Prepper News Weekly, Friday, April 20, 2018

Prepper News Weekly, Friday, April 20, 2018


Happy belated Tax Day, 2018, America! I’m sure you had so much fun filing … and paying … to keep our “friends” in DC in business. It’s kind of like the Super Bowl or Christmas! Except you can’t turn it off…. That and more in today’s video commentary: please watch:


Video by Perrin Lovett/FPTV/YouTube.



In the News:


Tax Day!


Tax Video by Stefan Molyneux: Must Watch:



Legacy Food Storage

Syria fallout


Trump to NK Soon (may have forgotten this in vid…. It’s important, a chance for peace!)




PR Power


More Marches for Marx?


All this and more.


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Always ready!


Have a great weekend!


PS: Sometimes I wrestle with thumbnail/feature pic designs. I shoot for something that’s relevant to the bigger story(ies) of the week and that’s instantly recognizable. Such should grab attention on YT as well – shock value. Today, I went with dark humor (surprise there) (see above). Here’s the even darker alternative we narrowly missed:

Just as appropriate I think. That fellow behind the flames is also behind the 16th Amendment. Too scary? Boo!

PPS: Old Scratch there required digital layering. The tech skills slowly evolve…

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