis’s Mayor…)

It takes a lot to put the military into civilian duty. Well, actually it doesn’t, but the usage has been sparse for many years. Now, the Trumpster may indeed have to deploy federal forces – assuming that they are prepared to do something. Any police force or “heavily armed rednecks” would do, if they WOULD DO and not stand by or run away. By press time, we could have tanks on the streets.

Could This Be A Globalist Agenda? – Chuck Baldwin

Something to do with George “Nazi Enabler” Soros would make more sense than much of the shifting official stories and excuses. Rev. Baldwin is, here, concerned that President Trump is not a Russia agent, so much as an agent of the Globos. I figure putting soldiers on the streets won’t help change his mind.

Who Was That Masked Mouse? – The Sun

Sorry, I’m not talking about Jacob Frey. This is about the Devil Mouse and Disney World in Orlando. They’re reopening and they’ll have happy, helpful squads wandering around and menacing people into fear masks. I last set foot in the Tragic Mousedom about twenty years ago. I’d like to extend my absence permanently.

Businesses To Support – LMT Online

In a few sane corners of the country, brave shop-keepers have opened the doors and some will not tolerate the fear masks that Disney insists on. It has something to do with, what’s that word? Starts with “F” and ends in “reedom.” Read their reasoning. Unlike the mouse, these people just want to provide services and make money – not control and sicken people. Support?

Prepping On Social Security? – Market Watch

Key inflation index prices have fallen due to the pand…., er, the decline. So, the calculations for Social Security payments for next year could actually drop, meaning a possible cut in the checks. Retirement-age folks are a huge voting block and as the government is just printing magic money out of thin digital air, I don’t see that happening. Just keep an eye on it.

Patriots Send Fear Police Packing (VIDEO) – Ron Paul Institute

Here’s a victory for homeschoolers, liberty, the playground, and general happiness. And it happened in Dr. Paul’s town. Some moms and kids successfully fended off police state attempts to suppress freedom. Watch them win! And they did it without burning anything. Maximum win!

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