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Good Morning from Freedom Prepper

It’s July 7, 2020

  • UK Prepper Friends: Today is the 15th Anniversary of the 7/7 Attacks. You’re still having … issues, if we’re honest, right? All the more reason to keep doing what you, individually, are doing! – 

Here’s what you need to know.


15 Years Later and This:

  • Al Qaeda (al-CIA-da) issued a new inspirational message to the oppressed people of Britain (and America) to rise up and not compromise and generally repeat the same crap that gave the UK 7/7 in the first place. The more things change… OrganicPrepper
  • A Tale of Two Militias: Part 1: Black militants showed up at GA’s Stone Mountain, armed and angry and taunting white militias who were not present. It seems they fell for the hoax that is BLM and the ancient history of slavery, etc. There’s more… Reuters
  • Where were the white militants? They, guns and all, were diverted to Ghettesburg by another hoax – about Antifa or something. Yes. We’re holding back Civil War 2.0 with hoaxes now. Get out of the cities! And, I suppose, the parks too. 🙁 HouChronicle
  • And, who needs al-CIA-da or the BLM-KKK idiots? We already have common thugs shooting up malls and killing children. This time, in Birmingham at the Riverchase Galleria. I have been there several times and watched as the place rose in the mid-1980s. Now, it’s a war zone. Avoid. CCW. Situational Awareness. TampaBayTimes
  • Is anyone on our side? As a matter of fact, someone is. The Hon. Rev. Louis Farrakhan, who, think what you like, I have always admired, is spot-on accurate about another enemy – the Fauci-Gates Vaccine Industrial Complex. Read more! DailyCaller

No Changes, Whatsoever, the liars lied in 1965. Today, we’re seeing the changes. Read all about the first-in-230-years shrinking traditional base of America and the “deaths of despair.” MSN

The Numbers Don’t Lie, even if the liars did. Here’s the study from the previous blurb. This is a trend long in the making. It will continue as the USA becomes the US Tower of Babel. The UTB, maybe with the “U” part. Brookings


A Debate!


Isn’t it time we had a debate about all of these demographic changes in America?

Well, now we have! Oops, this was back in 1995, so that means that – as expected – nothing has been done. Watch and listen to what could have been. Remember this the next time some GOP phony (like the featured Bill Buckley) rants and boasts. FiringLine (VIDEO)

Should have listened to Peter B.


Disappointment and Determination


Some were placing the hopes of the nation in Gen Z, and maybe they can still deliver. But for now, they’re busy throwing COVID parties and trying to get themselves infected. Other countries are building bullet trains… ZeroHedge

Legacy Food Storage

The same kids seem to have a knack for protesting – as long as the protest isn’t for something sensible or patriotic. Good news for the Dems – not that that matters much anymore – and bad news for the future. The kids are all-right? Bloomberg

For the rest of us, Samantha Biggers has some suggestions for avoiding the BLM/KKK/COVID/Fauci axis of doom. Take these tips to heart, as it is all really up to us. BackdoorSurvival




An example of the mask mandates of fear. Texas, once a proud place full of bold people, has issued an order, like many others, which requires most people to wear face diapers. There may be consequences for a failure to comply. Read up and check with local authorities in your area. NBC4SA


They’re not mandatory – yet – but body cams are growing in popularity. And not just for the police. Is your employer next? Read and pay close attention to the part about coercing behaviors. You’re on candid camera! Forever. SeattleTimes


While our behavior is forced to change, criminals keep getting opportunities to do things like kidnap teenage girls. One SC girl is lucky to be alive. Beware, because these monsters are real and they’re looking. Spot them first. TheState


Joe Biden will fix it all!!! You dog-faced pony soldier, you. Yeah, no idea what that means. And I doubt Joe has any idea what day it is or what those old American traditions are – or were. Don’t hold your breath on this one. NBC“News”


If Joe were awake, he might ask, like the financial press, what is propping up the stock market during a time when everything’s falling apart. The answer, of course, may be summed up in two words, one of them “Federal,” the other “Reserve.” The piper called; he wants to be paid. BloombergFin




Long Live the Spirit of 1776!


The last word of the day ends on a happy note. Rev. Chuck Baldwin preaches the truth about America, independence, then, now, and tomorrow. Yes, this is a little Boomerish in its fancifulness, but we’ll take it! ChuckBaldwinLive

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