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Prepper News Weekly: Italy and the EU, China, John Glenn, U.S. Steel, and More

In The News This Week:

Globalist On The Ropes

Voters in Italy declined to consolidate further power in their central government. This was a blow to both the Prime Minister and to the EU, which had sought to further dominate the Italians with regulation. The vote is a continuation of the pro-freedom, anti-globalist trend that brought the world BREXIT and Donald Trump.

Also desperate is Angela Merkel as she tries to hang on to power in Germany. She is scheduled to fall as the next victim of the popular awakening of the West. She is so desperate as to resort to pandering with a proposal that Islamic head scarves be banned in Germany. Sadly, for her, real Germans want a ban on Islam … and Merkel herself.

More sad news from the Netherlands: Geert Wilders was found guilty of “hate speech” by a politically motivated kangaroo court. While radical Muslims attack the Dutch people, these judges and prosecutors attack the man defending the Dutch people. They all may regret this when Geert becomes Prime Minister (likely next year).


From Asia the Chinese government has rattled away on President-elect Trump. They are obviously concerned that Trump is serious about his claims to flatten America’s trade deficits with China and the world. It’s really about time.

Speaking of Trump, a hypocritical Republican elector in Texas claimed he would vote for someone other than the Donald in spite of the mandate from the November general election. This also wreaks of elitist desperation.

American Economic Progress?

Trump also wants to flattened out the cost of the new version of Air Force One, with it’s staggering $4 Billion price tag. In somewhat related news the Pentagon continues to obfuscate its lose of your money. The good news is that the loss is down from $6 Trillion to merely hundreds of billions of dollars.

While the government loses money, the American people stand to finally make some again. US Steel announced it will keep approximately 10,000 jobs in America with extended and expanded production. Similarly, Japanese Softbank announced a $50 Billion investment in American small business and the potential creation of 50,000 new jobs. This is the news we’ve needed.

California Oddity And Tragedy

Thirty-six people died in the Oakland Warehouse fire. Reports come now of extreme weirdness taking place there. This is similar to the type of filth associated with the Podesta “spirit cooking” revelations. The building was also poorly wired and extremely congested and filthy – a disaster waiting to happen.

The Right Stuff

John Glenn died yesterday at age 95. Glenn was an aviation pioneer, a combat veteran, one of America’s first astronauts, and a genuine hero. He was the first American to orbit the Earth (in 1962). He later served as a U.S. Senator from Ohio. At 77, in 1998, he became the oldest man in space when he joined the crew of the Shuttle Discovery. Godspeed, John Glenn.


Perrin’s Near-Pointless Football Predictions…

And very likely next year America will see a Dallas – New England Superbowl. At least that’s what I’m calling. You may place your bets … or not….

Perrin Lovett writes about freedom, firearms, and cigars (and everything else) at www.perrinlovett.me. He is none too fond of government meddling.

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