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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

The Great American Interactive Riot Map!

Because the virus map was getting old. Hopefully, you’ll never need to consult this. Hopefully it will be obsolete by the end of this week. But it is useful as one can see where the action is via all the little icons. And, hopefully again, new icons of little B-52s or mushroom clouds won’t appear. Some of you are better off than others. But, rest assured our dear leader is safe to Tweet away, behind hundreds of heavily-armed troops and in a nuclear bomb-proof bunker.

Orange Man’s Bunker – MSN/Bloomberg

Yes, when the heat is on, the Tweet is on. And where better to Tweet thee from than the comforts of a fallout shelter five stories under your own personal fortress. Let the city burn, churches and all, while you stoke the fires of idiocy with your electronic verbal flatulence. We should have thought of an option like this for ourselves! At least we get to pay for Trump’s model. 

Paging Orange Man – Unz

Pat Buchanan speaks for millions when he asks where the president some voted for is today. Yeah. Where is he? Oh, he’s hiding in the basement, not wanting to be outdone by Creepy Sleepy Joey B. I didn’t vote for the man, being leery of him specifically and shunning fairy tales in general. But, I did try to give him the benefit of the doubt. He did talk much of the talk. Tweet, rather. And it was all only Tweets. Y’all, I hate to say, been had again.

Rome Burns While Trump Tweets – AP Photos

Take a good, long look at all of these excellent, copyright-protected photographs of some sad third-world country in the middle of a civil war. Oh, wait … yeah, that’s us. My bad. Fire, vandalism, violence, despair, signs held upside down. These are but the tip of the dystopian iceberg. It almost makes one pine for the days of the pandemic, no?

Be Part Of The Action! – Democrat & Chronicle

Just step outside and you can become one with those lovely pictures of hell. A woman heard the sounds of vibrant “protest” outside her home and wandered out. She expressed mild reservation with the “protesters’” tactics. They beat the mess out of her. Now, fully bewildered, she asks, “why?” Yes, a great mystery and the question of our fallen times. CARRY A GUN!

Live Fire Stops “Protesters” – FOX 5

Some thugs in Louisville, like those in Rochester, thought it would be droll to serenade their fellow men with a little live gunfire. Unfortunately, they targeted the National Guard, who returned fire, killing one man. Everyone else played dumb and faked outrage – but they ceased shooting. Many years ago, when America was a real nation, rioters and looters were, as a matter of course, shot dead. Back then, we had few riots and those being of limited duration. Ha! Ha! There is no lesson to learn here…

The Mentally Ill Nation Squeaks – AP

They used to shoot down looters. Now, a little pepper spray or a cuss word is more than soft Amerikans can endure. Hint: if you don’t want the police or soldiers to use force, even a little, then don’t riot. Preppers, please keep prepping. These wusses will have heart attacks when the tanks hit the streets. We need to be ready and, ideally, as far away from the streets as possible.

Legacy Food Storage

Literally Throwing Gas On The Fire – NY Daily News

The paperwork American dream: go to an Ivy league law school; work at a major law firm in the exciting city; throw Molotov cocktail into a police car; go to jail. So, the thing failed to ignite – Soros may not be sending his best – but the (rather pretty behind the terror mask) young attorney now faces terrorism charges. Maybe they can have a riot in her honor?

When And How This Really Started – Vox Day

It’s not about George Floyd, BLM, or “justice.” It’s about the terminal transformation of America the Beautiful into the United States of Babel. Vox has been on this for years. Today, it’s nearly impossible to argue that he’s wrong. The good news is that the fires will eventually burn away all of the corruption and evil. Hope eternal.

How The CIA Runs America – The Intercept

Whose idea was it to create an unaccountable secret police force with a nearly unlimited budget for destruction? They started out by destabilizing foreign countries. When that got boring, they turned their psy-ops, lies, direct action, and spying on us. Read about a little of the impact this has played in our public affairs in the past few years. Be angry.

Goodbye Cash? – MSN

One of the next big steps the global satanists want us to take, down the road to serfdom, is the elimination of cash. They were selling it as safe and convenient – all your money on a card or a chip in the hand! Now, it’s a way to defeat the dread, if horribly, ineffective virus. Give up cash, and you give up freedom. If it’s not physically in your possession, then it’s not yours. It’s theirs.

Venezuela – Bribes At The Gas Pump – Bloomberg

Another example of how socialism works from South America. To buy gas in Caracas, one has to pay a $100 bribe. Then, one still has to buy the gas. In a way, it’s just a tax. So, I imagine that the useless John Roberts would approve of this scheme. Do you? It might be closer than you realize.

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