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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Riot Survival Guide – Organic Prepper

Daisy put together another excellent article on how to make it through the insane times like we’re in right now. It’s no longer a hypothetical “if, then,” it’s right now and everywhere – with more to come. This is really the same information she, we, and many others have been putting out for years. But everyone benefits from a refresher. Here’s yours: spot the patterns, pay attention, don’t be there, and if you are, etc.

Truth Instead Of Identity Politics – Paul Craig Roberts

There most certainly is a racial or identitarian component to the madness in our cities. But Dr. Roberts again does a great job with the whole, if elusive, picture. He’s right about a few things. More whites are victims of police overstep, but they tend to say little and keep supporting the police. Blacks see things differently. If only everyone could see the truth. “If only” is a mighty big thing to seek.

Shocked, Shocked, I Tell Ya – AP

Globalist-fueled demographic transformation-wise, Europe is today about where America was in 1950. Many (maybe) most Euros are awake now and demanding a reversal. Yet, many more are still under the wizards’ spell. The latter group sent members to chant or parrot protest slogans about what’s going on in the States – what they claim they don’t understand even as they rush to create the same scenarios in their countries. One notes that they do nothing of the kind in central and eastern European countries which never fell for the Big Globo lies. Lessons to learn on both sides of the pond.

PS: China scored some rhetorical political points based on a comparison while Iran conflated some definitions of diversity; our political leaders, being beyond stupid, do not know what to make of the remarks.

The Heat At 1600 – VOA

You might have heard (maybe even seen) the violence going nationwide. That includes the nation’s capital, with riots around the corner from the White House. 1600 has been locked down several times now as “protesters” push boundaries and their luck. Note to rioters: the White House is the one place that will be defended to the last. Find out at your own risk. 

Don’t Bring A Sword To A Rock Fight – Daily Mail

Pick your battles and choose your weapons wisely. There’s a video in this one of a man, allegedly defending a shop in Texas from the mob – using a short sword of some kind. Bad idea. They beat him down and almost killed him. Note to liberals: I did not see any highly-visible “white supremacists” in this attack. Did I miss something? In situations like that one, when you’re alone and must confront a larger, violent force, one of those awful, high-capacity firearms is the way to go. Or, a large truck:

Don’t Bring A Low IQ To A Semi Fight – KMOV 4

Remember Mr. Reginald Denny from the 1992 riots in LA? A FedEx trucker did. When he was, as Denny was before, attacked by a deranged mob of violent heathens, he did what any reasonable man in a huge truck surrounded by savages would do: he just drove away. Note to rioters: DO NOT get in the way of a huge truck unless you want to resemble a pancake.

The Intersection Of All Our Horrors And Fears – Washington Times

Legacy Food Storage

What’s worse than wide-spread rioting? That’s right, rioting during a pandemic. What’s worse than riots in a pandemic? That’s right the same without social-distancing! Kudos to most involved – you’re mostly wearing the masks… But, all that closeness might spark the dreaded second wave. What’s worse than listening to Dr. Fauci babble for months again? Yep, hearing it after you burned down your local Arby’s. 

Oh, Wait, Here’s The Real Pandemic – Daily Mail

Move over, Dr. Chicken Little! Your feathered friends back in the coop have something much worse in store for us. Read all about the (HIGHLY speculative) next killer virus. The one that (somehow) threatens to wipe out half of humanity. It is possible, but then again, so is some kind of asteroid event that takes out 100%. And, from chickens?

Price Of Chicken Already Rising – AP

Most meats and many other food items have seen their prices jump more than at any time in recorded history, an anomaly in our otherwise deflationary depression – NOT GOOD. When people are out of work and the rest are being paid less, a rise in the cost of eating – which someone told me was important – is a big deal. Hopefully this will improve before idiots start burning down and looting grocery stores…

If You Like Your Mask… – Yahoo!

It’s hard to remember such a long time ago as December of 2019, but things were much different back then. (Gawd, I sound like a Boomer). Back then, when I was a kid and all, only bank robbers and Mexican wrestlers wore masks. Now, thanks to lies, Chicken Little, and some celebrities, the face coverings – like training burkas – are the thing. Some say they’re here to stay. I say make up your own mind, just stop pushing it all on me. 

PS: Anything endorsed by a politician or an actor should automatically be suspect.

Down With Religious Liberty! – Politico

Any legal opinion from John Roberts should be looked upon with suspicion too. “Our” chief judge sees nothing wrong with stomping on the First Amendment as applied to Christians. Remember when Bush foisted this “conservative” on us?? Tis to laugh…

Flight Of The Dragon (VIDEO) – SpaceX/NASA

This has nothing to do with prepping other than as relief from the craziness and a reminder that we can achieve great things if we retain a little civilization and technology. Here’s to the world’s first private passenger space flight! If you missed the live stream, this is a good (if long) recap. 

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