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Thursday, April 9, 2020

A Rebellion Brews in Idaho – DNYUZ

Pick any item from the Bill of Rights. Whatever you chose – free speech, assembly, bearing arms, freedom in general – was already under attack before COVID MANIA swept the land. Now, in Idaho, at least one little band of people are beginning to resist, or to at least notice the mass infringements. None other than Ammon Bundy of BLM standoff fame held a rally for freedom in defiance of orders to preserve saaaaaaaafety at all costs. There was once a saying about giving up liberty for safety and what those who did could expect. Let’s not lose sight of the fact that living free is a choice in “live free or die.”

Sorry, closed for the duration. Perrin Lovett.

Boris Johnson ‘Extremely Sick’ – Sky News

Bad news from the UK. Hopefully, by the time you’re reading this, PM Johnson will have pulled through. But, as of the typing, things look dicey at best. One doctor says the man is sick and may require ventilation. That’s never an encouraging sign as it alters the survival statistics considerably. Yet, for now, it’s a precautionary statement and tactic. One would assume the elected civil leader of a nation would get the best care. Johnson is only fifty-five, but honestly, he looks like he could be in slightly better health. Another lesson for the rest of us, even as we wish him well.

Mass Unemployment Among Millennials and Zoomers – Vice

The good news is that the young are much more resilient to the effects of Corona (and other illnesses) than the rest of us. The bad news is that, career-wise, they always seem to take a harder hit. So it is now, with the under-34 set seeing one-third of their jobs vanish as the economy tanks. Things were looking down, from a monetary viewpoint, at the end of last year. It was only a matter of time before the trouble spread to the larger economy. Then came the COVID and the insane shuttering of business in America. Here’s to hoping that as they were first to take the heat, the younger people will be first to ease the pain.

COVID Fevers Strike 5G Towers – Fortune

More interesting spins of the facts from the MSM. It’s true, as they say, that there is no hard or fast evidence linking 5G signals to increased COVID-19 susceptibility. Then again, 5G was rammed through without any evidence or study upon its effects on the human body. The conspiracy theory is that the ultra-high frequency radiation from the emitters does something that weakens the body’s ability to fight off infection. Rather than encourage a medical study, the media parrots industry talking points. Meanwhile, cautious citizens are torching the towers. Hey! Maybe they’re just trying to stay saaaaaafe. You know, social distance from the millimeter waves and all.

Demand on Food Banks Surge – Daily Mail

Here’s a fascinating historical piece about bread lines in the old Soviet Union. The poor people, unable to work, had to beg for food in the… Oh, wait. This is a story about modern Florida this very week. And, the Sunshine State isn’t alone. Here, in the land of the free, etc, ordinary people are lined up a mile-deep to get basic necessities. BECAUSE OF THE VIRUS! Right. These are the opposite of preppers – the unpreparedness. But, they deserve our sympathy as not too many of us are that far removed from the bread line ourselves. This is the product (but still not the end product) of usury and the destruction of traditional society. If you’re shocked, you’re late. If you’re angry, you should be.

Something is Very Wrong with the USS Roosevelt Story – Anchorage Daily News

Like the bread lines, news out of the US military for the past several years has been a little disheartening. The Navy is kind of the poster child for what’s gone wrong.
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The new ships, many of them, won’t crank up or sail out for sea trials. The ones that are operational are prone to running into each other, perhaps due to human error. Then, there’s the Roosevelt and the COVID outbreak. Read here about the response of the Navy to Captain Crozier’s call for help. Something, and more than one thing, is wrong. No support for sick people who can’t sail ships that don’t work. Our enemies must be trembling in fear…

Military Pandemics are Nothing New – American Conservative

Legacy Food Storage

If it’s all a big game, then we have some experience playing it. That infamous “Spanish Flu” they keep talking about didn’t start in Spain. The Spanish only reported on it. It started in the US at a military base. And, then as now, military commanders did as little as possible to mitigate the damages. I’d ask when will they learn, but something tells me this could be part of the plan.

Know the Cure, Deny the Cure – Bill Sardi

Another page out of the government’s playbook is to know and understand how diseases work and what cures them only to forsake that knowledge at the expense of public health. It turns out that our “leaders” are aware of various cures and remediations for the COVID bug, but for some reason, they downplay the simplest of treatments. Could it be that this apparent failure is a ploy to push a vaccine? Or, maybe even something else? It could be time, again with Mr. Bundy, to think about pushing back.

Humans Aren’t the Only Victims – WSJ

Our beloved pets are also at risk. I have heard and read elsewhere that cats may be at literal risk for COVID infections. But, even other animals are feeling the pain as veterinarians are forced to change their practices to fit the current panic. Read all about one vet’s trials in treating the furry friends under the new normal. Fido even gave up his stand-by respirator in case one of us needed it! Of course, as the doctor noted, people are animals too. Orwell and the “more equal” thing.

Living the Green New Deal – Accuweather

Right now, there are very few places to go. So, many or most of us are staying put and not driving. As a result, car-based air pollution is dying in cities coast to coast. That’s good and well, if it was really a problem to begin with. But, it makes me wonder if this either wasn’t part of the plan to begin with or else it’s a welcome side effect. A tiny virus has done what Greta and Al Gore never could. Progress?

Another Kind of Epidemic in Sweden – Gatestone Institute

Long before anyone had ever heard of the Coronavirus, some news watchers were aware of a new and growing trend in places like Sweden. There, over the past few decades – for the strangest reason – crimes like rape, robbery, assualt, gaag attacks, and nightly terrorism were on the rise. It’s a true and profound mystery! This story is a little rough to get through but it shines a needed light on what many of us can expect in other countries if the current agenda of the multi-culti is allowed to proceed. Just as the bug has helped ease air pollution, perhaps it could help beat back another, more violent form too.

Building a Better Bee Trap – Banshee Moon (VIDEO)

Long has it been since FP checked in with Farm Girl and Exoman. They’re been using their house arrest time wisely. Here, Jen builds a wooden trap for Mr. Bubble B. It’s not just an exercise to stave off boredom. If you have carpenter bees eating your home during this time of crisis, then you need to watch this video. If not, watch it to pass the time and help slow connection speeds for the rest of us. As a reminder: please maintain a social distance of six inches between your captive bees.

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