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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Check this out! We’re adding a little preview commentary to the daily prepper news links. And, there will be some additional video and audio features – if those aren’t here immediately, they’re coming shortly! Have a look:

We’re Way Overdue; Let’s Have a Jubilee – Michael Hudson / Unz

Hudson explores the destructive evils of usury and the ancient concept of universal debt forgiveness. Split hairs over seven versus fifty years if you like – we’re long overdue either way. Look for Trump and Congress to get on this around the first of the never – though it will eventually happen with or without them. 

And Now… Goldman Sachs Advises Gold – MarketWatch

Ah. It wasn’t all that long ago that the “experts” all told normal sane people that only “gold bugs,” hoarders, and nutcases wanted to own gold. Gold was the past. Credit was the future. Blah, blah. Now, of all outfits, the Goldman Sachs – which is like a hitman for the Fed, says to buy gold. Rest assured that they have already done so, buying when the prices were down. Gold is rising again. Your new purchases will drive demand and increase Goldman’s profits. Nice, huh? And, where did they get the money to buy their AU? That’s right! This is the same bank that took over $900 Billion in public funding during the last financial crisis. Friends, we’re in the wrong business…

Massive Welfare Bill Boosts Wall Street Spirits, For Now – CNBC

This may already be signed and passed come press time. If so, kindly click around the CNBC link and you’ll quickly find the updated horror story. There is no limit to the Trillions of Dollars that will be unleashed, allegedly to fight the Corona “War” and reportedly-related economic downturn. For the record, Perrin has serious macro-economic doubts. However, each recent time that the Fed has pumped in the cash, the DOW has responded positively. That’s good – today; but, a healthy economy should not need a constant IV of fiat money to survive. If Trump and Congress send a check your way, then take it. Consider it a tax refund and use it wisely. Use it quickly too, as this sort of thing has a way of leading to inflation. We will keep you posted in the coming days and weeks, about this debacle and the ones sure to follow.

What’s Up With Remdesivir Distribution? – The NY Times

Remdesivir and Chloroquine have been proven extremely effective in treating the Coronavirus. (BTW: DO NOT consume CHLOROQUINE PHOSPHATE!!!! That is a fish tank cleaner and a lethal poison – I mention this because … yeah, it happened…) Anyway, literal medications seem to work well – when we can get them. The wonderful FDA is slowing the process, of course, but Remdesivir was previously available for emergency distribution. Until now. Now, maker GILEAD has shuffled its program around. Hopefully, this will only be a temporary adjustment in order to speed things up. If the need arises, talk to your doctor (not your goldfish).

Eric Peters on a Certain Sickness – EP Autos

Eric is the “libertarian car guy,” one of the few new car analysts who actually likes new cars (and can drive them the way we used to drive). He’s also as funny a commentator as you’ll find. Still, with the China Bug, the alarm, and the closure of America, he isn’t laughing. Rather, he smells a familiar rat. Is this new situation just another of the endless stream of events floated our way by those who would happily control us? And, if so, what if anything, will Americans do about it? React like Americans of old, or like a bunch of hens in the clutch? Time will tell. 

The Doctor Can’t See You Now… – Daily Beast

To be clear: this one seems like a little fear-mongering. But, sometimes a little apprehension goes a long way towards making people plan, prepare, and adjust. So, what if ALL the doctors (nurses, EMTs, etc) ALL got sick from the COVID? That would, in a spelled-out word, be “B-A-D!” This is, like most other things, a mathematical possibility. Fortunately, it is an extremely remote probability. Health workers are falling ill – that’s bad; but, by the times the last ones go down, the first will recover. China and Italy are ahead of us on this insidious curve, so watch how their medical community is affected. 

AND! More Prepper Vindication – The Wall Street Journal

Legacy Food Storage

It was just a few weeks ago that some news outlet was (again) making fun of YOU, all because you have the good sense to prepare for uncertainty during ever uncertain times. Now, the WSJ sings the praises of some people who went all out, to hunker in the bunker. Literally. Years ago, we ran a short on some of these luxury “prepper condos.” Too rich for my blood, but for those that can afford them, I imagine they’re worth every penny. Even Wall Street notices.

NYC v Trump: Which Way Do We Go? – Yahoo!

The worst of the worst is currently unfolding in New York State, and especially in the Big Apple. It’s only natural that they are upset and they really need all the help they can get. At the same time, I think that Trump is genuinely struggling with how far to allow the shutdown to drag on, sacrificing the general economy for good health – a terrible balance, really. Let’s all of us pray that those in power do the very best they possibly can. And, there probably is a balance that can be struck to keep us out of full-blown depression while still saving lives. Keep the optimism up!

Paging Dr. Terrorist to the Pandemic – ABC News

Hype or a dire threat, we don’t know. But, there is chatter here and there that the most dastardly of men may seek to use this time of fear and vulnerability to attack America. Now, in Europe, just a week ago, ISIS told their Jihadis to hunker down and “shelter in place” (unless they were sick – then they were to infect where possible). Even coming from the MSM, this does make a modicum of sense. When the enemy is weak, then you attack. Of course, I don’t know where they’d find targets with people these strange days …. except for hospitals. Doubly avoid those if you can. Situational. Awareness.

Getting Priorities Straight in Denver – KRDO, 13

Let’s see … groceries (check), gas (check), the doctor (check, of course), uh, booze (hiccup), pot (maaaaan). I suppose that, when the whole world has gone mad, vices might really become necessities. So they think in Denver, where the pot shops and liquor stores now qualify as exempt from closure. The Mile HIGH City.

Good Boomer, Bad Boomers: Two Divergent Outlooks – Vox Day

Vox presents a selfless Italian Priest who gave his life, via his ventilator, to save a younger person. Meanwhile, in consumerist Amerika, the higher-risk shove younger, more viable shoppers out of the way at the grocery store. Does respecting the elders mean shafting the future?

The Exact WRONG Way to Help the Economy – WSJ

Wow! Dear God, help us. The Federal Reserve, which has done more to crush prosperity and freedom in America than any other identifiable entity, now seeks even more power to flood the markets with more and more fake cash. You know what? They’ll get it! As if we don’t already have enough “digital cash” floating around, this will give them a license to hyperinflate. At this rate, the national debt will soon be measured in Quadrillion$. We’ll all be the poorest billionaires in history.

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