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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

The Television is Watching You

Kalee Brown

US Leaving Afghan War for China Conflict?


C-Virus Uncovers Instability in Global Markets

Wall Street Journal

The Manufacturing Collapse


Less Than 100 US Cases and Mighty CDC “Struggles”


Crime Pays (For a While): Epsteins’s Estate


FBI, Dems, and GOP Push Bill to Make You a “Domestic Terrorist”

Legacy Food Storage

The Hill

Track That Bill – Before They Come Get You…

“Your” Congress

Southerns Not Welcome in Imperial Marine Corps (Much like 1861)

JD News

Italian Regions Locking Down (A Preview?)

Corriere Della Sera

In CDC We Don’t Trust

Daisy Luther

Supply and Food Stretching During Quarantine Times

Backdoor Survival

The Running Totals

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