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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

COVID-Friendly EDC Bag (VIDEO) – Survival Lilly

Lilly shows off her latest bug-out / get home bag, new and improved for 2020. That means that, yes, it carries an N-95 mask, which could come in handy in a variety of situations. There’s also the usual: gloves, compass, multi-tool, H2O, etc. She shares and demonstrates the importance of a proper fit or wearing – for comfort and utility. What’s in your bag?

Prepper Adaptability – Organic Prepper

Mrs. Luther writes about the importance of being able to shake it up as needed, for general preparedness, survival, and for life. She cautions against falling into old, worn habits, re-orienting as things change, putting together new supplies and the need to do all of this FAST. Plus, you’ll hear about her trip to Europe!

Phasing Back To “Normal” – Bloom and Doom

Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy have a great, short summary of what’s being done, at all levels, to prepare for moving on from the late strangeness and getting back to business as unusual. In addition to covering Trump’s three big phases, they discuss what the several States are doing. Most importantly, they have suggestions about what we, the people, should do. Please also browse around their excellent site for more pandemic news and all things health and medicine.

Chinese Doctor: Ready For Round Two? – Asia Times

China may not be, as the doctor points out that general immunity just hasn’t developed that well during these past five months. That means, come the next cold season, the bug will likely return. Zhong Nanshan isn’t just any doctor, he has decades of pandemic experience. Those of us outside China should heed this warning and start preparing for the future today while we have time. See again, Doc Bones’s personal health recommendations.

Whatever You Do, Don’t Necessarily Hope For A Vaccine – Dean Arnold

They can be great when they work, once they’ve been sufficiently tested and designed (we’re a while away from a CoronaCold vaccine, BTW). But, when they’re “experimental,” they can pose worse problems than the diseases they’re supposed to fight. Read here about a certain trial in Africa, run by a certain American tech billionaire. Yes, the same guy did the same thing in India. And, wouldn’t you know it, when things went south, he pandered, deflected, and “oops” his way out of responsibility. I add this one because the same guy is backing the coming CoronaCold vaccine – or what purports to be one.

Italians Accuse the Same Billionaire of Crimes Against Humanity – Ann Barnhardt

Not random Italians, but legislators. They point out the inconvenient fact that Bill Gates has been a party to pandemic and vaccine pushes for years, always popping up at what almost seem like manufactured times, offering to “help.” For his trouble, they recommend he be arrested and prosecuted. 

Vaccine Vultures Circle – Wall Street Journal

On the one hand, we’re told that a COVID vaccine will be years away. On the other, the government and the usual corporate suspects are lining up for contracts to deliver millions – hundreds of millions – of doses. That should not compute. Read the list and take note. When or if, 20 years from now, we learn that some of the companies might have, well, been behind something or another, we shouldn’t be all that surprised. Follow the (tax and debt) money.

Legacy Food Storage

Bread Lines In Wealthy America – DISRN

Just the other month we were told that America’s economy was the strongest the world had ever seen. Something didn’t seem right about the notion, the boast. Now, with a few months of lockdown hysteria, it has all vanished. Catholic Charities in Metro DC can barely keep up with the demand for free food in Montgomery County, MD, which has – or had – a median household income just under $100K. What does that tell us? And, if that happens in a top 20 richest county, how are the lower ranks doing? Not too well.

Too Big Not To Bailout – Unz Review

Michael Hudson has some shocking information, well presented, about just who is getting the bulk of all the Trillion$ being doled out in the name of relief and stimulus. The liars said the (debt) money was for little people. If so, then why are the usual suspects at mega-companies and banks (always the banks…) at the head of the line? Read and decide for yourself. My guess is that it has something to do with massive corruption.

German People Pushed To The Brink – Daily Mail

This century, the Germans have put up with a lot. Their government sold them out to the EU and the globalists behind it. Their banks robbed them. And their wonderful elites pushed them aside to make way for “refugees,” who sometimes turn out to be terrorists. Now, the hysteria and lockdown may have broken the collective back of a nation. These people – like many elsewhere – are angry and out demonstrating. If Herr Merkle is dismissed from power, so much the better. Germany could be headed the BREXIT way. Hope rises in the Rhineland.

Tech Watch: Too Much Screen Time – Study Finds

Read this one and the last blurb and then get off the screen! You, like many modern adults, run the risk of spending some 34 years staring at one screen or another – TVs, phones, computers. That’s something like a half or a third of a lifetime. Don’t we have better things to do? Sadly, many do not, now spending a staggering 13 hours each day plugged into some media outlet. It’s your life: do, don’t watch.

Sports Desk: MLB With A (Sad) Twist – Yahoo! Sports

Baseball may be back! At least for a shortened season and probably without fans in the stands. But there will be promised changes – if owners have their way. Gone shall be the tobacco, sunflower seeds, high-fives, and other things that once made the game fun. In their place, we’ll see – from the great distance of TeeVee (one of those screens…) – hand sanitizing, twice per inning!!! I can’t wait… This does all raise the question as to whether tagging a runner out can be accomplished under CDC anti-social distancing guidelines. And, is the batter’s box big enough for six feet of safety in all directions? Can baseballs test positive? Will a mascot’s costume suffice for a mask? We’re (hopefully) about to find out.

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