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Friday, May 8, 2020

Military Closes Blast Doors On Virus – The Hour

The Pentagon, as might be expected, isn’t publishing the total effect of the virus pandemic on its readiness. But, they are taking precautions. Critical mission commands moved into hardened, sealed bunkers back in February. Today, as in the Cold War, NORAD operates from deep within Cheyenne Mountain, a facility built to withstand a nuclear bombing attack. It’s nice that they planned ahead for the worst case, but the greatest lesson for preppers is the planning ahead. You might not need, nor be able to afford, the military’s level of readiness. But, you can do what you can do. If you haven’t already, then now’s the time.

Doctors Warn Of 5G Risks – Electrosmog Appeal Belgium

Hundreds of European healthcare workers have signed onto a letter, to whomever would consider it, raising awareness about the potential problems posed by 5G wireless technology. This PDF report is in French. If you don’t read that, then Google “French to English.” Cut and paste the selection into the French box (on the left) and then read it in English on the right. Some words and phrases may be lost in translation.

What it says in a nutshell is that little real testing has been done on the safety of the new transmission systems. That, and that the companies rolling this stuff out may be concealing some problems. Contrary to what some (paid) experts are saying, there is at least nominal evidence that 5G poses illness-related issues to humans. Nonetheless, even during a pandemic, the tech has slowly come forth in more and more areas. We need to know the whole truth for once.

Good News! More Guns In America – Breitbart

In April, a record of nearly 3 million background checks, associated with firearms purchases, were run through the NICS system. At a time when domestic tyranny grows and grows and then grows some more, at least the people continue to be heavily armed. The bad news is: why, again, must we submit to “checks” in order to exercise a natural right?

Paging Doctor Daniel: Marine Saves Freedom (VIDEO) – The Scoop/YT

People in Gavin Newsome’s Worker’s Paradise are getting sick of being treated like prisoners. They showed up in Sacramento to tell the Governor that. And he sent a legion of riot police to stop them. Then, a man with a megaphone started talking. He started asking about things like lawful orders. He shamed the cops. Amazingly, they turned around and left. Freedom in America isn’t quite dead yet.

The “Stars” Also Have A Message – Yahoo!

While many want to live free again, many types of celebrity trash are taking a moment to tell the rest of us why we need to abandon civilization. They use slightly different terms, of course. But, these mentally-ill and morally-compromised people just keep pounding away. It’s not the pandemic, it’s climate change! And, as always, the answer is more communism. I don’t like their script and I won’t watch their movie.

The Great California Bailout – Wall Street Journal

Now that Governor Newsome has everyone under house arrest, unemployment in his state has reached the point where only federal funny money can save it from bankruptcy. This won’t be the first state to take your taxes to prop up their programs. And if they’re not lucky, it won’t save them from anything either. CA isn’t the only target of the insane spending spree.

“Stimulus” Without End – WSJ

Legacy Food Storage

If it was just the California bailout, maybe we could live with it. Instead, we’re going to have to live with Trillions and Trillions of dollars of more debt, thanks to the stupidity of our government and its bankster overlords. The Treasury and the Fed are printing enough money to fill the ocean. 2020 could be the year (the first one) with a $10 Trillion annual deficit. There is no borrowing to prosperity. It only leads to ruin. 

Record Consumer Debts, Too – CNBC

Not content to leave debt slavery to the elites, millions of Americans are taking out loan after loan. Consumer debts in the US now exceed $14 Trillion. That’s probably going to get worse. Amazingly, credit card balances went down just a little. Everything else soared. Maybe it’s all the debt dollars that are keeping housing prices high when nobody should be able to afford a house.

Housing Prices Rise During Deflationary Uncertainty – WSJ

I have to hand it to the money masters: they really are geniuses. In a period of deflation, prices are supposed to go down. Yet, by pumping in so much new fake cash, they’ve managed to keep the prices of new homes higher than ever. The mystery is resolved if one considers that, by using all that new consumer debt, the people – overwise broke – can still afford to buy. Thus, the prices do not fall because the demand is still there. (The curve thing). This starts to look like a bubble forming within a bubble. October? Does that sound right for a housing crash?

See Through The Panic – Edward Pentin

A Catholic academic using ancient wisdom in order to expose and question the lies that are constantly thrown at us in the modern world. This is nothing new, so it makes sense that an intelligent person, using logic, can make sense of the senseless. Using the pandemic hype as a reference, John Rao makes simple philosophical observations. If “they” can’t explain the panic they push, then they are the panic. Know it. Call it out. Avoid it.

Beware The False Prophets – Becky Akers/LRC

Along more evangelical lines as the foregoing, some better and lesser known “Christian” advocacy groups have turned about and bowed to the hysteria in America. People whose life’s work was to advance the Gospels suddenly started preaching big government. These are the folks to scrutinize, as Akers does. Why are they selling a message incompatible with their primary purpose? A ruse?

Africa: More Lies Exposed – Aljazeera (Yes, them!)

Africans have been historically used as guinea pigs for various medical experiments, often with horrible consequences. So, when Dr. Panic came calling with virus tests and a promise of a future vaccine, the President of Tanzania was a little suspicious. So, he did an experiment. People were testing. A few animals were tested. And some plants were tested. Wouldn’t you know it! Everyone, common fruits included, tested positive and now needs the “vaccine.” They sent the testers packing. President Magufuli said: “There is something happening. I said before we should not accept that every aid is meant to be good for this nation.” Again, call it out. PS: tell your fruit bowl to wash its hands and mask that apple or something…

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