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Monday, May 11, 2020

Is America Even Christian Anymore? (VIDEO) – Church Militant

Remember that game you played with your hands about church? Church, steeple, your fingers were the people? Yeah, that’s a felony now… It’s not – in most places (yet). But, regardless, just about every church in the country has closed. Some are online, some are drive-thru, and some are “restricted.” It’s not the same. Here, Church Militant examines the unbelievable decay that Catholics imposed on themselves. Hint: If you’re not Catholic, then just substitute [Your Denomination] everytime they say the word. Odds are you’re in the same sad boat. If not, then great! Everyone else: we need a reformation or a revolution or something.

Where Are All The Other Medical Emergencies? – NPR

Doctors all over the country (presumably around the world) are noticing something odd. It seems that so many otherwise sick people are staying away from ERs and hospitals because they are afraid of catching Corona in addition to whatever else they have. This is troubling. And it could mean more (preventable) deaths later in people who could have or should have seen the doc but were scared away by the pandemic hype. In Italy, those who die later, of something else, will likely be coded as Corona anyway.

MASSIVE Overcount In Italy – RAIR Foundation (VIDEO)

The language is Italian but the subtitles are in English. What’s said, in both languages, is that some 96% of people who “died from Corona” really died from something else. This is otherwise known as fraud. Who says this? The Italian National Institute of Health. But, what do they know? That’s like their version of the CDC…

More Subtitles, More Fraud From Tanzania – Afrivue Media (VIDEO)

Many videos today. This one, like the story from last week, features the southern African nation’s President voicing his valid concerns about COVID testing. He suspected something was up, so he had animals, birds, fruit, and motor oil tested. Guess what? The good news is that the man has agreed to lockdown all the fruit and oil for two weeks. The bad news is that we’re being conned by someone. Why?

UBI In The USA – The Sun

This is really being proposed at the best time, socialism-wise. Three Senators, likely with great party support, have introduced a bill to give each American $2,000 per month – until the pandemic (as defined how??) is over. This kind of thing, formerly known as welfare, doesn’t stop. Finland tried the same thing, with mixed results. The crazy thing is, we’re printing more than enough money right now to cover this madness – it just goes, as-is, to rich bankers who hate us. How will conservative cleverly cave on this one?

More Socialism, More Taxes – MSN

They spun this as a possible tax hike on large corporations. Those generally loophole their way to a zero rate. So, if they are asked to kindly contribute … I’m sure the Fed will keep bailing them out of that too. But, there’s also the specter of rising individual rates. Nobody will bail you out, sorry, Of course, to pay any tax rate, you have to be working first. Clown World Economics.

A Decade Of The New Abnormal – Mediaite

One of the mega banks that’s been getting Trillion$ these past few months, has a prediction for you: ten or more years before employment rates return to where they were at the beginning of this year. Now, now, remember: no jobs, no taxes. And, Uncle Bernie will give you $2K until whenever, so it’s not that bad. I think some giant may have stepped on that V-shaped recovery they were lying about a month ago…

Legacy Food Storage

Food Farce in Amerika – Fox News

Been to the store lately? Sorry, I went the other day. Sad… Yeah, there are a few items missing here and there. Like meat. Limits and sure price increases. We have a food shortage, hard as that may be to believe. But still, farmers and ranchers and distributors are destroying viable groceries at the source! As the story explains, there is a supply and demand component. But there’s also a systemic problem. With all the funny money floating around, they can’t find a way to ease the supply chain woes and help the hungry people. This, in an alleged first world country.

Planning The Next Hoax, Er, Catastrophe – Politico

This one is more for laughs and maybe I should open a seperate comedy thread for future Politico articles. But, there’s something to notice here. It’s that these people of power never give up on their agendas. They want everyone on edge all the time, and they’re usually willing to false flag their way to make it happen. On the list, one finds: mean old white supremacists, earthquakes, CLIMATE CHANGE (here, you know this is a BS article), and “UNKNOWN UNKNOWNS.” I like to keep my unknowns from being known. You? My guess is that the last one – and you read it here first – is that they’re planning an “alien invasion” for the next big panic. *No literal aliens needed.

Bee Serious For A Moment – LA Times

The murder hornets are coming! The murder hornets are coming! It’s the end of the Corona as we know it! Hey, remember the “killer” bees from the 1980s scare hoax? Yes, this is the same kind of idiocy. Hornets are nothing to trifle with, but they’re part of nature. We’ll survive. So, for God’s sake, please don’t kill off the beneficial bee populations in a panic. Really. 

Bay Of Pigs 2.0 Also A Failure – Daily Mail

Someone is getting desperate. The US has absolutely no business whatsoever in Venezuela, at least not officially or militarily. Last year, Russia checked potential aggression by Washington. So this year, with the world astir about a cold bug, the CIA sent a band of cut-rate mercenaries down to do whatever foolishness the neocons dreamed up. It failed. The Rambo boys were caught. They’re not “hostages.” They’re terrorist invader criminals. Incompetent too. The odds that this was not state-sponsored are the same that the CoronaCold numbers are even marginally accurate. Overseas entanglements – avoid them.

Evidence? The FedGov Don’t Need No Evidence! – RT

America used to have something that at times resembled a justice system. Now, it’s a sad Potemkin Village of idiocy and incompetence. The case against General Flynn has been dropped, as it should have never been brought. Those who know, understand that this sloppiness and dishonesty is the ordinary course of events in federal cases – not an outlier. This goes to the heart of the entire Russia! Coup and sickness. They never saw any direct evidence because there never was any. Staging failed coups used to come with predictable consequences. Forget justice reform (outside of total dissolution). If this doesn’t light the fuse of enemy combatant treatment, then all those “sealed military indictments” the Q people have gone about for way too long are just as empty as the DOJ’s evidence folder. Your Move, Mr. Trump. [Do not expect a major move…]

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