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Monday, May 4, 2020

We All Have To Make Sacrifices – News Channel 5

Except for the government, that is. In a time when Americans suddenly have less of everything – jobs, money, and freedom – Nashville’s Mayor, John Cooper wants to hike property taxes by 32%. That’s in order to cover a half-billion dollar shortfall brewing in the city’s 2021 budget. You lost your job and have no money – but be prepared to pay more for those “essential” city services. Some boast that Nashville would still have one of the lowest city rates in Tennessee. Cold comfort while you decide whether to pay or to eat. Maybe the government should cut back like everyone else.

Code For Corona Ca$h – Project Veritas (VIDEO)

Watch this one! Once again PV exposes more of the corruption that has become more American than apple pie. Now, in order to satisfy the CDC and rake in more federal funny money, NYC funeral homes admit that the deceased are being labeled as “Corona victims” whether they are or not. “All the death certificates!” And this is happening while some are questioning the numbers out of China. Why does anyone trust anything from the government, big business, and big media anymore?

It Was Always The Debt – Paul Craig Roberts

Dr. Roberts correctly connects the dots of this depression. Just before 2020, 40% of Americans were in terrible financial condition and debts, government, corporate, and personal, were out of control. A correction was inevitable. And then, along came the COVID-Hoax, a most convenient excuse! The elites who wrecked the nation are counting on panic and forgetfulness to let them off the hook for their betrayals. Odds are they will escape.

Not Tying The Knot – Wall Street Journal

Nothing is the same in America. It’s less like another country and more like a different planet. Now, the WSJ reports that marriage rates are at all time lows. The trends have been getting worse for decades, but now, with the CoronaCold and misassociated economic collapse, it’s terminal. Married couples are a bedrock of civilized society. We are in dire risk of losing that. It’s not just that weddings and parties are (illegally) banned right now – which is plenty bad enough. There’s something else – young people are forsaking love and married life in order to live as debt slaves to masters who hate them. It’s like a plan being executed. A people too.

The Bowties Twist – CNN

Boo hoo. The GOP is afraid of losing the Senate, maybe more. What do they, the loser party, expect, other than to lose. It’s in their name! What does it matter anymore if the Democrats control anything? The Republican’ts have bent over backwards and given us more socialism and more debt and totalitarianism than ever before in history. The federal debt may exceed $30 Trillion this year! That’s on the GOP and Trump – the, you know, “conservatives.” Seems that they conserved nothing, except contempt.

“Life” After The Lockdown – Medical Express

If you like your mask, you can keep your mask. In fact, it may be mandatory attire. If you wear one along with an air-supplied NBC suit and you decontaminate before you take it off, then it’s effective. If not, it’s beyond silly. But, everywhere I go, I see the masks of fear. Odds are that these things – maybe worse – will be with us for years to come. From locked down to cracked up. ‘Murica.

Is There Still An America? – The Hill

Can we still call this place by the same name as the country that fought off the British, split the atom, and flew to the moon? It’s a different place. Kristin Tate, a “libertarian,” is trying to be optimistic. But she’s confining herself to the paradigm of the “pandemic,” which is self-defeating. If we can’t get over the idea of the cold causing our problems and address the root issues, then there’s no going back to sanity anytime soon.

Legacy Food Storage

What If This Thing Lasts For Years? – Yahoo!

Imagine 2024 dawning and things are still in crazy mode. As places like Georgia bravely try to move forward, some are determined to live in fear and a perpetual state of shock and unreality. If they do, that’s their business. It’s their forcing it on the rest of us that should worry normal people. And again, all of this virus talk only masks (pun) the real problems. Those will stay with us until 2024 and beyond if they’re not dealt with.

When Criminal Justice Is Criminal Itself – RT

The complete railroading of General Flynn that we’re now learning about is nothing new or unusual. In fact, it’s a standard case as far as the FBI and modern “justice” in America goes. Soviet show trials had more integrity. And, if this can happen to a powerful man working for the President, then it can (and does) happen to anyone. All credibility has left the DOJ. A reversal or a pardon won’t be enough to restore anything. This isn’t new though it’s become all too normal.

Corruption By Simple Tweet – BuzzFeed

Orange Man communicates through eight-hour press conferences and constant Tweeting. He ranted about needing factories to make ventilators. A man named Yaron Oren-Pines (literally, “Full of Joy, Pine tree-Pine!”) answered with a two-sentence Tweet of his own. He said he could make the equipment immediately. In response, they gave him $69 Million in fake stimulus money! The result – nothing, except that he has the money! Brilliant. If you, like me, have ever written to Orange Man, and received no reply, then you know how this feels. 

Car Sales Collapse – Edmunds

Good news, great news, if you’re looking to buy a new bug out truck! The current panic and depression has killed auto sales nationwide. The car companies report that sales in April are down 40-60% from last year. Let this happen a few more times and we won’t have car companies. That’s the bad news, especially if you work for them. But, right now and in the near future, look for sales like we’ve never seen. Of course, if there’s no gas and you don’t have any money, then it’s all…

The Best News Of The Year – NBC “News”

While many Americans sit at home wearing masks, other men are taking guns and storming statehouses! A quote from a scared state senator in MI: “Directly above me, men with rifles yelling at us.” Every politician in the country should experience the same thing. In fact, if we rewrote the Constitution we might include a caveat that officials can only meet when covered by rifle-toting men who yell at them. Keep them honest – for once. Go Michigan. Sic Semper Tyrannis!

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