Prepper News Weekly is on Hiatus

For an indeterminant time.

You probably figured that out from the lack of a posting. After nearly 2 years it may be time for a reformat or a break. And, at least for this week, a break we have.

The primary subject of the week was going to be Hurricane Michael – this is why you prep, folks. You knew that.

Here’s a picture to drive home the issue:

That was going to be my YT thumbnail. Also, are we headed to bear territory on Wall Street? Etc. Anyway, have a great rest of the weekend and I’ll be back with you sooner or later. The best of prepping links will continue here at FP!

PS: If you’re still a Facebook prepper – and I know the popularity of the group and page – then … I’m sure your personal information wasn’t compromised in the latest 100 million account breach (the newest new one, not the older new ones).


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